Hysteria, envy, lack of shower – Ukrainian woman’s picture?

It’s not how you imagined a Ukrainian woman? Today we are talking about Ukrainian women from the village.

They will surprise not only a foreigner in many ways. Who can describe Ukrainian women better than I, a Ukrainian man, right?

They wash in a basin

In many Ukrainian villages, houses still do not have a bathroom. That is, there is no special room where people wash.

If a person bathes in a basin all his life, he/she will not be able to get used to washing normally every day

There is also no special room in the house called a WC. The WC is usually located in the yard – it is a small, usually wooden building with a hole instead of a toilet. By the way, it usually stinks terribly, especially in summer, when the temperature rises.

It is a small, usually wooden building with a hole instead of a toilet

Why is there no bathroom in Ukrainian villages?

Lack of funds

Since most Ukrainian families do not live, but struggle to survive, at first they try to provide themselves with necessary stuff. The main ammount of a small salary is spent for food and utilities. Next on the list is the cost of clothing.

In case with a single mother, it is even more difficult for her to provide for her family. Therefore, the repair and arrangement of the house, as well as the construction of a bathroom in the house are postponed for the better times.

Lack of desire

If a person bathes in a basin all his life, he/she will not be able to get used to washing normally every day. Even if such a person builds a bathroom at home, he/she will not take shower every day. Most likely – once a week. This is called the force of habit or conditioned reflex.

Does the absence of a bathroom mean that Ukrainian women do not wash?

No. They look after themselves and wash. But for this purpose heat water on a gas stove. Dilute hot water with cold in a special basin. Then wash – first hands and arms, then legs. Head is washed in another basin and with different water.

Young village women usually gather at a local disco on Friday night. Before visiting „disco” they wash as described above, wear beautiful clothes, use cosmetics and look beautiful.

Let me remind you that the described situation concerns some Ukrainian women in the villages. In cities, the situation is radically different. Everything there is like in the rest of the civilized world. Ukraine is the country of contrasts.

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They like to quarrel with other women

The low level of personal culture and low level of awareness of many rural Ukrainian women leads to undesirable consequences. Such women often respond to most irritants “automatically.” They are driven by emotions.

For example, it is typical for rural women to quarrel with each other. At the same time, they call each other abusive words, wish different misfortunes to each other and their families, and even curse each other openly or later when no one hears.

Another example. In cities, rural women behave accordingly, demonstrating a low level of rural culture. A case from life in Ukraine. I stand on the sidewalk, waiting for the green light. A woman approaches and immediately starts shouting at me that I am preventing her from passing, although I am standing at the edge of the sidewalk and there is plenty of space around. That is, she did not ask me to stand aside a little. She just made a scandal out of nothing because she just wanted to quarrel with someone. But it did not let her get what she wanted – I simply did not react to her provocation. When the green light turned on, I calmly walked forward, ignoring her.


This is a huge negative force, which, unfortunately, even in 2020 continues to rule many Ukrainian women. This applies not only to women from the countryside, but it is especially clear to see it on their example.

In Ukraine, many people have an inadequate reaction to the wealth of other people, and envy is a national trait.

Abundance is bad

Since post-Soviet times, Ukrainians have had the idea that wealth is bad. A person who has enough money was considered a dishonest person, etc. Therefore, the normal human desire for wealth was rejected on a subconscious level.

I’m glad when someone has worse than me

Such a sick form of joy is often observed in Ukrainian villages. People don’t try to make money to buy a good car or build a house. They watch TV all day, complain about the authorities and complain about how bad their lives are.

But when a neighbor or acquaintance works and earns, living in abundance, he is envied. Even more – many people of this village will rejoice when he has some misfortune. For example, when he’ll need to repair a car or when strong wind tore off part of the roof of his house.

I personally believe that these are remnants of serfdom (“ukr: kripatstvo”) – a special form of Ukraine’s past enslavement. People had nothing to rejoice about, so they rejoiced that someone had worse than them.

The desire to look better than you really are

Rural women in Ukraine try to show off to other women in everything. For example, new clothes, new cosmetics.

They even flaunt the fact that their boyfriend is from a big city or a foreigner.

It is important what others will say

In Ukrainian village matters not what you want, but what others will say. It seems wise that if there are so many jealous people around, it may be better not to pay attention to them. Quite the opposite. Their opinion is of great importance. Not even an opinion, but what they will say.

That’s why even weddings in Ukrainian villages are not arranged for making newlyweds and their families happy, but to show off in front of everyone how much money was spent on the wedding. They say “See how I can” or “See how much I spent on the wedding?” or “I spent more than you. I had 300 guests, and you have had only 200. “

People are guided not by common sense and their own desires, but by primitive emotions and outdated patterns of behavior.

The Ukrainian countryside is no longer the cradle of the nation

Ukrainians like to call the Ukrainian village the cradle of the nation and idealize it. It used to be that way. Traditions and culture came from the village.

But the modern Ukrainian village has nothing to do with the villages of past centuries and national identity. Spoiled by the communist swamp, people have lost the wisdom of generations. The best representatives of the rural intelligence were exterminated and deported to Siberia.

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Instead, adapters and hypocrites got to leading positions in former Soviet Ukrainian villages. Few honest and hard-working people left. Therefore, a strange symbiosis arose and the Ukrainian village changed dramatically. We see the descendants of post-communism in Ukrainian villages today.

That is why the level of culture in the villages is low. Instead, there are frequent cases of alcoholism, and most of the promising population left for big cities or other countries.

Don’t create stereotypes

Here she is, a modern rural Ukrainian woman. It is not necessary, however, to assume that all women in Ukraine are like that. In Ukraine, there is a huge gap between the village and the city. In big cities, everything is the same as in most European cities, except for bad roads. In the villages – a different reality.

However, not all women in the villages are as described. There are exceptions, so I advise you to draw your own conclusions, preferably from your own experience.