The worst work on Earth – Ukrainian “translator”

Everything comes with experience and the less is person in age, the less she/he understands how this world and its basic principles of behavior are arranged. There is a well-known phrase that says: Treat people the way you would like them treat you. Tell me, wouldn’t it be nice if it really worked, but for this it seems necessary only to start with your own self. It’s simple and difficult at the same time.

Many new age people, especially students, are often ready to do any work to earn quick money. This is true for Ukraine as well, where the average wage level is rather low and the national currency is unstable. Most jobs in Ukraine are paid that low that do not even allow you to pay the bills. So any work that brings more than $600 a month is considered good.

Also to find in Ukraine work on any particular occupation in narrow sphere one must already have the experience. But where to get this experience if no one hires you without experience?

There is such a vigorous circle. As of today, the real wages of new specialists in Ukraine are somewhere between $150 a month (and such work still has to be found), whereas the actual amount needed per month to pay for housing, to buy food and pay the fare is at least $400.

That’s why the students are trying to “snatch” for any work. If a student in Ukraine is studying for an interpreter, philologist or teacher of foreign languages it also requires to have practice if he/she wants to find a job in this sphere after graduation. Otherwise he/she will not get a job.

It is much easier to find an English teacher job, although many graduates do not want to, because the salary of a new specialist who came to work as a teacher at the school in Ukraine immediately after graduation as of 2019 is about $200 a month, and the living wage, as already mentioned earlier, is at least $400 a month.

Besides, it is impossible to find English teacher job in the city or town, but only in some remote villages where there could be no asphalt roads.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that you can often find announcements on Ukrainian job search sites as ‘interpreter to work at marriage agency, experience is not required, candidate needs to have good level of English language’ and no wonder that often students philologists are paying attention to such announcements.

Sattva, Rajas, Tamas – Three Areas of Life and Money Making

All the money earned in this world are divided into three main ways of earning. The dark side (tamas) – money earned on suffering, death, alcohol, drugs, weapons; side of passion (rajas) – money earned on desires, emotions and human vices; the side of goodness (sattva) – the money earned on the sincere help of people, on useful work, on the dissemination of useful and developing knowledge, on the application of knowledge that help other people.

It is believed that how person earns money will affect the life of the person who earned them. You can believe it or not, but this works and it influences the lives of many people, which you personally can trace among your friends, for example.

Ukrainian students engaged in making “dishonest” money working as so-called “translators” in so-called “dating agencies” often do not realize what consequences in their lives this can lead to.

However, there are those who subconsciously feel that they are doing something wrong and constantly are in the struggle with themselves, where, on the one hand, they have moral values ​​and, on the other hand, money.

Here we wrote about the story of a Ukrainian who worked in a similar “agency”. Some of them resign, not working even for a month, and some people give themselves hard times for years by such work and then regret that during this time already could get a good experience in well-known companies instead.

In any case, all gullible Americans, Canadians, Australians and other foreigners should know that if they pay for communication, then often it’s just a trick, so you should not believe in happy illusions.

Often a foreigner comes to Ukraine after such live chat communication, and nobody meets him because his chat interlocutor either does not exist or has no idea about their communication.

Both sides of the medal

Not all Ukrainian dating agencies are doing that way, the same as not all foreigners who are looking for dating with Ukrainian women are sincere and lonely.

Often women tell about harassed idiots, who send photos of their nude parts of the body and require the same. It’s scary to even imagine how such a “groom” or “boyfriend” can behave in real life, if he will meet a Ukrainian woman.

There are even volunteers in Ukraine who look for such foreigners on the Internet and bring them “over clean water”. As we can see, there is a deception and unfortunate consequences on both sides.

What to do? It’s very simple, you need to remind yourself the truth that we have written at the beginning of this article: Treat people the way you would like them to treat you.

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If you are an American who is looking for a girlfriend or a future wife, do not hurt anyone, do not deceive anyone and be informed – do not look for a bride in a place where she could not be present by all logical means.

You will not buy a cucumber in the store with building materials, so you will not find a true love on the sites that focus only on earnings. If people on such sites used the principles of sattva (good) then they would create their sites in order to help lonely people get acquainted, to help them meet each other, but they are basically guided by the principles of rajas (passion) to earn as much as possible for the shortest possible time.

However, often foreign clients themselves pay for services and develop this passion (rajas) because they require photos, write immoral content phrases and develop this pa. As you can see, the principle You reap what you saw works everywhere, even in the field of “dating”.

Therefore, regardless on which side you are – a man located in America, or a woman (guy) who pretends to be seeking for love Ukrainian, you must remain a human being first of all and remember that the Earth is round, so everything we do will come back to us.