Romanian women’s mentality: go West or home is best?

What do we know about the Romanian mentality? If to speak in the most general sense, then, first of all, it is worth mentioning the Romanian hospitality. Similar warm attitude to their guests, except Romania, can be found probably only on the Caucasus. Romanian people do not like conflicts at all. Indeed, it is difficult to remember a major political conflict on the initiative of the Romanians.

And what kind of women do they have in Romania? Women in Romania  are unusually attractive. Not all Romanians can boast of one hundred percent natural beauty, but among the real beauties there are simply extraordinary examples. And it cannot be otherwise, because the Romanian genepool contains Greek, Slavic, Roman and other genes. All these nationalities made their unique print. That’s why we know the women of Romania the way we see them now.

Also, Romanian women are quite friendly and sympathetic. Most of them are religious. The leading religion in the country is Christian Orthodoxy. According to this religion woman should always keep to her husband’s opinion. But this division is more formal. In fact, the man here takes all the main decisions, but only with the submission of a woman.

And what will happen if a Romanian woman decides to link her life with a Western man? Firstly, let’s take a look at a portrait of a typical Western man.

Western male representatives are reasonable enough and when they are going to start a family, they do it more from the head than from the heart. Romanian women are attractive to Western men. They love their cheerful playfulness, spontaneity, natural beauty and adherence to family traditions.

Romanian women can also choose a Western man for his responsible attitude to life, stable income, and partnership in the family. It’s no secret that in Romanian families there is no distinction between a man and a woman in terms of housekeeping, as well as education of children.

For the Western mentality, equal responsibilities in everything are norm of life and this is a characteristic feature for many couples. Therefore, in this sense, a Romanian woman and a Western man easily agree and find common language.

For a Western man, many children in the family are more like an exception to the rules than the tradition. In this sense, the Romanian woman and the Western man have different positions.

The main question which inevitably arises before such an international union, as a Romanian woman and a Western man – where will they live? Will the Romanian woman agree to move to the country of her chosen one – usually to the West?

A difficult question and the main problem here is that Romanians have decided that all the closest main members of the Romanian family gather for all Christian holidays or traditional celebrations in the parents’ house and always stay together. They also keep in touch with each other.

Because of this, children always live close enough to their parents’ home and rarely leave for more distant cities. This is the so-called collective life, when all members of the family support each other and in every possible way help those who are weaker or in need, for example.

And here everything will depend on the individual situation. From the economic point of view Romania cannot be called a prosperous country. If a man will offer a Romanian woman a better life in his home country, she will most likely agree to leave her motherland and go to the West together with Western man.

As you may already understand, in every personal case it is up to Romanian woman to make her decision whether to move for West or no. But according to economical situation in the country, many Romanian women who have married to foreigner would rather choose moving to the West.

There are examples when foreign husband decides to invest in some business in Romania and then the couple chooses to live in Romania, because good investment usually gives good income in the future. Taking into consideration the fact that life in Romania is quite cheap comparing to Western countries, the couple is doing great in Romania.