21 traits, for which I appreciate a Ukrainian woman

All 21 traits are taken from own experience and are the most real in the whole Internet considering all similar sites. Want to know what I appreciate Ukrainian women for? Learn and enjoy!

1) For the ability to hold on with dignity in any difficult life situation.

2) For the ability to compromise, while doing so wisely, prudently and not to leave any of the parties to the compromise in the loss.

3) Optimistic outlook on life. Even though the situation in Ukraine is quite difficult and most people are trying to survive, a Ukrainian woman knows how to support a family and make her husband and children happy. A Ukrainian woman is a brilliant manager of married life.

4) The experience that a Ukrainian woman achieves during married life is very valuable and worthy of respect. With a modest family budget, she knows how to buy the most necessary things for children, how to make a man happy, where to find money for small gifts for children and how to cook a delicious dinner from a small selection of products, including home made.

5) I appreciate a Ukrainian woman for her ability to be a mother. She shows a very wide range of emotions, feelings, compassion, care and love for her children. It does not matter how old the children are. Ukrainian woman always cares for and worries about her son or daughter when she is young, middle-aged or already even when she’s a grandmother.

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6) I respect the Ukrainian woman for her indescribable diligence. If she lives in Ukraine, her life in the average Ukrainian family is as follows. She goes to work. After work she usually goes to another, additional job for a few hours.

On certain days she is engaged in home farming, for example, grows vegetables in the garden – cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, garlic, parsley, dill, strawberries, raspberries, eggplant and paprika and more.

On certain days, she works as an agricultural worker at her garden, even though she may be a nurse, teacher or shop assistant etc. This mostly applies to women in small and medium-sized Ukrainian cities. When does she have time for doing this all? I do not know, in my opinion, this is a real miracle on the verge of courage and self-sacrifice.

7) Her work and daily routine responsibilities are extremely difficult. Try to live at least a day as a Ukrainian woman and you will understand what I mean. In addition to her main job and housework (including house chores and agriculture), she also prepares meals three times a day.

In order for a man to have a hot and nutritious breakfast (in Ukraine it is traditionally a full meal, such as mashed potatoes and cutlets, vegetable salad and tea, not toast with jam), she wakes up at 6 am. In addition to breakfast, she also prepares dishes lunch in advance. For lunch this is usually soup, buckwheat porridge with meat or pilaf. After both she and her husband return from work, the wife prepares dinner and so almost every day. This is in addition to all the things she does.

Her almost daily responsibilities include washing clothes, ironing and cleaning the house once a week. If you try to help her at least one day, you will understand how difficult it is and that you do not need any cardio fitness (you already have it).

8) I appreciate a Ukrainian woman for her ability to support in a difficult situation, inspire optimism and give valuable advice. This applies not only to her husband, but also to her son and even her older parents.

9) She is very proactive. If you need to solve the problem immediately, she already has a plan of action. She follows this plan and solves the problem. At the same time, she often does not take on the role of the main person in the family.

Even if her husband is weak and indecisive, a loving Ukrainian woman will almost never tell him anything bad about this. Everything she does will be done quietly, without complaints and often with the tacit consent of her husband, as if it were understandable by itself.

10) Ukrainian women often choose to work abroad to help their families. There are many examples of women going to work in Poland and taking their children there so that they can study in this EU country. Often a woman is the initiator, and then a man joins her.

Ukrainian women in the difficult 90’s went en masse to work in Italy. All in order to provide for their children, to pay for their education at school, university, to buy an apartment or a house for them. Where else in the world can you find so many examples of maternal devotion and care?

11) Despite their employment and a lot of physical work, Ukrainian women are erudite and most of them have higher education. Yes, abroad she can initially work as a cleaner, but at the same time she knows several foreign languages ​​and has a degree in economics.

Over time, such women tend to adapt to the new society and look for work according to their profession and acquired skills. I know a woman from Ukraine who moved to Spain 20 years ago. In Ukraine she was a teacher of English and German. Her husband went to Spain to work as a builder. At first she could not find a job, so she worked as a cleaner. But over time, she learned Spanish and found a better job. And as of today, she teaches people Spanish herself in language school.

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12) It is interesting to talk to a Ukrainian woman. And for that I appreciate them so much. You can talk to her for hours on any topic – politics, science, sports, religion, relationships, personal life or professional activities. Ukrainian women are so erudite that almost any field is familiar to her at least superficially.

13) The topic of conversation with a Ukrainian woman is a rather extended topic. Therefore, I would like to single out psychology here. Ukrainian woman is a wonderful psychologist.

Her family experience, the experience of generations, experience at work and in society makes her an excellent connoisseur of psychology, relationships and more. Her vision of life, unobtrusive sincere advice – this is a very valuable experience. If you have ever talked to a Ukrainian woman, you will understand what I mean. Of course, this mostly applies to women 40+.

14) I appreciate the fact that a Ukrainian woman, in all her employment at home and at work, always monitors her appearance. She skillfully selects stylish clothes, often operating on a modest budget. She often does not buy well-known brands, but her clothes are stylish, interesting, complement the overall picture. To top it off, she skillfully uses cosmetics to emphasize her natural beauty. The image of a modern Ukrainian woman, which can be described in just one word – beauty.

15) Ukrainian women have NOT lost their femininity. She knows how to be gentle and loving. Even though he does a lot of hard housework and works hard to earn money for her.

16) It may seem that the life of a Ukrainian woman is a continuous routine bordering on hard labor. But it is not like that. If you take someone from abroad for this role, it would really seem unbearable for many.

However, working a lot since childhood, Ukrainian women do it for the sake of the family. She is pleased to realize that her work and efforts will bring happiness to her children, husband and the whole family.

She tries to create family comfort and harmony in all available ways. When she sees the result, she is the happiest person on this Planet. When her children are happy, satisfied with life and can visit her from time to time. She would like them to visit her more often, but she understands that in today’s world this is often impossible. She is happy when her husband is happy, when everything is fine at work and when a large family can get together for the weekend or holidays.

17) For a real Ukrainian woman there is no greater pleasure than the arrival of adult children home. Spending time talking to daughter in the kitchen or having dinner together at the table or in the garden near the house is the quintessence of all the best that is on this Earth. Sitting in the garden, at the dishes prepared by mother, you feel happy and do not understand why there is so much evil, misunderstanding, hatred and conflict on Earth.

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18) A Ukrainian woman knows how to create a holiday and for that I appreciate her. Spending a whole day, and sometimes 2 days, to prepare many delicious dishes, including main dishes and desserts, treat all guests with them, and then washing dishes in the kitchen till midnight – this is “the price” of a Ukrainian family holiday. But this work does not seem so difficult for a Ukrainian woman when one mentions the cheerful atmosphere of family conversation, jokes and laughter.

19) Ukrainian woman is a master of needlework. Knitting clothes themselves is a favorite hobby of many Ukrainian wives. Tying a sweater for her son is not a problem. Wearing such a sweater even in the coldest winter it feels warm, because it was made with love.

20) A Ukrainian woman is not only a young beauty from the cover of a magazine, although she is too. The Ukrainian woman is also a grandmother, sister and mother.

What is worth visiting my grandmother in the Ukrainian village. How much warmth and love when grandma hugs you with old calloused hands. And how much kindness in her eyes, when you start the car engine, leaving, you wave your hand, and she blesses you and will stand for a long time and look after the departing car.

The Ukrainian grandmother will pray for the happiness and good fortune of her children and grandchildren in the church and in her room in front of the icons. Although she is not such a progressive tourist as her Western and Central European counterparts and has not been to exotic countries (because her small pension is only a few tens of dollars a month), she is a wonderful housewife, a wonderful person and prays for her children and grandchildren, sincerely asking the Lord for the best of luck for them in work and personal life.

21) Ukrainian woman is caring, romantic and sometimes sentimental. Giving free rein to emotions, she can cry from physical, emotional and mental stress. But despite this, she quickly masters herself. She remembers that she is not the only one, but must be strong for the sake of the family. Therefore, wiping away tears, she is ready to instill optimism and joy in her family again. For this I love and respect the Ukrainian woman infinitely.