Which men Peruvian women prefer?

You can interest a woman in different ways and for different purposes. For example, you can talk, laugh, have fun with common friends.

You can dance, practice Spanish or English, but that’s the end of the evening and that’s it – you’ll probably never see her again.

If you want to interest her as a future life partner, you should keep in mind that Peruvian women take this step very seriously.

Be sincere in your intentions at least to yourself

If you mean one thing and actually do another, a woman will feel your insincerity.

Keep in mind that if a woman from Peru likes you, she is thinking about a future relationship. Also you should be prepared for the fact that dating period in Peru is usually not very long and as a matter of fact quickly transforms into marriage.

If you are not ready for marriage after, let’s say, one year of dating, you better talk about this with Peruvian woman earlier and discuss how she sees it.

We like to think in stereotypes. But, often our conjectures have nothing to do with reality. What if the Peruvian woman whom you’re dating also doesn’t want to start a family quickly and sticks to a pro-Western vision?

You can attract Peruvian woman by opportunity of living in the city

Most Peruvian women associate big cities with a good life. Cities have prospects, so work is an opportunity not only to survive but also to live well.

The quality of education is much higher in cities. This gives children the potential to live better than their parents in rural areas.

Many people from provincial villages and towns go to the big cities in search of a better life. They see this as a prospect and an opportunity to gain experience that will never be available if you live in a village.

Among the women who go to conquer big cities there are many beautiful and intelligent representatives of rural Peru. If you have housing in a big city, a good job or even your own small business – you have every chance to interest a Peruvian woman.

Now she will see not a vague prospect of a big city, but a clear opportunity for a better future in your person.

It is worth to mention that not all women from rural Peru would like to move to big cities. There are those who are accustomed to living in the countryside and do not imagine their lives elsewhere. They are strongly connected with family traditions and have their own special view of the world and life.   

Peruvian women prefer „man who is nearby”

Unfortunately, in Peru, husbands and wives often live apart for months.

The fact is that in the province there is almost no work, and if there is, it is low paid. That’s why men go to big cities to earn money for their families.

While the husband is not at home, a lot of responsibilities fall on the wife. Among them – raising children, hard work on the farm and many others.

When a husband is not around, children grow up without proper parenting. They feel lack of needed father’s attention. The woman does not feel support and that her man is near, the connection with the man is destroying. Routine and responsibilities overshadow the feelings that once were.

Of course, men do not always behave adequately. Peruvian women are very reserved, patient and able to forgive. They understand that the man went far away from his family to earn funds by force. It happens that men start abusing alcohol, moving away from their wives and families. Although most men in Peru aren’t like that and just work hard for the sake of the family.

That’s why you can easily win the affection of a woman from Peru, if you will be that “man nearby”.

If you have enough money and knowledge to earn anywhere and you can provide for your family without going to another city or even country – Peruvian woman who likes you would consider you to be a good candidate for becoming a future husband.

Harmony between husband and wife can only be when they are close. Disputes as an essential attribute of any relationship pass much faster when a man and a woman are around. People can build relationships at a distance and be loyal, but they are still created to live together “in sorrow and joy.”

Therefore, it is not surprising that Peruvian women want to live together, without long lonely days and nights of husband’s absense.

Become one of those men who will show the Peruvian woman the desire and ability always to be around and she will appreciate this step.

Prove that you earn enough to support your family

In Peru, a man is the breadwinner, and a woman is the guardian of the hearth.

No matter how difficult the situation in the family, a woman will most likely not work. It’s not typical for Peru style of life where wife has a job. Therefore, a man must provide for his wife, children and the whole family. All the expences lie on his shoulders.

For a foreigner, providing for a family in Peru is not such a difficult task, because the cost of living in Peru is rather cheap for the average Westerner.

It will be much harder for a foreigner to adjust to the idea that his wife spends most of her time doing housework.

For foreigners who are accustomed to a partnership, life with such a wife can range from “strange” and “unusual” to “incomprehensible”, “irritating” and “intolerable”.

Social class and skin color in Peruvian reality

Very often, the indigenous people of Peru were discriminated on the grounds of belonging to their peoples or tribes. Because of that many have a complex of inferiority.

Social benefits could be achieved if you had white skin. The lighter the skin – the more opportunities. This was the case in Peru in the 20th century and it is very sad.

But even today, Peruvian women consider it lucky to marry a member of the Caucasian race. In any case, it means good social status and a prosperous life. At least many indigenous Peruvian women consider so.

If you are a foreigner, you are already interesting for Peruvian woman

Of course, this is not like it used to be even 10 years ago, when a foreigner was in the spotlight of most women in a cafe or at the local disco. However, even in 2020, Peruvian women are quite friendly to foreigners and try to somehow show attention or curiosity. In most cases, this applies to large cities.

Your attitude and behavior matter

Youth is more to share values of Western civilization with respect to partner and his wishes, desires, personal space etc. Although in general the situation is different.

While in most Peruvian families husband is considered to be the head of the family, you should play your role from this perspective.

Peruvian men often go to extremes and demonstrate aggressive and untolerant attitude to their wives.

On the contrary, you should demonstrate Peruvian woman you are attentive and care about her, but at the same time hold a strong male rod. You are the head, you provide, but you are wise relationship leader with whom Peruvian woman feels protected and happy.

If you learn yourself how to act in recommended way – you’ll have all the chances to be with Peruvian woman and win not only her trust, but love and get her sincere devotion.

Traditional gender role is still extremely important in Peruvian society and you’ll not omit these facts if you’re on serious way in relationship with Peruvian.

Even more – just understanding and taking these facts in not enough. If you want to be with Peruvian woman you have to play your gender („masculine”, „male”, „breadwinner”) role. Otherwise, your woman would feel powerful dissonance and will try to understand what is wrong. She seems to be fine with you, but she will not feel completely happy and protected with you, which will eventually lead to the end of the relationship.