How to meet a Ukrainian woman if you are shy?

Modern society, unfortunately, was not created for harmony in people’s lives. Rather, everything around is created for someone’s benefit. To be fair, it should be noted that no one is openly forcing anyone to do anything, but most people already “sleep alive” and do not want or can not notice it.

From an early age, people are “trained” how to live – kindergarten, school, university, work. In this race of life, many do not even notice how he becomes a human-like robot and performs the same “programs” every day – acquired reflexes. Only a few understand that something is not quite right here.

“Relationship program” is not among others included in the “basic system settings package” for such a human-like robot and is not installed by default.

Society does not need this. Almost everyone around you – famous brands, employers, co-workers, and even your acquaintances – want to use your mental or physical abilities (ie your attention), but whether you will be a happy and harmonious person depends only on you.

Therefore, you need to learn by yourself how to attract the attention of women, how to be interesting to them, how to invite a woman for a walk and how to build relationships in general.

I know this is a very cumbersome topic that should be described step by step and maybe for long time period – even more than one month. Although, we don’t have that much time, so I’ll try to give a brief quintessence.

Why on the example of a Ukrainian woman?

Shyness is a trait that prevents a man from feeling confident. As a rule, shy men have a closed flow of energy, it does not flow freely, they do not share it with others, so it continues to lead to introversion. Such a “vicious circle” from which it is difficult to break.

Men are even more shy along with a beautiful woman. What’s more, a huge number of especially beautiful women are left without a partner because most men don’t even make efforts of dating them for two reasons – 1) shyness 2) thinking that such beauties already have a partner for a relationship.

As you know, Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful in the world (this is recognized by foreigners, fashion brands and Ukrainian men), so it is on the example of Ukrainian women today I want to show what first steps has a shy man to make to meet a woman and how to build a relationship with her in the future. If you start dating a Ukrainian woman and become self-confident, it will be a great achievement, and I will be happy to have helped someone.

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If your girlfriend is a beautiful Ukrainian, but in the future something will not work out in your relationship, your experience will allow you to be confident with any woman in the world, forgetting about shyness forever.

Since the author of this text is a Ukrainian man who has experience in relationships with Ukrainian women, the advice will be really useful.

Today, Ukrainian women often shoot YouTube videos with tips for foreigners in the style of “How to start dating a Ukrainian woman” or “How to invite a Ukrainian woman on a date“. But women’s advice is one thing, and a Ukrainian man’s experience with Ukrainian women, his vision and advice are quite another. So let’s get started.

Everyone needs your attention

Everyone needs your attention. This applies to both women and men. For example, an employer tells you that you need to do a project and focuses on it on a daily basis. If you look at it without unnecessary “filters”, he just wants your attention.

The same is true in case with your friends. Imagine that your friend calls you and tells you how he spent the whole weekend in a tent by the lake. What is his real purpose? That’s right, he needs your attention.

Why is attention so valuable? Because you have one life. Life is a certain period of time. Let’s say everyone is born with a certain limit of life minutes. By giving your attention to someone, you will give this person the most valuable thing – minutes from the limit of your life. Someone may say – you give your energy. No matter what you call it, I think you get the point.

Women and attention

Women need your attention too. But then why do they, for example, ignore the courtship of a drunk on the street? After all, this is also attention, you say.

A woman needs your focus on the things that interest her. That is, that you do not just show attention, but share the attention with her. In other words, she needs you to show interest in what is interesting to her.

This is the key in any relationship and that’s the only way it works. If a woman wanted to talk to a drunk on the street, she would gladly accept the courtship of the first drunken man she met near the bus station :-).

And what about men? The same. They also need a woman’s attention in a relationship. They want a woman to be interested in what interests them.

That is, the relationship between a man and a woman is a constant exchange of “the spouse’s focused attention“. This is a term I invented, but it allows me to somehow theoretically explain what I mean. Although it is much better to understand this on living life examples.

A shy man is attractive: myth or truth?

Some women like shy men. They seem cute, unexplored. Often such men remind them of their youth, when they themselves were just beginning a relationship with the first boyfriend.

However, for most Ukrainian women, shyness is the same as self-doubt. And an insecure man is the worst option for a potential boyfriend for a Ukrainian woman. Surprisingly, but even a man’s uncultured behavior will be a more acceptable “masculine trait” for many Ukrainian women than a man’s insecurity.

Why so? In my opinion, the picture of a man who suits most women is embedded in their subconscious. This is the type of man with whom a Ukrainian woman is ready to build a long-term relationship and start a family.

It should be a man who will protect her and future offspring. This should be a man who is able to provide for the family financially. This should be a man with whom she feels safe (like behind a stone wall). And this is possible only for a strong and confident man. A shy man is an a priori insecure man, so he is a weak man.

Here, a woman subconsciously triggers a rejection reflex – she will never see this man as a potential partner. She can choose him as a friend, will share with him news, rumors and her life stories (and he will live in the hope that one day she will become his girlfriend :-)), but it will be a lifelong friend zone.

So, in my personal opinion, related to personal experience – a shy man is not attractive in the eyes of average Ukrainian woman.

Although, there are women who like this type of men, they are still a minority.

I am not calling for anyone to change own personality by force. On the contrary, I am for the individuality of each person and always advise to be yourself first. The way you already are is also cool, and there is probably a woman (many women) somewhere who will like you the way you are.

The same information is for those men who do not like their shyness, but would like to change, become more confident and successful with women. This information is for guys who feel that shyness interferes with their relationships with women.

This is exactly the about case when you were somewhere at a party and you liked a beautiful woman, but you never dare to talk to her. In your brave dreams you were already talking to her and she was laughing at your jokes. But in reality you were standing, holding a glass of some cheap low-alcohol sh*t and quickly sipping it to become bolder.

You sweated 10 times and have already started to worry about your bad breath and whether she could notice that you are sweating under the armpits. Well, that’s it – you dared, you are already brave enough to come closer and start a conversation with her, but… You see that your friend is already whispering something in her ear.

And she laughs happily. Too late – the train has left. Because of your non-confidence. You try to reassure yourself that she is not your ideal and stuff like that. But in reality you are deeply dissatisfied. First of all – dissatisfied with youself. Familiar?

To be loved by others, you must first love yourself

Do you look at yourself in the mirror every day? Who do you see there? A confident man who thinks “how cool I am, I’m just handsome“? Or something like “I have a fat face, these extra kilos on sides hang like a lifebuoy, and my belly fat is just disgusting“? If something like the one described in the second option, you need to start working on yourself.

REMEMBER! If you like yourself, other people like you. If you do not love yourself, others will not love you either. If you do not respect yourself and focus on your shortcomings, other people will also pay attention to you only for this. This applies to both men and women.

Treat yourself with love and respect

It’s easy to say, but not so easy to do. But it’s real. Promise yourself that you will change gradually, because you have a great desire. But for now (starting from today) you love and accept yourself as you are.

How many men have various physical or other disabilities, but they accept themselves the way they are just “bulldoze in” and are successful among women. You see, they can?

Right now you can do everything they do as well, and the limitations are only in your head. However, in addition to the fact that you can meet beautiful women right now, you are also on the path of self-improvement (this applies to both your physical body and appearance, and mental health) and over time you will achieve even greater success, not only among Ukrainian women.

Steps to build self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the types of self-love. To produce it, you need to work in several directions at once. It is important not to chase the result, but to create an action plan and follow it gradually, but daily.

Physical strength, endurance and physical condition

The woman first of all pays attention to the physical condition of the man. If a man looks good, he is attractive to her. This demonstrates that he is healthy, full of strength, able to protect women and children and provide them with confidence in the future.

Therefore, no matter how teachers praise excellent students for academic success – physical strength is the first thing you need to pay attention to. Of course, good mental abilities are also important, but we are talking about the balance of all components of a happy and confident person. And without the physical component the balance can not be achieved.

You don’t have to try to become a bodybuilder right away to impress women with your muscles. Yes, it’s effective, it’s impressive, but you’re likely to stop exercising long before the first visible results appear. So let’s start with simple, but effective things.

You need to somehow “stir” your body. Good ways to start can be cycling, swimming, or even just walking – instead of riding a car or public transport, try a 45-minute walk. You will see how you will feel happier – this is how the hormones of joy that are released during and after exercise work.

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After the first month or several weeks of such moderate physical activity, you can add some days in the gym if you want. In the gym you can already start pumping your muscles.

Although as life experience shows, your shyness probably won’t let you go to the gym at this stage. You will think that everyone there has a lot of experience, that the pumped up bodybuilders there will laugh at you and everyone will pay attention to you.

Therefore, to begin with, I advise you to buy dumbbells and exercise at home in your room. Or just start with push-ups, squats and doing abs. Later you can add dumbbells.

There are many free online courses, YouTube videos and applications on the Internet for beginners who want to start exercising and “pumping” their body.

IMPORTANT! Exercise is allowed only for those who do not have health problems. But who knows better about your health than you, right?

Testosterone as self-confidence

An important male hormone that gives a man self-confidence and greatly affects a man’s success among women is testosterone.

If a man is in a state of stress, his body secretes another hormone – cortisol. It dramatically lowers testosterone levels. In particular it also causes effect that a man increases fat on the sides and abdomen.

Shyness can also be a cause of constant stress. Therefore, such men need to increase the amount of testosterone. One of the best methods is exercise. But only moderate exercise increase testosterone level, while too much exercise or hard exercise would work in opposite way and cause an increase of mentioned above cortisol.

Another way to increase testosterone levels is to dance the tandawa. Search the Internet or YouTube on this topic. It is said that in 3 months or less after starting this tandawa dance practice, even those men who do not have any bristles before, could gain it thick and “masculine”.

Therefore, summarizing the first step in overcoming shyness, I emphasize the importance of moderate but regular exercise.

Mental health and hygiene

We often care and think about the physical body, but forget about the so-called mental hygiene. Every day and throughout our lives we collect thoughts. There are thoughts that swirl in our heads all the time.

Those thoughts that are especially disturbing to us have the ability to sit deep in our subconscious and cause deep dissatisfaction, complexes, and even panic attacks and depression.

Therefore, it is worth doing basic mental hygiene. I advise you to start with meditation. Everyone can do it. Unfortunately, many will not take this advice seriously, some would say that it is not helping and might start arguing. I would advice to try at least one meditation session. How can you judge a car if you never drove it, or never saw it, but just heard of it, right?

I can only say one thing – most successful people (including successful in relationships with women) practice meditation. This is not some religious practice, but a technique of hygiene of your mind. I will not tell much here, but I will say that for a certain period of time it can help you to get rid of complexes, to look at life differently, to understand your problems, to accept yourself the way you are, and so on. There so much pros they just can’t fit in the page. Cons? I do not know any.

In the fight against shyness, meditation is simply indispensable. It will help to lay out everything on the shelves. All thoughts, experiences, reasons. However, it will not be instantaneous, it will not be immediately and there is no sudden “wow effect”. Everything will happen smoothly and gradually. It is only necessary to practice at leas once a day. If you have doubts and lack of knowledge, I advise you to try meditation experience at least once. You may even start trying some online meditation course – just to get started and figure out briefly what is it.

We are what we eat

It is impossible to have a good shell, but to be ugly inside. Rather, most people just try to focus on their outer shell. They only care about the appearance, but forget that the base is inside.

We are what we eat. Here I will not persuade you to any currents or directions, in the end, everything is quite individual.

I only advise you to try to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Try drinking fresh juices and vegetable and fruit smoothies. I especially recommend the green arugula cocktail. I promise that you will feel a surge of energy that no energy drink or coffee can match. Besides, this energy is pleasant, after it you do not feel tired or broken.

The result of initial efforts

So, I advise you to start with self-confidence. To do this, you need to accept yourself as you are and start gradually, but daily and over a long period of time to work on yourself.

It is necessary to work simultaneously in three directions – 1) healthy food (more fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit, fruit and vegetable cocktails); 2) Moderate physical activity (walking, cycling, swimming, not fast running); 3) Meditation.

I promise, if you do not expect anything, but just make a plan (or without it) and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day, every day at least once a day you will practice meditation (the way you can), and at least two (or better three) times a week you will ride a bicycle, run or visit pool (you can combine and, for example, on Tuesday ride a bike, on Thursday visit a pool for an hour, and on Saturday run in the woods or park), you will feel positively crazy effect, including in reducing shyness. But it is IMPORTANT to just do it without expecting anything. As soon as you start demanding results every day, everything will quickly come to naught and you will stop working on yourself. Just do it, keep quiet, don’t tell anyone, don’t prove anything to anyone.

Fighting your own “wind mills”

Your shyness didn’t come out of nowhere. Most likely, this is the result of long-standing complexes, self-doubt, and so on.

You can dig into all this and look for reasons, or you can just turn it over like a read page and move on. Yesterday it was so, and today everything will be different.

Often men do not have the energy and inspiration to start changing something. It’s as if you want to find a girlfriend, but you don’t even want to get up from the sofa. I’m not even talking about lack of desire to look for this possible girlfriend somewhere, talking to her, or inviting her on a date.

Therefore, often dreams remain dreams, and such a man remains lying on the couch. This can go on for years, and then, when he finally come to senses, it’s already too late. On the contrary, if you perform the set of simple actions described above, you will have the energy and strength to act. All you need is a desire, although it’s not that simple.

Accumulate vital energy

With desires, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Desires often arise after a change in emotional state, which in turn is the cause of changes in the hormonal state of the body.

Simply put, the more hormones in your blood that show your “masculinity,” the more you show off your male nature, the more determined you are to meet a woman, forgetting about all shyness. You have an instinct to procreate, and you begin to act as a man.

But why doesn’t it often work today? Because many men choose to satisfy themselves instead of looking for a woman. After all, looking for a woman is long, costly and often you have to wait too long for the expected result.

Therefore, men choose the so-called “alternative” methods, without even thinking that in the future it is the cause of their loneliness. The industry is stepping up its influence and propaganda in this direction. Therefore, the average man on Earth too often spends his energy “idle”.

This affects in the lack of keen interest in women. It’s as if you want to meet someone, but it’s ok if you won’t. As the years go by, the man grows old and is left without a couple, children, grandchildren and without harmony in life.

Instead, if you invest your time in building a normal healthy relationship with a woman, it will return with a lot of bonuses. With a woman it has a completely different dimension of feelings. In this case, there is an exchange of male and female energy, not just “drain at idle.”

Therefore, self-control in the desire to satisfy oneself is an extremely important step on the way to getting rid of one’s excessive shyness. You just have to stop doing it. If you practice this and refrain for at least a month, you will see what effects it gives. Your feet will go in the direction of the woman you liked, and your lips will tell her things that you did not expect from yourself.

So, pay special attention to this point. It is a real problem of modern civilization. It is often impossible to get rid of shyness by any other means without solving the mentioned aspect.

As you can see, you need to be as close as possible to nature and live in harmony with it. Then the problem of shyness when meeting a woman will disappear by itself.

Emotions in intimacy with a woman can be compared to a volcano, and emotions in intimacy with own hand – with the sound wave from a firecracker explosion.

More confidence, joy of life

The best approach is to enjoy everything that life gives you. Of course, within common sense. Any experience is useful. You were given the opportunity to feel like a shy guy. Super.

Now you want to change that and you have many other options. Life is multifaceted. Who do you imagine yourself to be and what image do you believe in – this is how other people, including Ukrainian women, will perceive you.

It has been proven many times. One such example. In my youth, when we were Ukrainian students, I had a groupmate who was very successful in relationships with women.

As soon as I started copying his model of behavior in unfamiliar companies where this friend was absent, I always had success among women. Not to such extent as my friend, but a lot of women paid attention to me.

I imagined I was playing his role, started behaving like that and it worked. So, if you believe that you are confident and like yourself and women (but sincerely believe, not just repeat these words), you will really succeed among women.

I repeat, to please women, you need to please yourself. To do this, you need to love yourself, have a high level of energy and male hormones.

If life has brought you into Ukraine, you are not that shy, man. You did something before that, somehow decided to come to Ukraine, you have some life experience and money. You see, you already know a lot, you will be able to communicate with Ukrainian women as well.

How to meet a Ukrainian woman after all, if you are shy?

Come up and meet. Just intend. Just do it. Thinking for a long time will only ruin your intention.

You also don’t want to get out of warm bed in the morning when the alarm clock rings. But at one point you get up because you intend to. It’s the same here – you intend to meet “that beautiful woman” so just go to her and ask if she would like to drink coffee.

Alternatively, you can ask her to subscribe to your Instagram. And then you will write to her directly, as well as find out in advance if she has a boyfriend, husband, etc. and whether in has sense to write to her at all.

Remember, the main thing is to act.

Often our own false thoughts prevent us from achieving our goals.

For example, an inexperienced driver will spend the whole day thinking about how he will drive tomorrow: how he turns on the gear, how he turns the steering wheel and turn, how he will stand at a traffic light or drive on the highway. But when this driver gets behind the wheel – everything turns to be different – not so scary, and he finds out driving a car is a pleasant process.

The same in life – most situations are made up by our brain as possible scenario, but in 95% of cases they have nothing to do with reality. That is, these options are not implemented. But these options block our actions, frighten us, make us doubt or refuse to act.

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So I emphasize that even if you are shy, you should try to take a woman’s phone number, invite her for coffee and so on. Do something that will make you act.

Doing this a few times you will see that it is not scary. On the contrary, you may like it. This will become your kind of comfort zone, and in the future to ask a woman for a phone number or Instagram will be as easy for you as buying water in the store.

In addition, women love such bold, somewhat desperate men. This is a demonstration of masculine determination and courage in a direct form. And it’s okay that it’s unusual. Remember, they love and respect those who know how to stand out, not copy others, and are not a part of the “gray herd.”

And most men today are just like that – uninitiated, indecisive, satisfied without the help of women. Unfortunately, modern women have become accustomed to such men, and many have lost hope of finding the traditional “dude with nuts”. Namely, such men are now in great demand even among quite emancipated Western women. If we talk about Ukrainian women, you have no chance if you do not have the traditional type masculine qualities.

Therefore, action, determination and action again – these are things you need to remember if you want to meet a Ukrainian woman.

Modern men think too much and do too little. When meeting a woman you need to act more often on the famous principle of “Veni, vidi, vici”.

How to approach a woman and get a phone number if you feel shy?

You have to understand that the fact you feel extra shy is not just a fact that appeared by itself. There is some reason for you being too shy.

Possible reasons:

1) You are ashamed of your body. You subconsciously think that even if you meet her now, in the future she will see your shortcomings (fat belly, sides, etc.). Therefore, you subconsciously slow down the whole process and do not dare to meet.

2) You earn little. A man’s financial problems often indicate his indecision, insecurity and inability to support his family. Subconsciously, you think that even if she agrees to a date, and in the future it will grow into a relationship, you will not be able to keep her, she will start to annoy you, criticize, ridicule and leave you.

Here you should definitely start working on yourself. First, physically (body and sports), mentally (meditation, self-development), and then – choose the area that you like, where you can show your abilities and where you can easily and effortlessly earn.

Finance is not an end in itself. You can’t work just for money. This money is needed in order to achieve goals, not goals exist to make money.

A man’s financial condition is an indicator of his abilities, resources and their correct or incorrect use. If a man enjoys what he does (creates), for example, business or work, a favorite thing, – he will have enough of finances, harmonious family life and the opportunity to make himself and the people around him happy. So work on yourself first.

The problem is that a woman who is close to a man inspires him to earn, to create something new. If there’s no woman, then a man often does not have the inspiration to do something. Women, as a rule, are indifferent and cold for men who have no goals, who do not create anything, who do not “burn with ideas”. Such a vicious circle.

To get out of this vicious circle, one needs to learn to start getting energy from other sources. For example, meditation, walking, traveling, cycling, moderate sports, anything man likes. This energy will inspire a man to create something that will be interesting and useful to others and on which he can earn good. Or this energy will just give an idea of how one can start earning decent money – i.e. go to work somewhere. The main point of this is that such a man will lift his butt off the couch.

OK, the process has been started. And now you are already in the field of attention of certain women – you are a potentially interesting candidate for them.

3) You experienced some psychological trauma in the childhood. Maybe someone from your parents or acquaintances constantly told you that you are unlucky, you will not succeed, you can not do anything. Adults can say such things automatically without thinking, because that’s what their parents once said to themselves. They do not think that in this way they are “programming” the child’s brain and program its life to fail.

If you used to have something like this, remind yourself this situation. It is important to leave yourself alone, speak it out loud and let go. Meditation helps very well in this. It helps to unobtrusively understand the situation, look at it as an outside observer and let go.

That is, if you want to take a Ukrainian woman’s phone number, but feel too shy, there are still two main ways to do it: 1) first one is to understand the cause of shyness and release it. Mental block will disappear along with artificially created shyness, and you will gradually learn to control yourself and ask a beautiful Ukrainian woman for a phone number 2) forget about everything, get up (if you are sitting), come up and ask her for a number. That’s so simple.

Practical advice when meeting a Ukrainian woman

1) As already mentioned, it is important to be yourself. You never know if a woman will like you until you try to talk to her. Maybe just the way you are, she’ll like you the most. Trying to change yourself instantly or pretending to be someone else, you will not be able to play this role for a long time. Especially if you’re a shy man and your acting skills are… mediocre.

2) It is good to meet certain general expectations of Ukrainian women. This is not a requirement, but then your chances increase significantly. What are these expectations? Very easy. In the eyes of the average Ukrainian woman, a man must be strong, courageous, able to protect himself and his wife (family). He must also be confident in his actions and deeds. He must keep his word. It is not his words that speak for a man, but his deeds. A man must have a goal that he aspires to. This can be business development, the desire to build a house and so on. Something he strives for and wakes up with every day, taking steps to achieve this goal.

3) Don’t try to show off your financial superiority. It will not impress a Ukrainian woman who is worthy of a relationship. Moreover, it will cause her to stop any communication with you. Also, such a demonstration of financial status itself speaks of your low cultural level. Of course, it all depends on the purpose of your acquaintance, but such behavior can attract the attention of only certain categories of women who will simply try to use you as a purse.

4) Be on the positive side of life. Think positively about yourself. Whatever it is, you remain yourself. Even if you don’t match each other, that’s fine. You go through life positively and therefore attract the positive. It didn’t work out with one woman, so it will work out with another. Maybe she was not open and positive enough, that is, you had nothing to talk about. By staying in a good mood, you attract the same women into your circle of friends. If you start whining and complaining about life – you will constantly meet the same type of women.

5) First of all, there is you. A woman for you personally should be in second place after you. Trying to put her on a high pedestal, above yourself, you will only raise her self-esteem, provoke her arrogance, increase her importance in your eyes and as the result she will be no longer interested in you. Eventually, she will be the initiator to end your relationship.

6) Buy her something to drink. I did not want to write about this point. My goal is to give advice that can be used by sober, open minded people who are looking for new friends and healthy communication. But such option exists, so I will write about it too. Everything is simple here – champagne or a cocktail will suit the best. However, in Ukraine it means absolutely nothing. She can drink 5 such cocktails, and at the end of the evening she will tell you “Poka” (which means “Good bye”) and’ll disappear in the crowd.

7) Set up your mind for being open. You can share your plans for the future with her. Remember, the hardest part is always starting a conversation. As soon as the conversation begins – it will be easier and more interesting. If you feel shy, the hardest thing is to start a conversation. So just don’t think for a long time, but ask her about anything. Ideally, you should ask her at least three questions. Although it is not a strict rule.

If you manage to ask her three questions, you will not notice yourself how the conversation began. This is important to practice. It can be two questions or one question with details. To do this, you need to communicate more with women in general. With any women, not just the ones you like. Just talk to women more, learn to ask them questions, pay attention to how they react, how they answer questions, etc. This is also experience.

8) Of course, you should always respond adequately to the reaction of the woman you are addressing. If a woman does not want to communicate at all, her right must be respected. You should apologize and move on. Don’t think she didn’t like you. The reason is most likely not in you. There can be many reasons – she has a boyfriend (husband), someone has spoiled her mood, she has a problem, you look like her ex, who broke her heart, and so on. The main thing is not to get hung up and not to attach much importance to it.

9) If you are shy, do not pay attention to it. Forget that you can be shy at all. Maybe now you have your destiny in front of you? Maybe she’s the one you will live under one roof until getting old? And you feel shy? Come on! Forget it and go meet.

To get acquainted – come up with a reason. For example, ask her where you can drink coffee here. Ask her to show you a place, and then ask what kind of coffee she likes. Order two coffees and invite her to the table with you.

It’s a good idea to do this in some large shopping center, where there are many such cafes. In Ukraine, such shopping centers are in large cities, which are the capitals of the regions (oblasts). For example, Mega Mall in Vinnytsia, Zlata Plaza in Rivne or Global UA in Zhytomyr.

10) Approach a Ukrainian woman you like and admit to her that you are actually very shy. Say you saw her this time and you liked her so much that you overcame your shyness and decided to invite her for coffee or tea or ice cream or to have some McDonald’s meal together. If it is sincere and your face blush, it will only intensify the effect. She will “appreciate” your courage and maybe this will be the beginning of your relationship.

To tell the truth often is the simplest and easiest way to call woman’s interest. Only in this case you have a feeling as if a stone has fallen from your neck. In addition, you are sincere, you are not afraid that the unpleasant truth will follow. You don’t need to hide anything.  You just remain yourself – and this is the shortest, the most pleasant and the best way to success.