How to impress Ukrainian woman

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of all sorts of similar bull**** about Ukrainian women. All articles are like a copier.

Typical monotonous c**p:

Do you want to impress a Ukrainian woman? Buy a bouquet, put on jeans, shave your beard … What other nonsense will they advise you?

Fortunately, there is our site. Therefore, not all is lost. I will try to explain why all these examples listed above do not work. I will also give those tips that are worth at least something.

Why me? Because I am Ukrainian and I know about Ukrainian women better than paid copywriters, SEO-optimizers or content agencies.

Let’s go!

You can impress a Ukrainian woman in a non-trivial way:

  • Invite her to a restaurant and during dinner cry like Tarzan;
  • Say that you are allergic to female beauty and fall in the middle of the street right on the sidewalk, imitating complete loss of consciousness;
  • Arrange a date. Arrive in an expensive car (Bentley, Maybach, Ferrari) in an elegant jacket, hat, with a Rolex on your wrist and … in Hawaiian shorts and cheap Chinese $ 1 cost slippers;

  • Ask her to pay for dinner, explaining that you are a non-rich American and can not afford dinner at McDonald’s;
  • In all seriousness, ask if she is ready to give birth to 15 children if she becomes your wife. Justify your desire with religious beliefs;
  • Tell her that you dream of living in a Ukrainian village, far from civilization. Say that such a life – without the Internet, without hot water and shops – is what you dreamed of and hope that she will share your views

Do you think that I wrote some nonsense? How come? You wanted to impress a Ukrainian woman and upon exactly such a request you came to this page. All the above methods are able to impress woman dramatically!

If to be serious, you can impress woman in both – positive and negative way. You did not specify the way in your request.

How to positively impress a Ukrainian woman?

  • Reject everything you heard or knew before;
  • Understand that a Ukrainian woman CANNOT have a certain standard set of characteristics, because:
  1. Every woman has a different character;
  2. Each woman was formed and grew up in a different environment that influenced her worldview, preferences, beliefs, tastes;
  3. There cannot be even 2 absolutely identical Ukrainian women. Even if they are twins. How can we talk about some standard methods that are universal and will help to impress more than 10 million Ukrainian women of all ages? Doesn’t this question seem absurd to you ?;
  4. Ukrainian women, as mentioned earlier, differ in age, place of residence (village or city), region of residence in Ukraine (East, West, North, etc.). These differences greatly affect women’s views on life and what they like;
  5. There are other differences between Ukrainian women – religious beliefs, belonging to national minorities, belonging to political parties and views and many other diverse differences
  • The approach to each Ukrainian woman should be individual

Individuality is our everything. If this article was “like every other”, it would not have individuality. You would close the page a few seconds after reading the first sentences about the bouquet of flowers, good manners and gentlemanly door opening in front of the lady. But the article is interesting because it is individual and after reading it you will share it with your friends.

Everything that is unique is interesting and has a high value. It attracts. The same is in case with women.

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Each woman is an individual with her own set of unique character traits. And that’s great. But for you it is both an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

Advantage. You can meet different Ukrainian women and experience a completely different range of emotions with each of them.

Drawback. You were looking for an easy and universal way to win the affection of a Ukrainian woman, but you learned that there is no such way.

Which women in Ukraine it is better not to try to impress?

Which women in Ukraine it is better not to try to impress

  • Those who show excessive attention to you

As a rule, the average Ukrainian woman is quite balanced and modest. If she shows excessive attention, smiles too much, jokes, flirts with you for no reason – she is either drunk or it’s a reason to think twice. Especially if you have just met her and she’s completely sober.

Maybe something is wrong here. You should not become paranoid and look for cunning in everything. But caution will never hurt. As a foreigner, you can be a “tidbit” and a “money bag” for many dishonest people.

  • Those who are indifferent to you

Have you ever met a woman who wasn’t very nice and overly annoying? Such a “gray mouse” who followed you everywhere and tried to be in your field of vision?

She was the reason your friends made fun of you. For example, in the student canteen, she always sat next to you. If you went on a tour with counterparts, she booked a place for you on the bus next to her.

She was sincerely in love with you, but you didn’t care about her. Familiar feeling? If not – just try to imagine.

So from. Now imagine yourself being in her place. You’re trying to get someone’s attention. But that person just doesn’t care about you.

If you like someone but there is no reciprocity, this is the way to nowhere.

DO NOT CONFUSE with persistence. Ukrainian women love persistent men, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

The reasons why she may not care are different: she already has someone, you are not in her style, she loves women, she recently broke off a painful relationship and does not want a new relationship, and so on.

There can be many reasons, but you should not focus on them at all and even spend time on it. If she ignores you, forget about her. You will never and under no circumstances interest her.

  • Those who already have someone

This “someone” can be a boyfriend or even a husband. It is better to stay away from such Ukrainian ladies.

Even if she shows interest in your efforts to get her attention, it’s bad. In this case, you may have problems with her boyfriend or husband.

If such a woman pays attention to you, she is probably unhappy with her husband or boyfriend. In general – act according to the situation. This is the best advice. Of course, you should not be a coward, but you should calmly and carefully assess the situation.

However, as a rule, this type of Ukrainian women will stay away from other men. They already have their personal happiness and do not want to lose it. That’s why it doesn’t make sense for you to spend strength and energy to impress such a woman.

How to impress a Ukrainian woman after all?

How to impress a Ukrainian woman after all

Don’t you give up? Still trying to find what you were looking for in this article? Well done, I appreciate your perseverance. Persistence is what will help you win the heart of a Ukrainian woman and impress her.

Warning everyone not to make generalizations and stereotypes, I still have to make them myself from time to time. Probably, this is how the human worldview is arranged. People love to generalize. It is easier for us to take something as an axiom and continue to build our own strategy and facts on it.

Be persistent

It’s not just words. Women value men who do not give up. And in the case of relationships – do not give up too easy. Women like when man is trying to get their attention.

This is how you can pleasantly impress a Ukrainian woman. But you need to be able to assess the situation and immediately understand whether there is a chance and whether the woman is paying attention towards you as well.

This, of course, requires experience, but where to get it, if there is any? You can learn from your mistakes and achievements. That is, by trial and error method.

Be able to listen

This does not mean giving advice. This does not mean analyzing everything she says.

Women like to share problems, experiences and emotions. It is important for them to be listened to.

But the male approach to the problem is more pragmatic. The man is trying to solve the problem – and at least give advice.

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However, a woman does not need it. Yes. It is important for her just to be listened to. If necessary – express condolences or agree with her opinion. That’s all.

Men and women are very different. Therefore, men often do not understand women. Act “manly” and this only irritates women.

If you try to act as above, namely to listen, you have a high chance of winning the affection of a Ukrainian woman.

Rate “compatibility”

It comes with experience. But you still need to learn to do it, even if you don’t know how. To define “compatibility” means to understand whether you are suitable for her as a potential partner, and whether she is suitable for you.

It’s easy to do. If you are “attracted” to each other and there is mutual sympathy – you will impress her without problems. In general, nature has already done most of the work for you. Now the main thing is to maintain a positive flow. It’s like swimming downstream, but at the same time skillfully control the stern at the right time and in the right direction.

If you feel the need to communicate with each other, if she calls you and you call her – this is it. If at the meeting your faces blur in a smile – this is it.

To understand whether you can gain the affection of a particular woman, you can ask yourself this question alone. If you feel that you really like her – 50% of the work is done. Now analyze whether she likes you. If she at least smiles, there is a chance for you to act.


You can dream indefinitely. However, the result is important. Your time limit is limited. Your time is a value. The sooner you try to interest a woman, the sooner you will understand whether you can have a relationship. This requires action.

It is better to act, make mistakes and move on than to dream and sit back. It’s okay when you fail to interest a woman. There will be others that you can impress.

Worse, if you have created an image in your imagination, and the reality is radically different. Such an experience can even hurt your mental health in some way. Especially if you have strong feelings for a woman.

This can lead to the fact that in the future you will no longer want to try to start a relationship. And this is wrong.

Use proven ways to impress a Ukrainian woman

Use proven ways to impress a Ukrainian woman

Show interest in Ukrainian culture

Here it is important from which region of Ukraine the woman comes. If it is Western, Central, Northern Ukraine, including Kyiv and its environs, show your interest in Ukrainian traditions.

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You can focus on questions concerning celebration of family holidays. Ask how her family celebrates Christmas and New Year.

Ask if she has grandparents. Where do they live. What is the story of their family. How they survived collectivization, the Holodomor and Stalinist repression.

You have to be interested in what you sincerely ask. Otherwise it is better to find other topics.

If a woman is from the East or South of Ukraine, it is better to show interest in her family. Ask how she spends time with friends.

You can make special emphasis on the city she is from, ask about history of the city, about economy and whether she likes her home city.

Show interest in her hobby

Everyone enthusiastically tells others what interests them. If a man installs a solar power plant at home, he can spend hours telling his friends what components he bought and where, how much the project cost him, how much energy the solar power plant produces, what needs to be improved, and so on.

In this case, women are similar to men. A woman can also talk for hours about her hobbies.

But it is important to choose something that will interest you both. That is where your interests intersect. For example, if she likes to ride a bike and you like running – that’s good. There are common points of contact here. You love hiking in the woods, and she’s hiking in the mountains – great.

Common points of contact can be broader topics – sports, self-development, new technologies, tourism and travel. Such topics are worth looking for.

Otherwise, if she tells you for an hour about knitting or where she did a manicure, you will get tired quickly. She will understand the lack of your interest. Also she’d guess that you were pretending. And this is bad enough. She will see this as a manipulation on your part.

It is better to openly offer to find common topics. It is also an interesting and fun process. When you grimace at her suggestion to talk about hairstyles. Or when she laughs and refuses your offer to talk about motorcycles.

– Interest her with your non-standard but interesting ideas

Do this only if these ideas are part of your own lifestyle. Only then will she believe you, and most likely she will be intrigued.

For example, you eat germinated grain. Either drink wheatgrass or make unusual-tasting vege green cocktails every day. One day she tried this cocktail and felt a surge of energy. She liked it. She has even bought herself a blender already.

But you do not stand aside. You practice meditation every day. And here she asks you what is it and what for you’re practicing every day. You can offer her to find similar courses of meditation in Ukrainian or Russian language and try. If she likes it, it’s a plus in your karma.

She sees that with you her life is filled with the desire for improvement and self-development. Subconsciously, most women will try to be with such a man.

Or another example – a bicycle. She can ride a bike, but last time she rode a bike about 10 years ago, if not more.

One Saturday morning you invited her for a bike ride. And although her legs would hurt terribly the next day, she felt happy. For the first time in a long time, she slept well. And before that she took sleeping pills.

Here’s another way to interest a woman. She is interested in you. You brought something new into her life that made her feel great.

She will remember it for a long time and it will “tie” her to you even more.

Trivial ways to interest a Ukrainian woman

– Nice gifts

– Flowers

– Spontaneous invitation to a movie or restaurant

– Invitation to go for a walk

– Ask her to show you the city

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In the beginning, they should be modest. For example, chocolate or candy.

It can be something useful later. Something she loves. Maybe something to do with her hobby.

On her birthday or Valentine’s Day, you can give a high-tech gadget – a fitness tracker or even a smartphone.

If you have been dating for a long time (or not for a long time), you can give jewelry as a gift. A Ukrainian woman will definitely be delighted with such a gift.


It is best to give them for no reason. Then they have a strong emotionally positive effect on the Ukrainian woman. For example, during a walk you went to buy water and came with flowers.

(Buy water too. She still wanted to drink.)

For holidays such as March 8, flowers for women in Ukraine are a must-have.

Spontaneous invitation

This is a pleasant positive stress. But the offer should be pleasant for the woman. So find out in advance what she loves.

If she hates opera and you invite her to an opera concert, she will be tired at best and angry and annoyed at worst.

Invitation to go for a walk

As we warned, this is trivial, but it is used by most men. Of course, this fact alone is unlikely to impress a woman, although …

If you have just met, and you are already showing your determination – it’s a plus for you in her eyes.

Showing the city

You are a newcomer to her country and her city. Who knows the city better than she does? Even if she was not born in Kyiv, but moved here 10 years ago, she knows the city better than you.

If she is from a smaller city, such as Zhytomyr, there is a chance to impress her even more. Read in advance and learn more about the history of the city. Pay attention to the architecture. During the walk, surprise her with your knowledge.

Finally, I would like to say that there are many ways to intrigue, interest and impress a woman. It all depends on your imagination, courage and character traits.

It is worth knowing – if a woman likes you, your slightest effort will impress her. Conversely, if there is no reciprocity, even if you take a star out of the sky, you will not be able to impress her.