Why Ukrainian women who speak decent English often marry foreigners

This can be explained by the usual probability. Ukrainian women who are fluent in English often work in language schools, as translators, or even in various marriage agencies. A priori, these are places where in real life or online you meet and talk to many foreigners.

I personally know 2 women from different regions of Ukraine (Western and Central) who studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages (one in Khmelnytsky, the other in Zhytomyr) and later married American men.

The story of Ukrainian woman #1

The first Ukrainian woman got married when she was 24. She worked exactly in one of the dating agencies. There, if you can call it that, she took advantage of her position and chose the profile of a nice American. Later he came to Ukraine, they met several times and had a romantic relationship over 2 years.

She lived in Ukraine. He lived in the United States, but often came to visit her. After about 2 years of dating, they got married. The wedding took place in Ukraine in a family atmosphere and mixture of multicultural environment.

The story of Ukrainian woman #2

Another Ukrainian woman got married when she was 30. Given “Ukrainian standards” and the Ukrainian mentality, this is a late age for marriage. Although today this worldview is gradually receding, many young women in Ukraine are trying to get married no later than 25. But now I’m telling about completely different case.

The Ukrainian woman №2, whom I know personally, did not feel that she needed to get married quickly. On the contrary, she loved her job – to teach people different foreign languages. That is why she worked at her favorite language school and devoted a lot of time to work. She loved her job and literally “lived by work.” She was not only fluent in English but also in Spanish (perhaps other languages too) and had a large circle of friends. She is a nice, open and interesting person.

Despite having many male friends, she did not have a boyfriend. Friends often asked why she wasn’t getting married or at least finds herself a boyfriend, but she couldn’t give a specific answer. However, there is its time for everything. Perhaps she could not find a person who would share her passion for personal development, including foreign languages, traveling and other interesting things. Perhaps there was no one among people surrounding her who would touch the strings of her soul. Perhaps there is some other reason.

She often went on business trips to different countries, participated in various language events, conferences and meetings, that is, developed her professional skills. It was easy for her to do it because she loved it. From a psychological point of view, one might call it sublimation. Maybe, but she wasn’t obsessed with marriage or dating, she was just doing what she liked in life. And one day she met him.

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Due to their professional activities related to the study of foreign languages, their paths crossed. He is an American man who has long dreamed of such a smart, intelligent, balanced, tactful, knowledgeable and beautiful wife. They found each other and got married. So really, all in due time.

Contrary to popular belief, this was NOT a marriage on purpose. Just because of the professional activities and the circle of communication, two people with similar interests found each other. It is not out of the blue some people say friends often become strong partners in married life. It is very good when everything starts with friendship, common interests, mutual knowledge of cultures. Later it often transforms into a really strong and desirable relationship.

As for the fact that many Ukrainian women who speak decent English often marry foreigners it may indeed be so, but it is not the rule. I would also question the phrase “many women” and rather replace it with just “women”.

This is the elementary logic of things. If a person communicates with other people who share similar interests, then there is a chance that they might have common feelings arisen between each other some day.

If you go to the airport, there is a huge chance that you will see a lot of planes. If you study to be a pilot, you will visit different countries. The situation is similar in case with Ukraine, language schools and other areas of intersection of foreigners with Ukrainians. Where there are many foreigners, there is always a chance that someone will like a Ukrainian woman and she will pay attention to his courtship.

If the reason for the union of two hearts was the linguistic background or professional activity, then most likely the reason for a foreigner’s acquaintance with a Ukrainian woman is secondary – a common profession, language courses, professional activity, chance, and so on, but not desire to marry Ukrainian woman on purpose.

Professional activity also differs. Highly intellectual activity and meeting someone during it is a completely different level than performing, for example, physical or other types of work. For example, working as a translator or teacher of English will bring a Ukrainian woman completely different acquaintances with foreign men than the work of a Ukrainian waitress, which will be courted by drunken foreign tourists.

Do many Ukrainian women who fluently speak English marry foreign men on purpose?

It all depends on how to count the statistics. If we start from the total number of Ukrainian women, then a little.

If we take purely Ukrainian women who have professional knowledge of English and graduated from university (teachers, lecturers, translators, etc.), then no one kept such statistics. Although it would be quite interesting. And I have some information about that.

An acquaintance of mine from Ukraine studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​as a translator at one of the Ukrainian universities. About 50 girls studied with him. That is, these are just those Ukrainian young women who are fluent in English, German, Italian, French and other languages ​​at a high level. About 20 of them left Ukraine at different times and married a foreigner. That is more than 30%! And this is a huge figure.

These are only those former university groupmates about whom he can hear something, with whom he maintains friendly relations on Facebook or whom he follows on social networks. There may be many more.

As for the geography of marriage of former classmates – it’s different countries. Among them – Spain, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada. An interesting fact is that many of these women were active, but not in search of a foreign husband, but in the opportunity to go abroad. They enrolled in various international student exchange programs, participated in conferences or went to work abroad in programs such as au-pair or similar. Already abroad, they met future husbands and later married.

Some got married after graduating from university (most), and some left university and stayed abroad for permanent living.

The least “conversion” for some reason is with Canadians

Most of the women (groupmates) in the university where my friend studied, participated in exchange programs in Canada. They lived and talked with Canadians every day for at least 6 months. But there were almost no cases when one of the groupmates of my friend married a Canadian after the exchange program. On the contrary, there is a case when a fellow guy from Ukraine maintained a friendly relationship with a woman from Canada during the exchange program and later after (in 2 years) married her.

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In general, this is a very interesting situation. Canada has a large Ukrainian diaspora and cultural heritage. It would seem that this should promote more marriages between Canadians and Ukrainians. However, judging by the life experience of my Ukrainian acquaintance, despite the wide range of communication with Canadians, such Ukrainian-Canadian marriages were few. Much more often, Ukrainian acquaintances married Germans, Poles, and Americans.


As you can see, there are no affirmative statistics. It is necessary to be guided by probability and generally accepted logic. For Ukrainian women, it is not so important what a man’s origin is and what country he is from, but important is his attitude towards her.

Of course, good attitude should be accompanied by mutual understanding and respect, a shared vision of the future and similar cultural values and views on the family. Equally important is the ability and (or) willingness of the husband to provide for the future family. This does not mean that Ukrainian women want to stay at home and cook. Ukrainian women also actively work and participate in the public life of their community. But a reliable man, including his financial support, is also very important.

Therefore, if you liked an English-speaking Ukrainian woman, do not focus on stereotypical information about Ukraine and its people, just be yourself and act on the situation. Your intuition is the best guide. The main thing is to act. It is better to try and fail than not to try and then regret it. Although fail in this case is unlikely to happen, because there are many happy marriages of Ukrainian women with foreigners which prove the opposite.