Where to Look for a Polish Wife?

If you are looking exactly for Polish wife, one of the main reasons is ability of Polish women to appreciate family life with all its pros and cons and in any way they are trying their happy marriage dream and family life would come true one day and pay a lot of efforts for that. Why to choose Polish woman for marriage among other East European countries?

Women from Poland have a good level of English and so language barrier will not be a problem. They live in EU and have been often to other countries, so cultural shock won’t be a problem either. Polish women are very romantic and believe true love exists somewhere, if you are able to make her dream come true and if your common life would be at least a little like fairy tale, you did a great job. And as a reward you will get a lot of positive in response. Western women are very strict and usually marry not because of love, but because of some other interests and such marriages are not warm and happy, usually doomed to divorce. Polish women are not concerned about equal gender roles in the society and their traditional formed by centuries family obligation is able to create happy family.

Polish women give the marriage high priority and one of the highest priorities is given by them to the family. Some foreigners, like British, use their chance and if they have not married Polish woman, working for them, they ask her for marriage. Of course, this happens not at once, but within some time, after period of dating and romantic times spent together and if the couple members perfectly suit each other. Must warn you not all Polish women are ready to place family and husband on the first place, instead of career. Many of them are making successful career as women on West. This is more about young women from Poland. Previous generations and some daughters of their mothers are still remaining very traditional and will try to do their best to their husbands and children, demanding nothing in response.

Polish women in most cases are looking for pure love, with whom they can create strong family. If you are lucky to be a subject of love of girl from Poland, you will have all range of positive feelings, because you are the heart for her, and try to behave the same, treat her as diamond and soon you will see how strong and happy both of you are. Polish girls are not for one night stand, because according to their understanding of life, many boyfriends do not make woman better, on the contrary, she gets disrespect in the society. If you understand this well, one day you can have wedding in Polish traditional way.

Polish women are not as self-oriented and selfish, as, for example, American women are. Polish society in a special way by norms and rules creates atmosphere, where people think of other people as well, but not only about themselves. Those girls grow up very generous and kind-hearted. You can observe special attitude of Polish women just after starting dating with them. In marriage those women are very giving; take care of husband and kids, never complaining about lack of personal space or other stuff like that. And they do not sacrifice themselves to family and feel discomfort, no, they just are getting pleasure of such process of life, they were raised in society with different, maybe Christian values. If you choose girl from Poland for a wife, it could be the best decision of all in your life. By such a choice you will get harmony and clear sense of life, family unity and reasons to live. And why Polish women often choose foreign fiancés? One of the reasons, foreign husbands, used to emancipated women of West treat their Polish girlfriends as queens, firstly because of fear not to insult and later because of appreciation.

Although, marriage is serious step and you have to think twice before. Even if she is pretty Polish woman, who has taken your heart and now you do not realize your life without her. Long term relations I what must be before the marriage as it will show the real intentions of you both.

Some are afraid foreign brides are marrying American men to get citizenship. First of all, to get the citizenship they have to live in the fiancés motherland for a few years. Secondly, you may not worry about that in case with Polish women, because Poland is EU member and all Poles have EU citizenship, which is not worse than American and allows them to live and work almost everywhere in the world. If you are so afraid woman is hunting for your money, think why could that not happen in the USA?

To find a Polish wife for the whole life you have to look for her in Poland or meet her in the USA, but not on purpose. If you are using dating or matchmaking agencies, except for probability of getting scammed, you could face a problem I call “fake wife”. By this term I mean wife is just for sex and to clean the house and prepare food. Isn’t it what you are looking Eastern European wife for? Must warn you, those women, except for being pretty and hardworking, are very intelligent, usually more street-smart and book smart than average American man, so keep that in mind.

Cultural differences are what you could face with when getting married to Polish girl. But before you get married, you will have dating period and a period of common life, so it might not be a problem, especially if you love a girl and she loves you. When people love each other, they are able to forgive differences and get used to different cultural features. Besides that, cultural differences might bring not only shock, but some interesting stuff to explore. And finally, Poland is European country, so there would be not much of differences, I must say. Some problems could be in the field of religion, as most of Poles ate Catholic. If you are atheist, you better start to visit Catholic Church if you plan to marry Polish woman.