Why Is It Better To Search For Future Spouse In Ukrainian Province

The time of standard solutions today does not bring the expected positive effects. To succeed in any business, it is not enough to simply copy someone’s actions. Nowadays, this usually does not bring the desired results.

What does most foreigners who are keen to find a future wife in Ukraine do? They seek information from those who have already made similar attempts and try to replicate the success of someone else. But no one in this case guarantees that everything will happen exactly as the predecessor wrote, because all the cases are individual.

Most Americans who decide to come to Ukraine in search of a future wife choose big cities such as Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv or Lviv. But is it justified? In big cities you will not only face competition from other foreigners, but you will also be ‘one of many similar guys’. It’s hard to surprise Ukrainian women from big cities by the mere fact that you are a foreigner.

Instead, we recommend trying to find a future wife in the Ukrainian province. We believe that this is best to be done in medium sized cities or small towns – where they have all the necessary infrastructure – supermarkets, coffee-shops, optical and mobile high speed Internet, descent state of local roads, parks to walk, local public transport and good transport links with major Ukrainian cities and what is the most important – here you will have a unique flavor and, as a foreigner, you obviously will get attention of the local population and among this – attention of beautiful female representatives. It is here appears real chance to find good potential Ukrainian bride.

Another great advantage of small Ukrainian cities is that for a small amount you can rent a place with very good living conditions. Most Ukrainians go abroad or to big cities because they can make such amount of money there, which they often cannot earn at home. In your case, if money is not a problem – why not take the opportunity to get to know Ukrainian culture better from the inside?

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The sweetest fruits are those that are growing in the spots that are difficult to reach. Therefore, we propose to consider the Ukrainian province as an option in future wife search. Large cities such as Kyiv or Odesa are no different from other European cities, a large number of people from different regions are mixed here, and authenticity is lost. The big cities of Ukraine are only a small part of the Ukrainian culture, although mostly this part is described by foreigners in their blogs, books, videos, etc. A few foreigners have personally experienced small Ukrainian cities and local population.


  1. You will be very pleased in Ukraine. You will be like a „white crow” in a good sense of the word. Ukrainians are very friendly and welcoming. In general it is very hospitable nation, if not the most hospitable in the world. Most will try to make friends with you. Many will be surprised why you came exactly to their town, because in their opinion, “there is nothing to do here and it is necessary to escape as far as possible and as soon as possible from here.” Some will even feel embarrassed to talk to you. Many will invite you to “go for a beer” with their company in the evening or on weekends. If you find yourself with Ukrainians at a table with plenty of hard liquor, many of them will be curious about how much you can drink – it is not necessary to compete here, it is better to immediately admit that you have lost.
  2. In small cities, there is still some touch of naivety and purity present in local Ukrainian women. This is a woman who still believes in a strong family and honors family values and in the future wants to build her own strong family with a reliable man. Reliable man for such woman is the leader, the head of the family and unwavering support. This is not the authoritarian leader she will always obey, bending her head – it is a calm and wise partnership between two equal people, with a slight inclination towards recognizing her husband as the head of the family – as it has formed in Ukrainian traditions. Yes, a Ukrainian woman may argue, disagree, give her strong points – but at a difficult moment, she will usually wait for her husband to take the first step.
  3. Women from such small towns are not very selective with requirements for comfort living or in terms of satisfaction of their own whims. It will be enough for them to have a man who is attentive, kind, and does not abuse alcohol. They want to be able to rely on a man for reliable support or help. Support means not only moral but also financial support for the family. If a man earns $ 1000 a month in a small Ukrainian city and has enough free time for his wife and children (not just all the time non-stop working for hours and days) – this is a very successful man, if he earns more than $ 1000 – it’s mega cool. Ukrainian woman is not in need for money itself, she dreams of work together with her husband (she also goes to work) so family could cover basic expenses (housing, utilities, food, transportation, internet, cell communication) and to save for buying a certain amount of clothes if needed, infrequent trips for tourist purposes to interesting cities of Ukraine or abroad. If there are children, then she cares the child gets necessary nutritious diet, gets provided with clothing and necessary school supplies, etc. It seems simple enough – only $ 1000- $ 1500 earnings a month in Ukraine and here it is your personal paradise on Earth. If you have a source of passive income – Ukraine is a super country to live in.
  4. In small cities of Ukraine real estate is relatively cheap for average American. You can buy your own two-room apartment for an average of $ 12,000 – $ 20,000. You can even buy your own house, where prices start at $ 35,000. Prices are as of the end of 2019. As a rule, most people in provincial Ukrainian cities have their own housing rather than rent it, so finding a bride will give you a roof over your head as well.


Of course, a typical day for such a woman depends on what she is doing – going to work, doing business or raising children or another option. But first we will try to consider the generalized option.

A stately Ukrainian family-woman from a small town

Everyday life

  1. Wakes up first, prepares breakfast. Depending on the family – either a full breakfast or tea, coffee and toasts. A separate breakfast is available for the child.
  2. Brings the child into kindergarten or school.
  3. Goes to work.
  4. After work goes to the grocery store, makes purchases for a few days.
  5. Returns home. As a rule, in small cities of Ukraine, people have an own small private economy or land where they grow potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, dill, pertussis, carrots, table beets, as well as fruits – raspberries, strawberries, apples, pears. This garden costs a lot of physical work and self-discipline. After returning home from the main job, the woman goes to work on an auxiliary job (this happens not every day, but occasionally; in the summer it can be daily. Not all women in small towns have a household or a plot. It is mainly the case with women over 40. Young women, as a rule, are not engaged in such types of work, but can help parents. Although, most often they go to big cities where there is no such work).
  6. Woman returns home. She prepares dinner for the whole family.

Weekly duties

  1. Once a week, usually on a Saturday – a woman does the cleaning of an apartment or a house.
  2. On Saturdays also typically laundry is done and grocery shopping at the supermarket or local market – with a plan of week’s supply.
  3. On Sunday, as a rule, you should visit her parents who live in the same town nearby. Less often, parents themselves can come on a visit to your place, usually during the day, and, as a rule, without warning – in Ukraine the warning is not practiced. However, such visits happen very rarely. Ukrainians also visit the parents of the wife or husband not every single Sunday, but once or twice a month. There are families who generally do this just once in a few months.

Seasonal concerns

  1. Before every major religious holiday – Easter, Christmas – there is a general cleaning at the apartment or house. Windows are washed (in the warm season), carpets are brought outside (if any), furniture is removed, all nooks and crannies are washed, wipes are washed on shelves, items are transferred to the closet, unnecessary items are given to poorer friends, or thrown away. Such general cleaning can take place not only before the holidays, but also in the summer.
  2. Families, which own plots of land mentioned above, the woman is also responsible for collecting minor fine harvest – like raspberry, strawberry or beans. While gathering the big harvest – like digging a potato, the whole family, relatives and friends are engaged to help. The woman, after harvest gathering ends, prepares dinner for everyone.

* Ukrainians used to grow and harvest their own produce in order to have their own produce during the year and in the winter. That is, not to depend entirely on a small salary and economic turmoil. Today, not many people are engaged in personal harvest growing economy in small cities as before. By the way, people of almost all professions – teachers, doctors, factory workers, mechanics and others – are engaged in this in Ukraine. This lately „survival mode” that has grown into a tradition earlier – has undeniable benefits. Instead of a mindless trek to the gym for a subscription – free cardio and physical exercises in the open air are available in case of working on your field or in the garden. It is especially helpful for people who have been sitting in the office during all the working day. In addition, your crop is environmentally friendly, not cultivated with anything unknown. Interesting decision, right?

  1. Preparing children to school before September the 1st. Although men help with this in Ukrainian families, women are more active in buying books, briefcases, clothes, textbooks and other things for the school year of their children.


  1. A man has a goal, he reaches it. Better if this is connected with the main working activity. For example, a small business – a coffee-shop or growing vegetables in greenhouse, whatever.
  2. Has a steady income of over $ 1000 per month.
  3. Attentive, kind, loving family values ​​and in the future wants children (or already has them with his wife).
  4. From time to time, the woman gets pleasant surprises, for example – a trip to Egypt for two, a romantic tour to Paris for the weekend, a trip to the Ukrainian mountains of the Carpathians at any time of the year. As the surprise may be the flowers – a chic bouquet given by husband on a weekday after returning from work, for no reason. Ukrainian women love different costume jewelry, and if it is a gold jewelry, it is a very valuable gift, mainly for the birthday or the anniversary of common marriage.
  5. Asks how the day went. Can listen. The man is not required to give advice or seek solutions. In most cases, if a Ukrainian woman complains, she just wants to talk. You need to hug her, kiss her, say that everything will be fine – and that’s it. Even if you don’t understand anything, mindfulness is better than ignoring it or your warlike guidelines and “ready-made solutions.”

Socialization in a provincial Ukrainian city

We already gave some light how wonderful are women from the Ukrainian province. Indeed, you want to marry such a decent, beautiful and hard-working woman. But first you need to come to Ukraine, choose a city, rent an apartment and … And what next? That’s right, you probably wouldn’t like to be locked in 4 walls, so you need to do some kind of activity to get to know people and to communicate.

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The options may be different – you can come by a Peace Corps volunteer, but then you do not have complete freedom of action. In the big Ukrainian cities it is not a problem to find a job as a teacher or tutor of English as a native speaker. But what English speaking person can do for a life in small Ukrainian town? If you are a programmer or copywriter, you can work over the Internet, but then you will found yourself back at home for the whole day again.

As an option, what comes to my mind is to start a small business of your own, something that is not present yet in this town. Preferably with notes from your home country. If you’re from the US, it could be something like Texas Burger or stuff like that. You can rent a room for $ 150 per month and open a gym, fitness or yoga, buying the necessary equipment, simulators, etc. Making affordable (or lower) monthly subscription, you will have plenty of visitors and you will find new Ukrainian friends. Do not be afraid to open your own business in Ukraine – especially if you are scared of corruption rate and all what you’ve heard about it. Yes, Ukraine is a very corrupt country, but as a foreigner you will not be touched – they will be afraid of publicity. Foreigners in Ukraine generally live much better and more comfortably than local residents. Another option for a business may be a coffee shop – this business has a large margin and the cost of starting is small. The main thing here is fantasy, and start-ups, depending on the type of business, you can start from just $ 3000 in small Ukrainian city. Popularity in small Ukrainian town is guaranteed to you, as an American, – you are self advertisement for yourself.

In addition to business activities, be sure to establish contact with education establishments in the town. Visiting English classes at local schools as a native speaker and helping people to improve their English is a good idea. You can even open free English courses from native speaker for seniors, for example.

The necessary socialization will make you good way famous among the local residents, and your useful initiatives can add bonuses to you. These steps will certainly help you to get acquainted with decent beautiful ladies and, maybe, with one of them you will be able to have a real relationship, and possibly a complete family in the future.


In you plan to find relationship in Ukrainian small town area, please, omit women which might bring you problems, those are following:

  1. Women who demonstrate to you sympathy, but who already have a boyfriend or are already married. No one knows, maybe such women are not happy with their boyfriend, are not happy in marriage or… just looking for new impressions or even opportunities. And for this they have chosen you – a perspective rich American. It is better to omit such type of women.
  2. The second type are Ukrainian women who like partying non-stop. They like visiting local bars, disco and club for Friday and Saturday nights, and also on every opportunity. They drink a lot of alcohol and often stay till the morning light and sometimes – for after-party. They like to party for someone’s expense. They like to use guy as a purse and could be called some rural Ukrainian option of gold-digger. Such women might have connections with many men. It is impossible to build serious relationship with such type of women. Therefore, it is better to omit such women.
  3. Naturally, to avoid problems, it is needed to omit married women.
  4. One more type of woman to omit in Ukraine – if she is a subject of interest of powerful and rich local guy. He will make everything to make your life in the town unbearable. And if the woman is your goal and you have mutual feelings – the only thing you can do is to move with her immediately to big Ukrainian city or move to other country.