What else you need to know about Romanian women: dark side

Problems you may face up with during the search of Romanian girl is not in typical stereotypes or superstitions like high level or criminality, easy to pick up inappropriate girl from those “easy ones” and you were looking for nice intelligent and at the same pretty wife. The real problem is that there is much of wrong information about Romanian girls on different dating sites. Of course, those dating sites describe Romanian girls from the best sides only, making them perfect and almost holly. And I agree it would be weird if on some of this sites you find kind of announcement that tells Romanian girls are money hunters and easy and you have to go there with our help as that is your fate, a great chance to pick your ideal women – women of your dreams. Huh, sounds ridiculous.

To say the truth, many Romanian women are far of the ideal of perfect lady for the wife. And it is not going about beauty. They are not very picky, but tricky. If marriage is a way to move to live in better country, they would use any chance, be sure. Of course, not all Romanian women are like that, but there are many of them among young girls and you have to take it into consideration. Many Romanian women combine the worst of communist mentality like buying products and preparing food home as it is cheaper than to eat in the restaurant and at the same time would use any chance to go to the restaurant at someone’s expense and the idea of cooking home would draw as they like to cook and are perfect housewives.

Financial situation in Romania is far of perfection and therefore many struggle to survive. Of course, it is not as bad as in Ukraine, for example, but Romania is in European Union and Ukraine suffers from corruption and is not EU member yet. Different situation, but poverty is something common. Many Romanian women have worked abroad and learned foreign languages; have seen better life. If there is a chance for them to meet foreigner, they would use all their charm and beauty to become his girlfriend and later a wife and all this actions only to escape Romania. It is not going about feelings like love, it is just selling or using (as you more like) beauty to life in prosperous country; so Romanians rarely choose, they just use a chance.

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Romanian women as many women in post communist countries care about opinion of others very much and therefore feel themselves more tensed. At the same time they are too much concerned with their appearance and again about opinion of others about appearance. Why do they care about makeup and appearance so much? Answer is very easy: to find and attract a man, who could be possible husband. Take into consideration: not every man, but often mostly wealthy one. But even when they find their only one they still dress up the same to look not worse than others as husband could leave for some young pretty in miniskirt. Situation remains similar even when Romanian woman gets older; she still dresses up fancy clothes in order to nostalgic moments and, of course, to impress the opinion of others. I don’t see anything bad in the fact that Romanian women like to look good, wearing nice clothes and using appropriate make up. Maybe they just could not afford it during times of communism as there was not much choice in the stores. Or is it better to look at fat woman with greasy hair in pajama who has just woke up 5 minutes ago and now she is in the grocery store? Such examples I have often seen on West and believe me, it is so much better to observe well dressed sexy pretty.

I’m not saying all Romanian women are bad and I’m not trying to persuade you not visit Romania, as well as I don’t want to offend anyone, especially pretty Romanian women. I’m just trying to be objective in this article and show the other side of Romanian reality than just write vanilla stories about happy marriages of Romanian women with foreigners and how ideal Romanian woman is. Every woman is unique individual with her own traits of character, pluses and minuses. If she was created for you and you were made for her, one day you will meet each other and the happiest wedding, happy family and nice kids is what just must happen with you.

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