Check Whether You Are Ready To Marry Polish Woman Or Not

Decision about marriage usually does not depend on what nationality your chosen one is, but rather on the fact are you mentally mature enough to make such important step in your life. Marriage is such a step in your life that makes influence not only for you, but first of all it has great influence on your woman. This influence is very serious for future life of both spouses and has consequences, but you should not be afraid and if you feel you are ready for marriage than it is the high time to make your Polish girlfriend a proposal.

Polish woman, in fact, follows her man as she subconsciously chooses a guy with strong character. If you have all preconditions for making a proposal than only in this case it would be wise to ask your beloved one for final key to her heart. However, making proposal and married life are very different things and as you might assume, it is not only romantic atmosphere, smiles and kisses. Everyday routine life is something different and it always becomes the main reason of early marriage breaks up. By early marriage is meant so called “not mentally mature” marriage, when decision to get married was taken under influence of emotions, but has nothing more than this, no basis for real life.

Traditional way of thinking

You have to start with evaluation of the situation. In traditional approach the first place takes financial status and financial situation, because love is love, but when stomach asks for food, you will not explain it in any other way but putting a piece of bread in there. Maybe rude, but it is true. You need to have some money on your bank account in case if you have some problems like changing the job or health problems; or when you would need to buy some present for your spouse etc. Money for rings is also important and in Poland usually the guy is the one who has to buy it. The next important thing before making a proposal to Polish girl is to make sure you both suit each other. Fortunately, in case with girl from Poland it is easy to check it, because in Poland the girl who has the status of your girlfriend usually herself proposes to start living together. Common life in so called non official marriage will check your feelings as here romantic and passion is strongly bound with daily routine. The huge drawback of such traditional, balanced approach that you may fail at work, have some problems etc. and your decision for marriage would be postponed from month to month and from year to year and as the result – there is high risk your girlfriend would find another candidate for husband because you are appearing to be indecisive man; or you both would get tired of each other.

Not always logic is justified

There are cases when man does not have descent income or permanent job, but he feels he needs to get married to this particular woman. Real facts tell that marriage at this time is not wise decision for the couple, because she is attending university and does not have work at all, and his income is just seasonal work during summer and winter where he has to work for 12 hours a day. But what happens next? Marriage and new responsibility drives this young man to act, to look for new opportunities for the job. Now he works with motivation and this makes him see the life more realistic. This guy understood that it is better to implement his business ideas into life and within the year he has shared with friend small business which give his family much more income than any “stable” or permanent work – they are producing natural ice cream and income they get from May till the end of September is more than enough to live happy life with his wife till the end of the year and four month more, besides they are traveling a lot and exploring world. But he did not dwell on what has been achieved and opened two coffee shops in neighboring city and now is opening one more at the city their couple live in. How did it happened so? As it is completely controversial to all what was told in the previous paragraph!

The reason is in the energy exchange. Every man has some limit of his life energy, which is of man’s character. Woman has the same women’s energy. For achieving harmony man and woman have to make an energy exchange between each other. If to say more simply – woman inspires, motivates man to create, to make, to produce. Every single thing which man starts to think about would flourish if he gets approval from his beloved woman. Man is usually initiator and woman is inspirer and supporter. You don’t believe these lines? Some more facts. How many guys you have seen who seem to have everything, but they do not have success because they are single or often lonely? Guys who have all to get some start, but they do not dream about anything, or just have dreams and do not act, they have some casual connections with women, but they do not have normal energy exchange, they do not have inspirer, usually find the way out in some bad habits or, for example, eat too much. Such guys do not have life harmony and it becomes vivid in their appearance, way of life, and even company they hang out with. You may believe it or not, but everyone lives according to the Law of The Universe and not understanding of these laws (or even worse: breaking it) will always bring to unpleasant consequences. Meta message of this paragraph is very simple: if you want to get married to Polish woman (or not Polish, it does not matter) and feel this woman is your chosen one – go for it and make her proposal, if you are so confident and sure and what is the main – if your intuition tells you to do it (actually, it is how your soul is talking with you), go for it without a doubt!