Peruvian women: hopeless romantics or materialists?

Apparently a human is arranged the way that it is easier for him/her to divide everything into “black” and “white”, “good” and “bad” and so on. Apparently it is easier this way to live and set personal priorities. A person thinks like this: “this job is good”, “this housing is bad”, “living in this city is bad”… Well, everything is in this style of thinking. Our mind is always at a crossroads and chooses only one path, which in his opinion is “good”. This decision is considered by our brain as the only right one.

Of course, such a strategy helps in everyday life, but when we transfer it to people and nationalities it is wrong, it is harmful and leads to self-deception. Foreign men seek to know whether the Peruvian women are materialistic. Are they looking for a foreigner “on purpose” just to marry him? Or another extreme – foreigners try to find in the face of a Peruvian woman exceptionally good traits, such as care, romance and family comfort. But it doesn’t work that way.

It is not even necessary to remind once again that all people are different. The personal nature and goals pursued by a particular person of the same nationality can be radically different.

Of course, living in a certain country leaves its mark on the culture of behavior, social norms, human upbringing, and so on. The human is a collective being and is often guided by a herd instinct instead of awareness. It therefore makes sense to look for common behaviors in all Peruvian women. However, we want to warn that by making stereotypes you are deceiving yourself. In each case, the situation should be assessed according to what you see, hear and feel.

We will try to consider all aspects of the issue as correctly as possible and get information on the questions: which women in Peru can be found more oftenwomen of materialistic type or women who are hopeless romantics and believe in pure love?

General answer is – you’ll meet both. Although it’s not that one woman would combine both features (although such an option is also possible).

Types of Peruvian women


In Peru you’ll see women who have a materialist interest and use foreigners for their own purposes – marriage, spending time hoping to get a valuable gift, the desire to leave Peru at any opportunity. However, does this not apply to many countries? Especially those where the standard of living is lower than in Western countries?

Romantic souls

In Peru you’ll meet women who are really romantic souls, easily fall in love and dream of a foreign prince on a white horse. Often some Peruvian women think that foreign men are better than locals. Although this is often not true and as in the case of Peruvian women, foreign men can also be different and have different goals when visiting Peru. If you can easily find a common language with women in general, it will be easy for you to achieve the result that some romantic type woman from Peru gets interested in you.

Those, who don’t care

There is another type of Peruvian women who are generally indifferent to foreigners. They live with their worries, daily tasks and have never even thought about meeting a foreigner. They just don’t care.

Such women often have husband or a boyfriend and they are happy. Remember, if Peruvian life seems difficult to you because you are a foreigner, it is only your personal opinion that depends on your life and cultural experience. For a person from Peru, her comfort zone is in everyday life and work. Even if such a life may seem difficult to a foreigner, a Peruvian man or a Peruvian woman may be quite satisfied living such life.

Even more, they know how to enjoy little joys and are not in a constant rat race like many people from the West. Therefore, Peruvians are often happy with what they have, and foreigners have too much stress, dissatisfaction and do not see the point in life, even living in a developed country, having a high-paying office job, an expensive car and a big house. What are all these “benefits” for if they often do not have the main thing – the joy of life?

Often, even the search for a bride in Peru for some foreigners is the result of internal dissatisfaction with living in their country, fleeing from complexes or the inability to feel needed in their country, city, at work (including being not needed by women).

Shy for foreigners type

There are Peruvian women who are interested in communicating with foreigners, but they would never become a foreigner’s girlfriend or wife. It is too much shock and discomfort for them.

Peruvian society is highly dependent on the opinions of family and others. If a woman is from a small community, then a foreign man can be perceived by family and friends not as “A good chance to succeed in life“, but as a funny weirdo. The same will be thought of her. That is, if the family treats a foreign guy with distrust, fear, or ridicule, then such a woman will most likely not be in a relationship with him.

Good friends of friends by interest

There are Peruvian women who are looking for foreigners to practice their English language skills. They are looking for friends. They like to communicate with foreigners, they participate in various international projects, exchange programs, but they want to live in Peru. They often have a boyfriend or husband here in Peru.


This is probably the first term to best describe Peruvian woman, although we placed it in fifth place. The fact is that every Peruvian woman cares about her youth and beauty. Women in this country have good health, slender figures (these results are interdependent) and know how to use every opportunity to look attractive. Strong physical health and beauty raise their self-esteem and they focus on life goals.

Even though in Peru there is still a division between women’s and men’s professions and other forms of discrimination against women are present, if desired, in Peru a woman can succeed in her career and later in her personal life. Such women can be classified as focused women, although the term was coined by the author.

The term “discrimination” sounds ominous, but if you dig deeper, it’s actually a little different than what comes up into mind first. There are many difficult physical occupations in Peru where it is easier for men to work physically. Such was created by their nature and features of anatomical structure, so it is not necessary to bring equality to the absurd. As for office professions, more and more women are now working in Peru, holding management positions where only men used to work.

If we consider the term “focused woman” in the context of relationships with men, including with foreigners, it is not just career-oriented women from major cities in Peru. Most Peruvian women belong to focused women, because no matter what they do, they always know what they are doing and are confident in their goal. The man would interest them more as an equal partner in the relationship, rather than as a source of wealth, finances and profits.

All your ideas about Peruvian women are wrong

You may be surprised, but contrary to popular belief, there are very few women in Peru who are waiting for the opportunity to marry a foreigner.

The average foreigner imagines that he is arriving at Lima airport and right on the way out of the plane, hundreds of beautiful Peruvian women are waiting for him with documents for marriage or documents for a visa to his country. In turn, he must choose which of these models to marry. Of course, this is an exaggeration, but I think you understand the meaning.

In fact, everyone always lives their own life and does not think about foreigners or other countries. If you work hard and get used to your life and this is your comfort zone, you will no longer think about leaving your country. That is, such thoughts may appear from time to time, but rarely and not among every Peruvian woman.

You should take into account the fact that sometimes fate can play a bad joke on you. You come to Peru imagining yourself a macho, fall in love with a beautiful local Peruvian woman, and then it turns out that she does not want to move to your home country.

That is, she may consider marrying you, but only if you stay in Peru forever. And this may not be what you wanted. Even if you want to stay, the sources of your income are in your country, and the aspect of having children living in Peru may not comfort you. That is why there is a percentage of foreign men who return home from Peru with a broken heart. There are few of them, but there are such cases.

Summing up…

As you can see, it is wrong thinking that all women in Peru dream of a foreign man. You should also not take everything one-sidedly. There are romantic women here, and materialistic and those who do not care. There are women who can be great friends in this part of the world, but no more. It is worth remembering the individual characteristics of each person, be able to recognize them and then you will have a great chance if you want to build a relationship with a Peruvian woman. However, for this you should forget about all stereotypes and act on the call of your own heart.