Are they so different: Ukrainian and American woman?

Are we talking here about slim figure and pretty faces of Ukrainian women? Yes, we are! Are we talking here about obesity and other stuff? Definitely yes! Are we talking about inner world of particular woman? Sure! Here we are discussing EVERYTHING which could give us a light on Ukrainian women, American women and all info which can give us a light (describe us) these beautiful women better.

Particular person, but not the whole nation counts

Comparison of two cultures brings us to unexpected results. The main paradox is in that – you find out that, actually, they are very similar. Yes, Ukrainian and American girls are similar. You don’t believe? If you take into consideration only general features then you will be disappointed. You have to make this comparison more like belonging to particular person, but not comparing cultures in general, as it won’t give anything except for wrong stereotypes. It is not like you say „this is green” and „this is pink”, you can’t say, for example, „All American girls are pretty” and „All Ukrainian girls are strongly family oriented”. Of course, you can say so, but it will be wrong not only because every person has her/his own taste ob beauty, but because there are millions of American women and millions of Ukrainian women and they all can’t have the same features. Ok, maybe there are some general characteristics, but they are pretty blur. I guess you’ve got what I’m talking about. Maybe you’ve heard the proverb „Many men, many minds”? It fits here with its sense as well, but it is more about stuff concerning „perception of beauty is different for everyone”.

Particular person, but not the whole nation counts

Stop offending American women

Internet is full of one-sided expressions of the following style “American women are obese”, “American women don’t care about their appearance”, “American women are not pretty”, you name it… Come on, guys! Stop doing this! Because if we come back to the lines above you’ll see the important notice which says “Do not generalize people, especially if it goes about few million nation”. It depends on the woman how she looks like, whether she uses make up or not, which genes she has and many other peculiarities. There are many cases where Ukrainian men are getting married with American women and these American women are gorgeous! They really look like models and these American guys who say they prefer to look for women abroad often suck because they argument their abroad search with words like “American women are way too much career oriented, need a guy to have huge income” and stuff. But what about Ukrainian guys who have found pretty girls in America and married them? You would say they did it to get citizenship and to stay legal in the country. Okay, maybe some of them did, but they didn’t choose 25 years older ladies for wives. They were able to interest pretty American girls of their age! And this already tells us about something.

Stop offending American women

Common features about American and Ukrainian women

The fact you could be 100% sure is that American and Ukrainian women are very ambitious. They are women of our times. Internet, globalization and other features have brought possibility to share experience between people. And it is not like centuries ago where this experience exchange was not possible (or limited) between continents. No even doubt, Ukrainian women learn a lot from American women. For example, they ask for more independence, more personal freedom. But in case with many Ukrainian women it has great side effect. They want to be independent from men, but often demand attention and support, including financial. Such a hybrid technology – new invention of Ukrainian new age women.

Common features about American and Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women still win in term of „General beauty

Beauty is almost main thing Ukrainian women are famous of. If you take general standards of beauty they definitely superior to American women in this case. Top models are exactly Ukrainian women and when you mention Slavic women – Ukrainian beauty is the first thing which comes up into mind.

People like to share their own point of view on what the real beauty is, but there is no doubt Ukrainian women in this case would win most of the charts. No matter how would you appreciate your American girlfriend, very high possibility that no one else would like her except for you. Or, more realistic – 2 men out of 10 would say she is pretty; and if we conduct the same experiment in case with Ukrainian woman as your girlfriend, I bet 8 out of 10 would say YEAH, man, she’s damn hot.

Ukrainian women still win in term of „General beauty”

New trend: Americans are afraid of getting into relationship with Ukrainian women

Yes, nowadays opinion that Ukrainian women want only some type of interest from American men, is much more popular and widespread than few years ago. To many Americans have had bad experience with Ukrainian women where they were visiting Ukraine, making expensive presents for Ukrainian girl, wooing, going to the best restaurants and at the end of the journey they had zero result, empty pocket and disappointment. GUYS, come on! What you were hoping for – you got yourself! Most of you were thinking about Ukrainian women as easy targets and you had a hope „to buy” their attention. As the result – you got what you deserved. It doesn’t work like this. If you want to get attention of descent Ukrainian woman, you have to behave natural. There is no need to spend your money. Just be interesting, have fun and find common topics for interest, among which could be banal English language practicing. Making presents and showing your wallet is not the first time agenda. If you act this way you attract different types of scammers and gold diggers, nothing more. If relationship flows naturally – it flows the same way in Ukraine and in the United States.

Actual differences

Have you ever seen American girl looking at the mirror when she is going to leave a house in some business? Never? Have you ever seen American girl who is painting nails before she is going to visit grocery store? Ukrainian girls almost all the time have extra care about themselves when it is going about their appearance.

Have you ever seen American woman crying about opinion of her friend about her? Of course, maybe you’ve had, but it happens very rarely, because most of them just don’t care what others think about them. Ukrainian women contrariwise – are very dependent on the opinion of others.

American woman is a partner, Ukrainian woman prefers „strong shoulder”

It is interesting, but more and more Ukrainian men prefer women who are equal partners in relationship. That is why American women and Western European women often take vacant place of wife instead of Ukrainian women. This is great perspective for modern Ukrainian guy, where he knows they can divide family budget, where they have own interests and everyone is ok with that. Ukrainian guys are eager to combine house duties, unlike most of people think about them. In partnership with Western women they feel like they are having a partner, but not a child who always needs care.

Many Western men on the opposite – miss traditional family oriented type of woman, who is going to be not only loving partner, but also great housewife and caring mother. They hope to find such woman among Ukrainian female representatives. They look for weaker in character woman, who is going to play the second role in the family and where the man is the head. But in Ukraine there is a wise proverb „Husband is a head in the family and wife is a neck”. It means the neck would always turn the head where it wants. Rephrasing – Ukrainian woman actually rules in the family. She does it not vividly, not openly, formally recognizing mans authority, but initiating her man always do the way she wants. So, American men, be aware and keep that in mind.

American women tell strictly, Ukrainian women use stunning hints

American women are known to say what they want and at the same time what they don’t. Average American woman would tell you strictly “I don’t like that” or “I don’t want to do that”. Even during sex American women usually express their emotions openly, scream loud and sincere, if they want. American women would not hide insult and are ready to fight for achieving personal goal(s).

Unlike Ukrainian women, who are often to shy to demonstrate their inner feelings. It influences all spheres – personal, family, work, public life, attitude to people who surround them – neighbors, friends, social groups related etc. As part of this “shy” or rather to say humble attitude of Ukrainian woman one can distinguish so called hints. This is huge part of Ukrainian woman mentality and, probably, inner world, which is hard to describe with just few sentences and separate article should be written about this. But let’s at least try. It is better to start with an example. You came home after work, kissed your Ukrainian wife and went to shower. After supper you said it was very tasty, and kissed her again. In 10 minutes you realize she is not smiling and starts ignoring you. What’s happened? You did everything right, you kissed her, asked her how’s she doing, you told supper was great. What the heck? Answer: You didn’t notice her new manicure and she has spent 3 hours in salon making it and choosing color! Another example, although it is not that frequent, such things happen. She starts telling you things like “You know, Jeff’s wife Melinda showed new smartphone today at the gym. It counts calories and has amazing colors. And what the sound, like real stereo system! Jeff has bought her for marriage anniversary”. She hints you that it is your anniversary soon and she wants not worse present than Jeff has presented to his wife. It doesn’t mean she wants smartphone, but equally priced present. Or she might want new model of smartphone. Who knows. By the way, there might be no Jeff or even if he is, actually he did not make any present to Melinda, because they don’t have any anniversary.

Ukrainian women are often too shy to tell the truth. They have different mentality. If you will ask American wife “Honey, you said you wanted camera for improving your photographer skills and for enjoying your hobby development. I want to make you Christmas present. Which model of camera you want?” American woman would be very happy and would name the model. What if you ask average Ukrainian woman the same question? What would be her answer? She would say something like “Oh, no, thank you, this is very expensive present” (but in reality she would like to have it and would jump from happiness) or what even worse, she would say “No. I don’t want to make photography anymore” (Lie, she would like to). Or, she would say “I want cheapest of the cheapest camera” and when you understand it directly and with your American mentality would buy her the cheapest camera she would be deeply disappointed, showing artificial happiness, but all the time she hoped you understand she is modest and cultural, but she wanted you actually to buy her some nice expensive camera, but not this crap.

As you can see, Ukrainian women and their American counterparts are very similar, because, first of all, they are WOMEN. Globalization made Ukrainian women to learn a lot from American women and modern average young Ukrainian woman is not the same involved in traditional family values girl whom was her sister 10 years ago or her mother 30 years ago. It is not good to make stereotypes about age group, nationality, country, part of the world. It is better to remember every person, every woman is unique, no matter which country, nation she comes from. You can find some general hints, but never forget every particular woman differs from other women. Try not to generalize and your life would be easier. And the best if you will have your own experience and could compare relationship with American woman and Ukrainian woman. It would be only your personal truth, because with other Ukrainian woman and other American woman it might be different, but this would be your experience and you could share it in the comments, which might be useful for other readers who are looking answers for question about Ukrainian and American woman difference and common.

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