Why Polish Women Seem Better Than Western Ones?

Western men prefer Polish brides as they show traditional approach to family values, are caring mothers for children, prefer to be feminine and sexy and like when man is masculine; do not compete with men in terms of feminism and let him to play the role of the head in the family; they are extremely pretty, intelligent and educated. When Polish woman is getting married, she expects this marriage to be for the whole life and women of the west would not be so much disappointed in case of divorce. Young Polish girl is ready to marry aged man from America and in the US this man would probably hardly be able to find young bride, unless he is very rich, but in this case we do not even talking about sincere feelings from the both sides.

Where is the main trick? Many American men who visit marriage websites are in despair and hope to find young bride from Poland, because they could not find young and pretty bride in the US. And what they get for their search? They find young and beautiful Polish girl who is ready to become happy wife of American aged man. And young wife shows a high status of a man in the US and if this bride is pretty it is so perfect to that previously lonely and disappointed man who had almost lost his hope. He feels great and looks for the life in new bright colors and as the bonus he gets not only young and pretty, but smart, caring, non-feminist wife with traditional family values, ready to care of husband, support him and does not pretend to be equal. She likes when man rules the family, earns money and she is happy to do everything about the house and family as she has been brought up in this way and that is completely ok with her. Most of western women would not stand that. If Polish girl is dating to a man, she usually hopes for a long term relations that would lead to the marriage and it does not matter whether this man is Pole or foreigner. Western girls would often date just for fun or adventure, not implying some seriousness in these relations.

Why many men from West choose to look for Polish bride on dating website on in the marriage agency, that just could go in the café or park and get acquainted with their women? The reason is Western men are not that unsure in themselves, but are afraid of feminist attitude of their women. If you just look at the girl in America, who seems pretty to you, she can blame you in harassment. I am not talking about giving a compliment, as it could be even worse form of sexual harassment. I guess it is the highest level of stupidity, but not the freedom expression and demonstration of democratic values. Those Western men are so afraid, that many of them have obsolete men’s qualities given by nature and whatever we say, those qualities attract woman. How to start dating and, maybe create a family in the future if a man is afraid to start a conversation, because he could get a process? And if you make not rude, but gentle and unobtrusive compliment to Polish woman, she probably would smile to you and thank you. Feel the difference?

The fact is many American, Australian and Canadian men spend a lot of time on the Internet, looking for bride from Poland and it is not only because of beauty and other “bonuses” of Polish women, but because of some problems in their own society. If women takes place of the man and man takes place of the woman in the society, the natural balance is broken and that will cause problems for sure and they would be vivid in the nearest future. More and more western women are losing belief in traditional family values and that leads to the chaos. As new generations of children are brought up in such a society, they learn such a model of behavior and in the future it would be even worse. All these factors cause the situation when more and more men from West are seeking for bride on the East, in Poland, for example.

*The article does not intend to offend anyone and only expresses personal subjective opinion. We stand for the statement that all the women in the world are equal by every meaning. We are sorry, if we heart someone’s feelings. We ask not take it seriously, as this is just private opinion.