Do You Know How The Greedy Man Stinks?

I had experience of living in one house with friend of mine and her boyfriend. Actually, they lived with me in the place I rent and so not intentionally I was observer of the situation of their common life. I did not chased them or that it made me pleasure to observe their relations – it is more that I was rather silent witness of their GREEDY relations. Little later I will explain why I call their relations ‘greedy’. It is just something I really have strong need to share because it is so inappropriate for me.

So why I say greediness stinks? Because it really stinks, physically and little later I will also explain how come. Dear women, I ask you and warn you, please, NEVER ever choose greedy guy for long time relationship! This is slow self torment for the whole life unless you break up or unless you are greedy person yourself as well.

A friend of mine has a boyfriend. They are together for 4 years. They did not live together before for longer than a month and now they moved to the city and live in my place for already three months. This greediness of the guy just destroys everything. Literary everything – romantic feelings, sympathy, love, interest and what is the most important – it destroys positive attitude to life. Even for me with my experience of almost everyday meditation it is hard to stand some acts of greediness of my friend’s boyfriend. But I never ever told anything to my friend as it is her choice and this is my point of view I want to share. She has her own reasons to be with him and likes him.

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First of all, I must say, he is not bad guy in general and it is not that I try to draw a picture of him with black paints only. I am as subjective as I could, but… He has many positive sides. He is good looking, he goes to the gym and has regular trainings, he has nice body shape and muscles. He is consequent and all he has planned he is trying to achieve. He is reliable as when he promises something he would keep his promise in most cases. He does not drink any alcohol at all as he just does not like its effect, he is non smoker and he is not bad, BUT his being GREEDY eliminates everything positive I have mentioned, believe me. And I am going to describe this right now.

His greed is in everything and this is really vivid. His greed is in his bones and spoils his life day by day, but it is also so strong that it has ability to spoil atmosphere around. Now I give examples:

  • He does not buy the stuff he wants in the store unless catastrophically needs it. Earlier he earned 4 times less than now and it could be understandable, BUT. Now he earns 4 to 5 times more but nothing changed. He wants to eat meat, but instead he buys sausages which are only 50 cents cheaper. Sometimes just as everyone he wants something sweet but he would not buy what he wants, for example, cookies, instead he will choose the cheapest chocolate bar. Well, you may say it is his own business and it would be ok, but he shows his dissatisfaction towards his girlfriend if she buys what she wants! If she bought cookie he says she could buy something more nutritious instead. Like what? She wanted cookies, you d**b a*s! Or once she has bought frozen French fries and he said too much oil is needed for it to fry. Or if he was not at home for few days and comes back home and examines fridge saying something like “Oh, I see you were eating fish, hmm”. And what is the worst – his girlfriend is trying to behave the way as she is guilty for eating fish and explains him this fish was not expensive, there was a sale and so on. Crap. When the girlfriend wants to buy some clothes she does it without him and when he notices that she has bought something much later and he is irritated. If she has bought some nice dress and naturally expects from him to hear nice words that she is so pretty in this dress and stuff instead she will hear “how much you spend on this?
  • Greediness is also vividly observed in his attitude to own clothes. If he has bought something new he will not wear it for few months unless some occasion. The same with perfumes. He will use cheap deodorant he has got for free but is not going to use perfumes because they will end fast and he will have to buy new bottle.
  • Once we went together to the mountains. Me, my friend and her greedy boyfriend. By foot. He was happy because it is free. We had lack of water. On the mountain there was restaurant. Of course, it is expensive (because it’s on the top of mountain) and water costs there 2 times more that in regular store. My friend wanted water but her boyfriend was trying to persuade her it is better to buy water in the town in usual shop, but not here where it is expensive. I had day off and wanted some relaxation. So I had a great hike and in the restaurant I ordered beer and while sitting outdoors I was sipping beer and observing beautiful mountain landscapes. They bought water as well, but it became for them such a big problem.
  • He wanted to buy bicycle but has bought roller skates because they are at least 4 times cheaper than used bicycle.
  • I proposed to go kayaking when we all have day off. He actually liked the idea, but when the time came he decided to go for mountain bicycles because our common friend proposed us to give bikes for one day for free.
  • Once we went to the store. I wanted to buy myself shoes. I chosen sneakers of famous brand name. I just like this sportswear brand and buy something from them from time to time. It is not that I buy only shoes of this brand. I have other brand shoes and no name shoes as well. This time greedy friend of mine asked me whether it is too much expensive. I said I like them and I want them because they will make me happy every day I wear them. Also I said such shoes have long life comparing to cheap stinky no name shoes. He probably liked my idea and bought himself brand shoes as well, but he was fighting his greediness so dramatically that I really felt sorry for him. You see that person wants something to buy, to be happy, to enjoy life but makes himself invisible cage and is afraid to afford what he wants. That is said.

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Why I say greediness stinks? Because he always has very stinky feet. Always. Even when he wears any new pair of his sneakers it would stink like hell in an hour. Some say it is because of such metabolism. But I have read that in different cases perspiration has different smell. I heard that from meditation and yoga teacher – Dada Sananda. He told something like when person is scared or nervous she has different type of perspiration smell. When person is working hard her perspiration has also different type of smell. When person is happy with her life and positive she has no bad smell ever even when works under the sun and does something physically hard. For me I have made my own conclusion that boyfriend of my friend smells with greediness.

Dear women, think many times before joining your life with serious relationship or marriage with greedy man! Greediness is something which will never be changed if a person has it. It was formed by upbringing, from the childhood and this person is going to live with it till the rest of the life. Do you want such life? I see how my friend is suffering, but she loves her greedy boyfriend and she does not want to change anything. Are you ready to be like her? As for me, it would be unbearable, but everyone decides for herself/himself. Smell of greedy guy is disgusting in both direct and figurative value.