Facts That Vividly Show This Polish Woman Could Be Your Soulmate

We are going to talk about signs which will show that Polish girl you liked is also not indifferent to you and your attention. This will help you to understand you are on the right way, get inspired for further actions and also will give you motivation to ACT. Acting, making moves etc. is vitally important for every guy as there is a problem when descent guys of romantic type remain dreamers instead of being with the girl they liked and what is more important – the girl liked the guy, but they never been together, because Slavic girls are not very active in terms of showing own initiative and it means they are waiting for the initiative from man and if man is afraid, shy, prefers dreams instead of actions, whatever, they have almost 90% risk of not being together even though they both like each other and even have chemistry. To make these lines not just pure boring theory which Internet and paperback literature is more than full, I will describe real life experience with Polish girl as the relationships were starting from the period of first steps and intuitive actions.

How did I understand my Polish girlfriend who was not my girlfriend at that time likes me? At first I did not really realized that, but I understood that I like her for some reason, because when I first saw her I felt even a little shy or something. It was like for a few seconds but I got that feeling like when I was a schoolboy and I was shy to give a candy to the classmate I liked. So, the first what I realized – I like that girl.

The next day I realized she probably likes me as well. The day before our first acquaintance started when I said “hi” in Polish (sounds like “cheshch” cześć – in Polish) and 15 minutes later I helped the same girl to bring dirty dishes. I did not know why I did that because she could do that without me, but for sure that was not my gentleman behavior. It was something subconscious and it means my body knew what to do and how to act, but I did not inform me about it directly J It is truth that we choose people we could be with at first twenty two seconds. And it is not that we are able to be only with one person in the whole world, but it is more about that there are “compatible people” and “non compatible”. My future Polish girlfriend and I were “compatible”, and this compatibility is easy to observe especially for others, not for you even. Other people notice there is something special between you.

First what I catch myself on was that I started to feel like if I were my group mate from the University who was popular among girls. It is not that I felt macho, but with this particular Polish girl I felt I am very self confident, just as self confident as never before (and this is including fact that in real life I am not like that). Girls feel confidence and probably like such guys who “radiate confidence”.

I used every short moment to talk to the girl I liked when I saw her and I noticed she is also eager to talk to me even at short. When I had a chance I tried to tell some short jokes or made some small stupid things like asked her for dinner in the restaurant although we worked at the restaurant and this dinner was quick 10 minute lunch time when there was not many clients.

If Polish girl smiles when she sees you – she likes you. To make it sure you also have to notice one more thing – if you both are in one room and you are busy but when there is a little moment to glance at each other you do this and catch eyes of each other – you like her and she likes you. It was like this in my case – I often caught an eye of my future Polish girlfriend on me at the time we were not together yet, but I caught it when I tried to look at her so it means our interest was mutual.

When I was talking to another girl during work my Polish girl came to stay near me and talk about nothing just for no reason although she was pretty busy and even though chef was at work. She did not really care, because she probably was jealous to the new girl who just came at work few days ago, was newcomer and was talking to me.

If Polish girl eagerly gives you contact from messenger and the phone number – she is interested in you, but do not do it quick. Do not ask contacts too quick, give time yourself and give time your future girl to enjoy this moment, this unique period of time you will both never have in common again. Such attitude, by the way will tease her as she would not ask you number first and would think why you are not ask her for the number, because you are the man, the initiator. If after taking her contacts you message her and she answers quickly – she is interested in you. Within the time she might change her tactics and check you – she will stop responding to you quickly and would like to see you emotions – whether you will ask her what happened, try to get in contact with her etc. But if you will ignore her she will write or call you first and tell she was busy doing some…bla, bla, bla.

If the girl is laughing at your jokes, even if they are not funny – she probably likes you and wants to demonstrate it to you. It works with almost all girls and with girls from Poland as well. I could not omit this simple tip and included it here.

If the girl from Poland would like to spend free time with you when she has a day off this means she likes you and probably would like to be your girlfriend in the future, but she still does not know you well to understand what to do. So, after first date or after first day you spend together nothing changed to worse, if the world is brighter for you both, if you want to communicate with each other more often – it means you both did not fail the test on the first date and you have chances to be together.

If you agreed to go to the second date, you feel more free and open this time, if you feel like if you were already wife and husband, if you feel like you know each other for years – this is it, she is good candidate for soulmate.

If you both feel very strong need in communication with each other when you are not close together it means there is something between you for sure, at least chemistry, but probably something more. Give yourself some time and if within this time magnetic influence gets stronger – you are on the right way. Don’t miss the chance to start serious relationships with this Polish girl this time as you both have all chances to create future happy family. It was so hard to find each other in this big and lonely world, so now do not hesitate – act and don’t let your happiness to run away. This time titmouse is in your hands and now you are smart enough to hold her gently, but tight enough so never to lose your happiness.