Why it is easy to fall in love with a Japanese women?

First of all because they are sincere. Today it is difficult to find a woman who would not like to have personal secrets from her husband. Japanese women also have their secrets, but when they are not in a relationship. If she has chosen you as a man, then she trusts you completely and remains open on her part. Even if she did something “wrong”, she will come to you and admit it. Is it possible not to fall in love with such a woman?

Sincerity is the foundation of trust. And trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. In Japan, there is a philosophy – if you are together, you have no secrets from each other. Even if a man likes another woman and he tells his Japanese wife about it, it will not be a reason for divorce. The attitude to the family of Japanese women differs from the “Western point of view“. Here, the family is something strong and unshakable, which can not be destroyed by emotions, even if they are very negative.

Sincerity breeds sincerity. In general, such emotions and feelings generate similar ones. If your girlfriend is a Japanese woman, you will start to change for the better by yourself. If you used to appreciate the beauty of other women, now you will subconsciously remember your Japanese wife and now you might even be ashamed for such thoughts.

The hidden magnetism of Japanese women attracts and does not allow to remain indifferent. Their smiling face, mesmerizing melody of speech and unsurpassed figure… At 35, they usually look at 20. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a phenomenon.

Men like to be part of something unattainable that is difficult for them to achieve. This is exactly what a Japanese woman is like. With its mysterious culture and pleasant appearance, it leaves an inconspicuous but significant mark in a man’s mind. This image constantly confuses the imagination and makes a man look for opportunities for contact.

Inaccessible has always attracted men. If a woman shows attention herself, she is usually of little interest to a man. Japanese women are very modest and keep their sympathy to themselves. A Japanese woman will never be the first to confess her love and will not be the first to ask for a date. Being in love, she will try to hide her feelings. Moreover, even if a man directly offers such a woman to drink coffee together, she is likely to “automatically” answer “no”. Although she would really like to go for a coffee with you. Such “incomprehensibility” awakens in a man the instinct of a conqueror. He will try harder to win the heart of such a woman.

It is easy to fall in love with a Japanese woman because she is a symbiosis of most factors that attract a man. Take into account, for example, the exotic component. If you take history for a science which can give good life lessons, then at all times men have tried to marry women from distant overseas countries. The further the country was, the more exotic, beautiful and desirable was the potential wife. Why so? Because the rarer combination of genes have future children, the stronger the offspring is. Has anything changed today? Of course not. We may not consciously understand this, but women from distant lands subconcsiously are more attractive to men. Even a woman from a neighboring country often seems more interesting in terms of developing a relationship than ladies from your own country. The same principle works here.

Unusual views on relationships and completely different dates and ways to show attention also attract men. In Japan, everything is unusual. So it’s interesting. Even a date is not like at home. The attitude to the relationship is completely different. There is no routine and boredom. That is why many want to start relationships with the representatives of this highly developed Asian country.

I would not like to focus on the selfish goals of men, because such goals are not directly what allows you to fall in love. However, selfish goals could become a pretext for falling in love in the future. For example, a man wanted to learn Japanese or improve his knowledge of Japanese language by communicating with a native speaker. In the process of such communication might appear mutual sympathy which in the future could be transformed into strong relationship.

Men fall in love with those women with whom they see the prospect of personal development and with whom they can realize their purpose. The realization of the appointment takes place subconsciously. This is what we strive for every day. It is something that brings joy, inner harmony and peace of mind. For most men, self-realization is about building a strong family where they can fulfill their purpose. Naturally, to create a family one needs a woman who will share with him (her husband) the traditional family values and help to achieve mental harmony together. This is the average Japanese woman. When one meets such a woman, the subconscious tells him that she is a potential partner he has been looking for. The best way to “attach” a man to a woman is to make him fall in love. This is what our cunning endocrine system does in response to “tasks” from the subconscious mind area.