How I make Peruvian woman happy

Because of the fact that Peruvian people live in pretty closed society, their lifestyle, attitude to life, family traditions and many other things might seem weird to foreigners who visit this country.

On the contrary, Western lifestyle and behavior might seem weird and sometimes even immoral to average Peruvian. So everything is fair enough.

I’m telling about this to focus you on the fact that cultural differences are important. When you want to make Peruvian woman happy, you’ll have to consider local culture and traditions. In everything else, Peruvian woman is no different from other women in the world. A woman is a woman, she loves positive emotions, attention and love that a man shows her.

One of the main differences is that Western people have financial possibility to travel the world, explore new things and learn the experience of others, while Peruvians often can not afford it. Although it doesn’t mean their lifestyle and beliefs are wrong and the same of Western culture are right.

Great difference makes what cultural group local woman belongs to. All these facts make influence on personality and how particular person sees the world in the future.

If you haven’t found girlfriend in Peru yet, for you, as for the foreigner, it is probably better to look up for the possible Peruvian girlfriend in some big city. As women here are more overwhelming about the world. Internet, social networks and other modern technologies help with this. Although, if you are interested in how to make a Peruvian woman happy, then you probably already have a girlfriend from this country.

Different groups of the population are happy in their own way

For every person happiness it is something different. Some people like family comfort, while others like noisy companies and crowded places. However, there are common things that make every person happy.

Some of the reasons mentioned above do not mean that Peruvians do not like to be modern or taht they are very religious. It is just because many don’t have other choice than to work mostly all the day long.

To make her happy, firstly find out more about local society

To feel the atmosphere of Peru, to see how people live here, to find out what makes Peruvian people happy and what they are struggling with every single day, you have to visit Peru and see it with your own eyes.

As you are looking for how to make Peruvian woman happy, you have to know more about locals in general. People in Peru could be divided into two big groups.

The first group are those who work very hard to earn money to feed their family.

The second group are those who like doing nothing all the time, living in their small rural world. It is not they are lazy, it is just they have different seeing of the world – special philosophy. If you are dating or having some relationship with Peruvian woman of the first type, you can really make her happy making her “all the time working burden” easier to carry.

By dating her, you already make her happy by this single fact

You are able to change someone’s life for better (in this case the life of average Peruvian woman). Doesn’t this small fact make you satisfied? The reason for her happiness is the fact you are dating her.

You are able to do this. I believe in most cases she really would like to change her hard life. You don’t have to play the God’s role in no case, but you have to help your Peruvian woman to explore the world that she has never seen before. This would make her enormously happy.

Do it in the modest way, but sincerely, with the help of your knowledge, inventiveness and, of course, money. Become for her the one who can change her world for better, become for her the source of new interesting experience and she would be thankful to you till the rest of her life even if in the future your relationship will not last for long.

Help her open new horizons through travel

Traveling Peru with Peruvian woman

You can help Peruvian woman open new horizons using different ways. The first and the easiest way is traveling. You may travel through Peru at first. I believe in most cases she has never been farer than her home town, village or the closest big city. At the same time many representatives of Peruvian big cities has never been farer than the home city as well.

Traveling the world with Peruvian woman

Traveling Peru might be interesting for both of you. It could also make you both closer to each other. After exploring Peru you may go to the world cruise and that would surprise her as well. The minus for you is that this all would be at your expense, but if you love the woman and your real aim is making her happy, nothing could be more of that.

Demonstration of simple human values

If to talk about minor and vivid things that could make Peruvian woman happy, those are: simple human feelings as care, respect and love.

Sharing home duties is also great way to show your devotion and love. Besides being breadwinner, who provides for the family, you can be helper at the house. If you clean the house or will do the dishes before she comes back home from work, Peruvian woman would really appreciate that.

Prepare a romantic evening for her

Be inventive. To surprise Peruvian woman you don’t necessarily have to spend impressive amounts of money and stuff. It is enough to show her what is romantic evening with candles and wine. Spending evening watching movie together is also a great option.

Those are simple things which average Peruvian woman usually could rarely get from her Peruvian husband because of hard economical situation. Both spouses have to work hard to provide their families with the necessary things, clothes, food, and so on. There is not much time left for romance and philosophy while you are looking how to survive.

A typical Peruvian woman just doesn’t have time for romance. She is constantly busy with work and responsibilities. Peruvian men can and would like to pay attention to their women, but have to work many hours a day. There is no place for romance in such a lifestyle. Or there is, but rarely. Therefore, if you, as a foreigner, can fill this gap in the life of a Peruvian woman, you will make her happy. You simply have funds and time to organize this.

Communicate with her family

An important aspect for every Peruvian woman is her parents, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunts – that is, her entire large family. Unlike American or European relationships, where a boyfriend and a girlfriend or a husband and a wife live separately and visit their parents from time to time, in Peru it is very different.

The daughter can live with her parents and husband in the same house. Even if she lives separately, she visits her parents and grandparents almost every day (if there’s possibility e.g. lives close enough). Weekend without visiting a large family is simply unthinkable.

It is sometimes difficult for an American man to accept this fact. American society is more focused on the union of two people while preserving personal space.

The Peruvian woman also understands that abroad they have a different approach to family and society. Therefore, she pays more attention to her boyfriend or husband and less attention to her parents. Therefore, if you propose her to visit her parents more often with her, she will undoubtedly be infinitely happy.

Remember that it is difficult to get a girlfriend, and even harder to keep

In order for a woman to love you, you should show her your attention, love and support in all aspects. Being unsurpassed in the bedroom is important, but there are dozens of other important daily rituals, patterns of behavior and actions that will strengthen your relationship.

Small gifts

Make small gifts for your wife just because you want to see her smile.


The first thing that is important to do when you come home is to hug your woman. And it is desirable to make this ritual a habit. This applies also to all Peruvian women in relationship, i.e. if she’s not your wife yet, but a girlfriend.


Women in Peru are not accustomed to the caresses of men. However, this does not mean that they do not like them. It’s just that Peruvian men probably don’t pay too much attention to women because of their employment or perhaps because of their mentality.

This is a great chance for you to do the opposite and cause your woman a pleasant tingling sensation on the body. To do this, offer her a massage.

Tactile contact brings people together. She will be pleased to think that you are a source of pleasure and satisfaction. When massaging, do not forget to remind her that you love her. By following these seemingly simple steps, you will realize how quickly she will perceive you as the main person in her life.

The main rule that will make a Peruvian woman always happy

Men are guided in everything by masculine logic and approach to affairs. This also applies to the relationship and approach to women. However, because male and female psychology differ from each other, there are many misunderstandings.

The man tries to give the woman the best in his opinion, and she does not take it for granted. I will give a rough example. Many men like mechanics. You dream of an electric drill. But you love your wife so much that you give her an electric drill for her birthday. It is absurd, but this is what a man’s attempts to please a woman or make her happy often look like.

If you give an example to the contrary, then imagine that a woman gave you a set of threads for knitting as a present. Why did she do that? Because for her it is the most valuable gift and she gives it to her husband, whom she loves above all. And you perceive it as a mockery of you.

These are just examples that help to understand the main thing – to make a woman happy you need to “give her women’s gifts.” This is not about gifts as things in physical terms. This is about the ability to understand your woman and now I will talk about it in more detail.

In fact, everything is very simple. You need to listen to your wife. Peruvian women like to talk about what happened during the day, what they discussed at work, who quarreled with whom and why. Like any other woman, the Peruvian woman likes to share her impressions because she lives with emotions.

Men often immediately perceive the situation through the prism of male logic and give advice or their assessment. This is definitely not worth doing when it comes to some non-serious things she talks about.

It is worth doing something different. Listen carefully to what she says, laugh with her or sympathize with everything if it has sense. THAT’S ALL. That’s so simple.

She wants to share information with you. She is not looking for a solution to a problem or your assessment. She just wants your approval or sympathy depending on the situation she is talking about.

If you will be able to listen, you will see that in 3-4 days she simply will not be able exist without you. She will find in you someone who really knows how to listen to her. You will be the perfect man she was looking for.

Be prepared to receive hundreds of text messages with kisses every day. She will definitely text you many times a day how much she loves you and how cool you are. It’s so easy to make a Peruvian woman happy. However, this state must be maintained constantly, and this is unrealistic.

There will definitely be a situation where you will not only have to listen, but also make an active decision. For example, you choose a new kitchen cabinet. You want white and she wants red. Here you have to defend your beliefs, otherwise you will become a person controlled by her.

It is important to understand…

You will make her happy only when you listen to her and support her in insignificant situations, which happen a lot every day. In all important family matters, you must prove your rational opinion and stand your ground.

If you give her the initiative in everything and just nod your head, she will quickly lose interest in you. The man must be strong, consistent and in the relationship with Peruvian woman – leader.