Marriage with woman from Peru

Why marriage with woman from Peru? Because women of this country are worth to be desired brides for American men, other Westerners and non-Westerners.

What should one consider when thinking of marriage with woman from Peru?

Women from Peru are representatives of ancient culture as it is not only part of nowadays society. Peruvians were assimilating with newcomers from different European countries and Asian continent as well.

Thanks to that gene pool average Peruvian woman is in good physical shape. Women, potential brides, also have unique features of prettiness which could not be confused with any other beauty of the world. Having Peruvian bride you’ll stand out for sure just by this fact. In a good sense.

Why it’s good to have Peruvian wife?

Family oriented

Marrying woman from Peru you will understand she is very family oriented. Women in this country value family above all else. They are so used to it. The pattern of parental behavior is inherited. So if you dream of the perfect wife who will take care of the children, cook delicious meals and sincerely dedicate most of her time to the family – a wife from Peru is your perfect choice.

Non emancipated

For the last years emancipation flows has entered Peru. Just as almost anywhere in the world. As well as women’s rights are becoming more serious and open issue in the country. Women in Peru get access to places where men ruled before. But still traditional family attitude rules in the country and level of women’s emancipation is really low. This is just different country with different life flow, culture and attitude to life in general. To understand this you’ll have to visit Peru.

Competition with local men for Peruvian bride

Must say, men in Peru are real gentlemen and take a great care for women. Western women who visit Peru are charmed by local men, their gentelman behavior, good physical shape and the ability to attract the attention of women etc. These men are really caring and pay attention to details. They also have this real masculine features associated with strong male characters. So you’ll have to compete with Peruvian men if you would like to find woman for marriage here.

Religious aspects of marriage with Peruvian

As for religion, most of women in Peru are Roman Catholics. At least formally. Why “formally”? Because the majority of Peru’s population is of mixed origin. Among aboriginal cultures, beliefs are naturally very different from Christianity, so depending on the family, some elements of these beliefs can intertwine and create a strange symbiosis of Christian norms and traditional superstitions and customs. It will make a big difference what local Peruvian culture your future wife is from.

But don’t worry, the main religion in Peru is Christianity, which was brought by the Spaniards. There are many beautiful ancient Catholic cathedrals in the country, and your wedding ceremony can take place in one of them.

Is language barrier important when thinking of marriage with Peruvian?

To get Peruvian woman for wife you have to speak Spanish as most of people in Peru speak Spanish.

Some younger Peruvians speak English. When choosing for wife women of this category, it would make easier for you to communicate. Although this option is more suitable for dating, but not for marriage. If you want to connect your life with a woman from Peru, later you will surely need to learn at least general level Spanish to communicate with your Peruvian wife and her parents and family.

Take into consideration the fact that women in Peru are very family oriented. It means you will need to know at least some Spanish to interact with her family members and her friends.

It also matters where you are going to live in the future with your wife. If you are going to live together in Peru, you need to learn Spanish and the better you learn the more useful it would be for you.

If you live in your country, such as the United States, she needs to learn English. But you still need to know Spanish.

Five reasons for a foreigner to learn Spanish if the wife is from Peru

First, she will be pleased if you pay attention to her language and culture.

Second, there is the aspect of communication with her relatives. For this you’ll need to know at least some Spanish.

Third, it is always better if both spouses know each other’s languages.

Fourth, your children will be bilingual and you will not be able to understand them when they speak Spanish. Especially important this issue is when you choose to stay in Peru for permanent living.

Fifth, it is your personal development. The more languages you know, the better for you.

Why is it better in a multicultural family when spouses know each other’s languages?

We will omit the well-known aspects. If a wife from Peru learns English, the benefits will be obvious. If you live in a big city in Peru, she will definitely be able to find a high paying job. If you live in the United States or another English-speaking country, then learning English for your wife from Peru is a must. Otherwise, she simply will not be able to integrate into society, find a normal job and even fully communicate with you.

Marriage procedure in Peru

Marriage in Peruvian civil registry office

To get married in Peru you have to understand legal marriage is possible only in municipal hall while so called civil ceremony. After that you are welcomed to get married in church. This is not like in Lithuania, for example, where church marriage is considered the same as getting married in civil registry office.

Is church marriage mandatory in Peru?

It is not, but it is part of local tradition and culture. Whether you believe in God or not, you better have church marriage if your wife is Peruvian. It is important for her and espesially important for her family. They won’t get it if you refuse. After all, if you’re not a believer, what’s the difference to you, right?

What documents needed to get married in Peru?

You will need your passport, birth certificate, and certificate you are healthy. Make sure you make copies of those documents. All documents that are in other languages than Spanish must be translated into Spanish and apostilled. Don’t forget this process may take a long time.

What if we marry in my home country?

Then, depending on the country of your origin, you should take care of the marriage visa for your future Peruvian wife. The necessary documents for the future wife will also be a passport, birth certificate and certificate that she is not currently registered in marriage in her home country. It is better to learn about the list of necessary documents in civil registry office in your country or on the website of the embassy of Peru.

In general, marriage in your country with representative of Peru will take place as a standard procedure.

Is marriage in Peru recognized as legal by the United States?

Yes. If you have a marriage certificate from Peru, it still means that you are married in other parts of the world, including US. That is, if you have US citizenship and you married a woman from Peru and the marriage procedure took place in Peru, then after moving to the United States, your marriage is legal. It’s the same if you get married in the United States.

What else is worth paying attention to?

In general, weddings in Peru should be planned in advance. You should be prepared for certain bureaucratic procedures. Also note that the lifestyle in Peru is measured, slow and characterized by the term “tranquilo”. Peruvians are in no hurry, including in matters relating to paperwork.

Althoug, of course, it is serious step in everyone’s life, everything should be perceived as casual, natural and partly as an interesting experience and adventure. Wish you luck, love and mutual understanding with Peruvian wife for life.