100 facts about Belarusian women

So, today we are going to talk about women of Belarus, an interesting and undervalued country of Eastern Europe. 100 interesting facts about Belarusian women, most of which you haven’t heard before.

    1. 92% of Belorussian women think that men are able to take good care of children.
    2. 68% of Belarusian women believe that it is more difficult for a woman to combine professional and family roles.
    3. The number of Belarusian women who wish to live abroad is increasing every year. Previously, these were predominantly 20+ women, now middle-aged divorced women have joined this category.
    4. Most women from Belarusian province want to go to live in big cities in the future.
    5. Most Belarusian men believe that women in their country cannot be strong personalities. Although in practice more than often it looks different and usually has nothing to do with reality.
    6. The majority of Belarusian women get higher education. Not always they study in the field they’d like to, but almost everyone is trying to get a higher education in Belarus. This is considered prestigious. This is considered necessary, even if then you do not work in your sphere.
    7. Many Belarusian women find their lives uninteresting and boring. Most moms try their best to give their children the best ticket to life – send for studies to Minsk, the capital city.
    8. Most of Belarusian women are not really interested in self-development. They simply do not have enough time.
    9. Vast majority of beautiful women in Belarus you’ll find in Minsk. This is due to the fact this city is the biggest in the country and one of the most fast-growing cities in Europe.
    10. Life expectancy of a Belarusian woman is 79 years on average. Take this into consideration if you are about to get married J Just kidding. There are no statistics on the life expectancy of Belarusian women who have left the country for At least we don’t have.
    11. In Belarus, there are 6 times more women who are over 100 than men. That is, Belarusian women on average live longer than Belarusian men.
    12. There are more women than men in Belarus. There are 1151 women per 1000 men
    13. In Belarus there is low retirement age of women. Women retire at 55, while in most European countries women retire at 65. Maybe its worth to go live and work in Belarus?
    14. More men are born in Belarus than women.
    15. More women die in Belarus than born.
    16. In Belarus, women smoke much less than men. Only 27% of women admitted to being addicted to smoking and smoking regularly. 58% of women in this country are against smoking at all.
    17. Belarus has a very low death rate during birth. According to statistics, among all former CIS countries, it is best to give birth in Belarus.
    18. More and more women in Belarus cannot have children.
    19. Most Belarusian women do not speak Belarusian. They speak Russian.
    20. Most women in Belarus have a negative attitude towards abortion.
    21. Unfortunately, Belarus is one of the top drinking countries of the world. This affects women in the country as well. More than 150,000 women in Belarus suffer from alcohol.
    22. 28% of Belarus women use birth control pills as a contraceptive.
    23. In Belarus most women die due to diseases of the circulatory system.
    24. Belarusian women are less likely to commit suicide than Belarusian men.
    25. Women are hardly allowed into politics in Belarus. Their number is very small compared to the number of male politicians.
    26. About 25% of businesses in Belarus headed by women.
    27. 3% of Belarusian women are convinced that they should be put certain quotas for elections to legislative bodies at all levels.
    28. Only 10.6% of Belarusian women agree that they neither legally nor actually do not have equal rights with men, and thus, opportunities to participate in politics and government. Their point of view is shared by only7% of Belarusian men. At the same time 45.3% of Belarusian men believe that Belarusian women have such rights.
    29. The average salary of Belarusian woman according to statistics is about $400. The actual salary is much lower. At least twice lower.
    30. In Belarus, the average salary of women is 20% lower than salary of men.
    31. Belarusian women are more educated than men. Among working women 55% have higher and specialized secondary education, while among men – only 38%.
    32. On an equal footing with men in the workplace feel 29.1% of Belarusian women. 55.8% of women in Belarus believe that men actually have more rights and opportunities at work.
    33. In average 2.5 months it takes for unemployed Belarusian woman to find a job.
    34. There are about 2 million working women in Belarus.
    35. Rural women in Belarus are more eager to get an education.
    36. About 60% of Belarus women speak English, and 63% of women speak German. But such information is given according to official statistics. In fact, if you come to Belarus, don’t expect every other girl to speak English to you. The statistics most likely take into account the fact that students learn either English or German at school, and therefore are able to use their language knowledge in practice. However, in practice, the results are not as satisfactory. More likely is to find an English speaking person among the new generation. Senior women in Belarus mainly speak only Russian.
    37. Most teachers in Belarusian schools are women. That’s about 80%
    38. More than 30% of Belarusian women are retired.
    39. Many women in Belarus continue to work after retirement. Low pensions make survival difficult, so women are actually in need to work.
    40. Among Belarusians who work abroad, more than 50% are women. They are mostly attracted by labor markets of neighboring Russia and Poland.
    41. According to the report of the International Trade Union Confederation, working women in Belarus say that their contribution to the household is greater than the contribution of men with whom they live together. This discrepancy increases in couples with children.
    42. In Belarus, 53.1% of women in couples without children feel that they contribute more to the household. In families with children, this figure rises to 81.5%.
    43. Only 36.7% of Belarusian women without children believe that they have good opportunities for career growth.
    44. Belarusian individual entrepreneurs are mostly women. Their rate is 63% comparing to only 37% of men entrepreneurs. Does it show Belarusian women are more active and initiative than men? Does it show that Belarusian women are more eager to leave the comfort zone and demonstrate personal development while men are in stagnation or degradation? Does it mean women of the country are more brave and do not afraid to face the difficulties? Does it mean there are no places for women to work and they have to create workplace for themselves on their own? It is up to the reader to decide.
    45. There are more linguists among Belarusian women rather than among men. The chances are higher for average woman in Belarus to speak English than for average man.
    46. Most of Belarusian women used to work in industry.
    47. Although death penalty still exists in Belarus, women never were sentenced to it.
    48. Belarusian women 40 times less violate rules on the roads than Belarusian men.
    49. 60% of Belarusian women believe Belarusian language is their national language, but only 30% of them speak this language at home. Mostly these are rural female inhabitants.
    50. Over 60% of Belarusian women consider religion an important part of life. 42% of respondents aged 50 or older, and 43% have higher education.
    51. At least 57% of Belarusian women declare they need a computer as a means of getting “a piece of bread”.
    52. 49% of Internet users in Belarus are women.
    53. One-third of Belarusians (33%) believe that the world is ruled by a higher power. Most often this belief is expressed by women (67%).
    54. Belarusian women prefer terrestrial TV transmission – 58%. (.. Why would I need to be familiar with this information?)
    55. The average age of the Belarusian mother at birth is 27.
    56. Belarusian women living in rural areas usually are becoming mothers much earlier than urban women.
    57. More than 52% of women in Belarus are married.
    58. The average age of Belarusian bride is 24.2
    59. Percentage of Belarusian women who marry foreigners rises up from year to year
    60. On the contrary to popular beliefs, the most of foreign grooms Belarusian women marry, come from the CIS countries.
    61. In Belarus women who become mothers of more than 5 children are rewarded by state with Special Distinction.
    62. Only 6.4% Belarusian women support civil marriage, this is less than Belarusian men. This means Belarusian women stand for official marriage and traditional family values.
    63. In Belarus more women are deprived of their parental rights than men.
    64. 7 % of Belarusian women were motivated to get married by love.
    65. 1% of Belarusian women were motivated for marriage with desire to issue legally effective relations
    66. 5% of Belarusian women were motivated for marriage because of unexpected pregnancy
    67. 6% of Belarusian women got marriaed because they were afraid to be left alone
    68. High percentage of Belarusian women are afraid if they not get married till the age of 30, they would be not interesting for potential grooms candidates for marriage in the future. Many women think that it is better to get married before 25.
    69. Vast majority of Belarusian women (64.4%) would like to have two children
    70. 10% of Belarusian women would like to have 3 children
    71. 2% of Belarusian women would like to have more than 3 children
    72. Only 4.4% of Belarusian women would like to have 1 child. Does this mean if you marry Belarusian girl you’ll have to expect for huge family? It depends on particular woman. Financial reasons usually do not let Belarusian families to have more children
    73. Belarusian women are mostly against child free families
    74. 1% of married women in Belarus believe that the cause of their divorce was alcohol. Husband was drinking heavily.
    75. 8% of Belarusian women divorced because of financial difficulties. Many hope to find foreign fiance mostly for economic reasons.
    76. 9% of divorced Belarusian women referred to inadequate housing conditions as main reason of divorce. This is one more reason to consider foreigner as future husband for them.
    77. 1% of Belarusian women believe stable salary can strengthen the family. Isn’t it the chance for foreign groom?
    78. 6% of married Belarusian women believe that the increase of subsidies and allowances for child birth can strengthen the family
    79. In Belarus, 80% of women aged 18-60 years are exposed to psychological violence in the family
    80. One out of ten women (9.5%) was subjected to physical violence by a husband/partner during pregnancy
    81. In Belarus there are 33 women’s organizations, of which 14 have international and national status
    82. Most often, Belarusian women get divorced at the age of 25-29
    83. 5% of married Belarusian women believe husband has to provide family with financial security
    84. Only 2.1% of married Belarusian women believe husband has to do cleaning, cooking, laundry. This is assumed to be “women’s work”. “Man’s work” is to provide family financially. But due to low salaries, it is almost imossible for average man to provide family in Belarus, if he is the only person (out of all family members) who works.
    85. Most of women in Belarus have job. Beside that they do house work like laundry, cleaning, doing dishes etc. by their own.
    86. In some Belarusian families husband earns less than woman. He is still considered to be the head of the family. He still does not help his wife with house duties, because it is considered to be her work. Yes, she earns more, and has to do all the house duties.
    87. There is a very low unemployment rate among Belarusian women and men. Belarus is often called the “state of programmers”.
    88. Belarusian “babushkas” are doing duties not worse than police officers – they are very persistent and closely monitor the order in the country.
    89. Belarusian women like to go to Lithuania or Poland for shopping. They believe that there are no descent shops in Belarus. And if so, the prices here “bite” and the choice is small.
    90. Belarusian women celebrate March 8. If a man does not greet a woman on this day, it is considered insulting. March 8 is considered to be International Women’s Day in Belarus, as well as in some other countries.
    91. Belarusian women are among the highest rates in the world in literacy rank.
    92. Many Minsk womens’ favourite travel destination is Ukrainian city of Lviv. Usually they travel there with company of friends, boyfriends or other girls.
    93. Many Belarusian women in 2020 could be found in big cities of Poland. Mostly women from Grodno and Brest regions of Belarus choose Poland as country for permanent living. They come here to live in secure country which guarantees freedoms and allows reasonable salary for your work. In Belarus it becomes harder to impossible to get descent salary.
    94. Belarusian women take specific place among Slavic women. They are known to be more tall than average Slavic woman. Have light hair color and blue eyes.
    95. Most of foreigners assume Belarusian women “to be the same” like having the same beliefs, overlook etc. This is due to post Soviet mentality of some older female representatives. But the time has changed dramatically since then. In 2020 Belarusian women are much more emancipated and freedom-willing than earlier.
    96. Only 1 out of ten 20+ women in Belarus (till 35) would like to live close to the nature in rural area. The rest 9 respondents would choose big city with all its advantages. This is also due to the fact it is possible to find job there and promising husband (boyfriend).
    97. There is a high level of gender inequality in Belarus. Local women are used to it. For some things they consider normal, a woman in Western Europe would sue man in a court.
    98. Gender stereotypes are common among women in Belarus. They believe that a man should be strong and always hide his emotions.
    99. 46% of women in Belarus think that gender equality is impossible. The survey was conducted among female students of the country.
    100. Recently, there has been a growing awareness of 20+ women in Belarus and their greater confidence in own abilities. It faces misunderstanding of local men. In the future it might become a problem.