Typical Ukrainian man – what is he like, how it is – dating Ukrainian man?

There is so much information on the Internet about Ukrainian women concerning dating Ukrainian women, marriage and common life with Ukrainian women, characteristics and anything you like, but there is almost no information about Ukrainian guys. I thought it is rather unfair and decided to share my personal experience as I am with Ukrainian guy for two years and I am foreign woman. Women also have a right to know!

Describing my Ukrainian man first of all I must say I feel very satisfacted and I am very thankful I have suddenly met him in my life. I am Polish woman and there are many stereotypes about Polish women on West. The same in Poland – we have many stereotypes about Ukrainians in Poland, usually pretty biased and non objective which have no truth under it. On West Polish women are known as pretty women who are predominantly labor migrants and many of them has created families with local men – German, British, Irish. In Poland Ukrainians are known as well as labor migrants and I have met my future Ukrainian boyfriend at work. We were working together in Restaurant on mountain ski resort. At first I did not have too much trust to Ukrainians and this is most because of that stereotypes about Ukrainians in Poland which I forgot about and understood how unfair and biased those are.

I must say Ukrainian guys are handsome. I met many Ukrainians in Poland and many of them look very attractive so does mine. He was paying attention to me at work and we had small chats about nothing at the beginning of the work and during the day. Sometimes we had common meal during the break in the restaurant and he was kidding he asked me to go with him to the restaurant. Then he asked me whether I am on the messenger and added me to friends. We started to communicate more often by writing messages. Then he took my phone number and I text him in the morning before work and he usually texted me during work and at the end of the day. Must say he had very good Polish language and that made our communication possible as most of Ukrainian guys speak pretty bad Polish, unfortunately. So in a month we were making short calls, but still rarely.

I got to know many interesting things about Ukrainian guys. My Ukrainian was doing meditation regularly and as I never knew what is it I was curious. Later he taught me how to do short meditation and I really liked that. He was working in Poland in the restaurant because he wanted to try working on the kitchen, he wanted to work in the mountains and change regular surroundings. But, he had a bunch of his websites! Some of them made him descent income which let him hire apartment in Poland and buy food for the whole month. Some of his websites he just liked to provide because on one of them he was giving people psychological advices and on one he helped people to find work for free. He has YouTube channel where he films his bicycle trips to the forest and makes there cooking โ€“ that is his hobby which he really likes. He makes and sells e-books on Amazon. By the way, he has finished University in Ukraine and has Masterโ€™s degree in foreign languages. He speaks English, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and basic German. Some sum of money he earned here in Poland at the very beginning he invested in development of his websites and he keeps doing it. In the past he had his own store in Ukraine where he sold cell phones. He likes to ride roller skates.

Let us back to our first date if we can call it this way. He asked me to go to the skating rink together but we did not have day off at one and the same day for long time. And finally it has happened – we went out with him. It was a winter day, but rather cold one and we had a small walk in the town in the mountains. Must say I was working at that restaurant temporarily as it was seasonal work for skiing season in the mountains – the same it was seasonal work for him. Iย  had to buy small presents for my family and went with him and guess what… he insisted on buying these presents. I wanted to buy them myself, but he asked me to do such a presents for me. He also bought me silver necklace for present. We had a good time that day and we went also to small cafe. In Ukrainian culture guy pays for the girl in restaurant and he insisted on it saying otherwise he would be offended. After that meeting we had only one time for going out together once more because we had no days off and he had to leave Poland in a week. He asked administrator to make day off for him and for me one and the same day. We agreed to meet this day and to go to the big city near our town. The day before I came back home after work and got a phone call from unknown number – it was post officer who delivered me huge bouquet of red roses with 35 roses each meter long, sweets and teddy bear. I was impressed. Those were flowers and presents from Ukrainian guy from work. The next day we went to the city and because it was very cold outside most of the time we spent in the shopping mall, went to Burger King, I bought myself shoes and some cosmetics. That was the last day we have seen each other before quite a long brake. This night he went to Ukraine and I had to stay at work for two weeks more. I was said because today we were spending time together during the day and the next day at this time he was in Ukraine. We kept making calls on messenger and in a month he came back to work, but I had to change my work till that time and move to the other side of the country. I must say I missed him so much, we were arguing and smiling, but it was real feeling. We kept planning our future. After he had long break in his work and I had finished my work he has made me great present for birthday โ€“ a trip to Greece. It was great time we spent together. In a month we hired an apartment and started living together. Now I will tell you a lot about Ukrainian guys, at least about mine ๐Ÿ™‚ So keep reading.

I was afraid Ukrainian guys demand too much from woman, want her to be housewife, want women to be obedient and so on. It is not true at all. Ukrainian guy is very attentive. Even when I cough he asks me if I got cold and maybe I should take pills. He likes cooking and makes great dishes, but from time to time. He can bring me flowers for no reason when coming back home after work. He does not like to clean the house but he helps me when I do cleaning. He proposes different things to do on the weekends โ€“ to go on the lake, to go hiking, to ride bicycles. Sometimes we prefer to watch movie together and stay at home. When I need personal space he understands me. You may think it is so ideal โ€“ no. We argue sometimes, but once he said that there is no better apology that good cunnilingus and I accepted that idea. He is great in bed and has good stamina. He really always is trying to satisfy me. He is in good shape because he has planned days when he does running, bicycle rides, swimming pool and gym trainings. He may suddenly propose me to make me massage. That is so cute and so cool and often exciting. He is not all that sweet, of course. Sometimes he just makes me steamed because when he has his point of view it is impossible to persuade him in the opposite. Sometimes we start yelling at each other but then we usually laugh. Must admit he is very good oriented in life and is smart and tough and often within some time I realize in many cases we argue he was right (but I donโ€™t tell him about this ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Ukrainian guys have little old styled attitude towards woman as for average Westerner, but it is pleasant one. They like to be a gentleman type guys and let woman go first by opening the door, they will pay for you in the restaurant and they assume man should earn more than woman, because otherwise he is not real man.

Some may say he uses me to get EU citizenship and get married because of that. I will disappoint you. Just before we started dating and live together he has got permanent residence in Poland as his grandfather has Polish origin. If we were married the same document he would get only within 3-4 years. So in my case it is not about that.

But I described you my Ukrainian boyfriend. I am lucky to have him and he is like he is and I love him. But as you may assume all Ukrainians are different. My Ukrainian boyfriend has a friend and I could judge on his attitude towards his girl. So, a friend of my boyfriend is also Ukrainian and his girlfriend is Ukrainian as well. Their relations are different at least from what I can see. When we go out somewhere together he does not let his Ukrainian girlfriend make free choice. When she wants to buy chips he may say this is expensive, but will still buy. He does not really care about her opinion, as I may assume. He accepts only what he considers being right and she has little choice. He is much focused on his work and keeping every cent to cent. He is also quite boring as for me. But he is reliable; you can trust him although it seems to me he is arrogant and selfish. His girlfriend is really cute but I am not sure he appreciates that and he just takes it for granted. Sometimes it is fun to be in their company and sometimes not really. If to judge on appearance he is handsome, tall, has vivid muscles as for years goes to the gym.

As you see, Ukrainian guys are different as well. I am happy to be with mine, who loves me sincerely and I feel that. I love him and I really miss him when he is far. I gave you examples of two Ukrainians whom I know personally. Must say you can draw some general conclusions, but they are still very doubtful as every person has own character, upbringing, sphere of communication, society which surrounds this person, family and many other factors. So it depends not on country of origin or nationality, but rather from personal features of every particular Ukrainian guy.

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