Differences Between Polish and American Marriage

If your aim is to get closer to Polish girl or you would like to go dating with girl from Poland, you have to know some things you better never do. I mean in terms of behavior. I guess, by reading further you will understand what I mean. The thing I advise you to behave in the way you really are and not trying to impress the girl by behavior that is not suitable for you. Even if western guys hope women from Eastern Europe are silly, it is the opposite way. They are much more intelligent than many foreign guys and if you pretend you are someone else, but not you, Polish girl would understand that and further relations will not be possible. When American man meets nice Polish woman with pretty face, gentle figure and deep eyes, he starts to conquer her heart, but with western approach it is hardly possible.

If you do everything in a proper way and the girl you are dating and probably living with is going to be your wife, this could lead to marriage. In this case you have to be ready to foreign marriage. Marriages in Poland and in the United States are different and at the same time have many in common. Differences in cultural traditions and understanding of the place of human in a world plays significant role. This is question with many answers and they are versatile and complex. Polish culture is what is going to bring new stream in your life and you must consider that. Marriage institution in Poland is very much based on Catholicism, as most of the people of this nation are religious Catholics and family relations and family traditions are based on religious principles. In Polish understanding marriage is the union between man and woman till the end of life. In American understanding marriage is union between two persons for whom it is comfortable to live with each other until some time. Polish marriage is based on strong family relations and necessity to have children. Financial factor is very important in both culture, but plays more significant role in American.

In the USA many are concerned about personal freedom and this has big influence on marriage institution. In the US people are usually getting married at the age of around 30 and if they are comfortable with that. This comfort means some material profits or making life of both spouses easier. In Poland woman is considered “old made” if she is over 25 and still did not get married. It is hard for such a girl to find a husband in the future and the older she gets, the harder to make this search for her, at least in Poland. If Polish man didn’t get married at the age of 25, he is considered to be loser. Even the fact that most of Polish young people first of all would like to have strong financial ballast, before getting married, so they have to get a degree and find well-payee job, this “ballast” has to be made until 27 usually.

Marriage in Poland means a lot of new responsibilities and duties that make this process a bargain. After crossing this border, young couple appears in adult world of work and duties and happy young years must fade away. American marriage guarantees personal freedom and freedom of interests of every spouse and is not so restrictive. In Poland married people have obligations between each other, children and even Church. Sometimes if it gets too hard, some of the spouses is not willing to stand this and scandals and quarrels often leave do divorce. In America it seems ok if the marriage is not for the whole life, in this case it means it is not more comfortable for each other to live under one roof anymore.

Must say Polish marriage assumption is different than the assumption of American marriage and this is what you cannot argue with. No one could say which marriage type is better, but the key is if American and Polish citizens would like to marry each other, they should understand the differences they could face up with and be ready to sacrifice some their parts to that marriage. The expectations of two people must not be too different, otherwise marriage would last not for long or cannot be possible at all and it is very important to understand this in advance. Successful marriage between representatives of different cultures is possible if the aims and expectations of every spouse, even if they are very different, are justified. For example, Polish woman wants to move to USA for permanent leaving and American man would like to have young and pretty girl for a wife. They got married, they have had different marriage expectations, but both of them are happy.