Why Polish women are so popular among men in the USA?

Let us think why Polish women are so popular among men in Great Britain or USA? It is highly possible that British or American women could ask the same question. British men are willing to find Polish wife the same as American guy would like to marry Polish woman. And what those guys do to find the love of their life? Many search the web for Polish brides and girls from Poland to date with. The reason for such popularity is simple and means that Polish women are not that demanding as western women, are more tolerant to man and more feminine. Actually, there are many factors, but those first mentioned are the key factors. Keep reading, much more interesting are waiting for you. How do you think, what average American or British man expects from Polish woman?

Rarely American 25 years old woman would like to marry her compatriot at the age of 50. There are exceptions. If that 50 y.o. man is rich, famous, politician, etc. The man with the help of whom she might achieve prosperity, make great successful career and things like this. Of course, there are exceptions where pure love rules, but they are mostly unlikely to happen. By the way, when young American woman is good-looking, well educated, intelligent and tolerant, most likely she would be looking for coeval man. She does not usually need “just some guy” and would rather scrupulously choose the best candidate out of many.

After wedding, such women prefer to earn money together, to rise up children together and equally share all the family duties. She usually successfully makes career and even if she would divorce in some late thirties, she wouldn’t have same need in husband, as Polish woman has. Typical American woman would rather look for young lover. Now one of her major needs is a good sex. Polish women have different stereotypes about family and family relations, than American women have. For typical Polish women, kids and beloved husband are one single unity. When American women usually prefer to make their career on their own and don’t need a husband to satisfy their material needs. American woman is independent person and children, husband and sex are separate things in case after divorce. Her personality and satisfying of own the needs are the main goals. This is completely different with Polish women. Usually woman from Poland is ready to sacrifice her personal independence to family and children. She is able and willing to put her own needs to less important place. That is why old British or American man is looking for young Polish girl with young nice body, tenderness and naive thoughts. Those criteria are almost impossible for old American to find among young compatriot girls, that are not interested in old man.

Polish woman are very sexy, no doubts. Not only because of slim figure, high hills, long legs and big natural breast. They also have some other way of sexuality. This way is somewhere inside of their mind. Polish women are able to listen attentively to their man no matter if he is foreigner or not. When she looks into the man’s eyes to get closer to his emotional space this is something crazy. Qualities of Polish women as pretty smile, nice moves and natural gestures are those that American man like so much. Polish women are interested in their man’s business, but do not irritate by asking much questions and never talk too much. Those things make man feel great support from his woman.

Polish women are extremely pretty. American man are shocked when they are visiting Poland and see Hollywood type of girls everywhere. It is usual situation to Ukrainian men, who got used to it. Polish women got that natural beauty genetically, but they also are take a great care of themselves up. For example, they’ve got habit to wear fashionable clothes and often use make up. Not in many countries of the world find nice women with pretty faces, who smile, are eager to talk, having slim figures, elegance of manners.

Polish women got good education and most of them are trying to get University degree. Trying to enter and finish higher educational establishments. Great plus for every man is to have beautiful, intelligent and wise woman near. This feeling makes every man to be proud. In some way such women helps man to be delighted.

American men really appreciate femininity of Polish women. This quality is hard to find among western women now. What includes this “femininity”? Of course, tenderness, romance, natural willing need to take care about man and family, getting satisfaction from that and at the same time look pretty. American men are fully sick of man-kind women compatriots. Those women who struggle with men for money and power in offices, trying to get equal division of duties at work and at home. Not thinking that man sometimes has a need in friendly smile of a woman. Man also needs to have rest, sometimes telling the closest friends about his own dismisses. Telling this without fear to be left because his wife may consider him as loser.

American men heard and know that Polish wive is usually good housewives. It is untypical to American woman stay in kitchen for few hours preparing family cake or just something tasty, but wife from Poland usually would. I’m not saying Polish women would always clean the house, but she would do this much more often then American girl. She would also make laundry on regular basis without indignation, because she usually considers it “women work” and have risen with this thought from the early childhood. She would do it with pleasure, because that is one of many things she is ready to do for her loving man. Tolerance is also one of main features that comes up in mind when mentioning Polish women. What characterize Polish woman is they usually much more tolerant to all the types of men’s behavior, bad habits and even lack of personal freedom, unlike American women.

Why Americans would like to have Polish woman for marriage? Some might learn on the experience of other men, who had already married Polish woman. Some might visit Polish dating websites and after watching all that pics of pretty Polish women just became obsessed with Polish beauties and dream to marry girl from Poland. Some of the Americans could visit Poland in business. They all talk about crowds of beauties everywhere. One of the facts that American man has already heard Polish women are willing to marry foreigners.