What you should know before visiting Peru

For many people “Peru” sounds quite exotic. Although Peru is quite huge, most Americans will not find this country on the map. But do they need it? Why should they care? Well, that’s pretty fair. On the contrary, all those who are interested in this beautiful Latin American country will be able to find a lot of information on the Internet.

There are 3 official languages in Peru

Surprised? You have already packed a suitcase, taken a sunscreen and how-to-learn Spanish book… and now you bump into such information.

In addition to SpanishQuechua and Aymara are also officially spoken languages in Peru.

But don’t worry, the last two languages mentioned are not so common and are spoken only in certain regions and by certain categories of the population. So if you speak Spanish well, many doors in Peru will be open for you. And if not?

English in Peru

In large cities, you can still feel alright with English only, but in small provincial towns and villages without knowledge of Spanish it will be very difficult to communicate with locals.

The same goes for cheap hostels and lodging in houses which locals offer for accomodation – Spanish is needed everywhere. English is spoken only in luxury hotels.

However, there is a way out and now language is not a problem at all in almost any part of the world. So far on the edge of 2021 with a smartphone and an automated dictionary app that works offline, it is easy to translate basic phrases of daily communication even simultaniously.

If you use the services of an online translator, you need to learn more about the Internet and mobile networks in Peru.

Mobile Internet and mobile networks in Peru

Alternatively, you can use the most famous mobile operator in Peru – Claro. They have different tariff plans on their website with different amounts of data transfer, internet speed and price per month.

Keep in mind that in the mountains or other remote areas, network coverage, including the Internet, may not be available.

Accomodation possibilities in Peru

Since we have already talked about living in Peru, it is worth mentioning some possible options for foreign tourists.

Home comfort and coziness

Those who prefer home comfort and home-cooked food can stay in hotels such as “Pousada” – small family hotel, the type of European Bed&Breakfast.

In such places you can feel the real home atmosphere, get to know more about family life in Peru. There is also an opportunity to chat with locals in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the hospitality of Peruvians.

Peruvians are known to be generous people. In most cases they are reasonably called hospitable and welcoming to foreign tourists.
Although you should beware of theft and thieves, because the poverty rate in Peru is quite high. For a person with dishonest intentions, a foreign tourist may seem like a good candidate. Therefore, you should be careful not to flaunt your money, expensive gadgets and jewelry.

Although in general Peru is a fairly safe country, some cities have not really good reputation.

Hostels for budget tourist in Peru

Traditionally, the most budget option of accommodation in Peru are hostels that are working around the clock here. Breakfast is usually not included in the price and is only available at an additional cost.

„Tambo” for those who like to risk

A special type of accommodation in Peru is Tambo. Living in Tambo means the minimum comfort and some risk.


Peru has many hotels for every taste and budget. The price varies from $ 150 and up to several thousand per day.

As for the “stars”, these are hotels with the status of three to five stars.

Do not leave money and jewelry in the hotel room (hotels are not responsible for the safety of things in the rooms) – for this purpose there are special safes at the reception of the hotel.

Even if it is not very safe to leave your belongings in hotels, I am not even talking about hostels or private accommodation. Safety must always be on the first place for tourist in foreign country, so leave expensive gadgets, jewelry and big sums of money in special safes.

As for variety and special stuff, there is a huge number of environmental hotels in Peru, most of which are located in scenic spots and some are even in the jungle.

Security in Peru

The capital of Peru, Lima, is on the list of 5 cities on the planet where Western tourists need to be especially careful. This is especially true for women – there are many illegal taxi drivers in Lima who are known to wish more than just fares.

But men also must understand that their European appearance can be tempting not only for beautiful Peruvian women, but also for local thieves.

Features of nature, landscape and climate, weather conditions

Sun and ultraviolet

Although Peru is not the tropics, the sun here is very insidious. The level of ultraviolet light is high, especially in mountainous areas. Therefore, even if you are not hot, you can get a sunburn. Be sure to use reliable sunscreen with a high level of protection.

Temperature change

It can be very hot in the morning and you can walk in shorts and a T-shirt. However, immediately after sunset it becomes unbearably cold. It feels like you’ve suddenly moved from summer to deep autumn and it’s about to snow. Therefore, you need to have 2 sets of clothes. In Peru, this is a necessity.

Altitude clarity

As altitude increases, not only does the air temperature decrease, but the level of oxygen in the air also decreases.
Due to the lack of oxygen in the blood you may experience dizziness, headache, nausea and even loss of consciousness. This should not be taken lightly.

For people who have health problems, Peru can be a dangerous country. Low oxygen levels in the highlands, sudden changes in temperature, changes in pressure – all this can lead to problems with various body systems. The cardiovascular system is under special threat. Therefore, before traveling to Peru, consult your doctor.

Different natural areas

Within the country from West to East there are three major natural areas: Costa – coastal desert, the Sierra – the highlands of the Andes and the Selva – eastern slopes of the Andes and the adjacent plains of the Amazon Basin.

Not only mountains, highlands and jungle…

Peru is washed by waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Before visiting certain natural areas you need to be prudent and make the necessary vaccinations. If for some reason you are going to the Peruvian jungle – Selva, you need to be vaccinated against various diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. In Selva it is also forbidden to use perfumes and other products that have a strong odor.

If you are going to the mountains, remember the pills for mountain sickness and sunscreen. As with any trip to any country, you must have health insurance before traveling to Peru.

Where else can you go while in Peru?

Peru is a country in South America and it shares borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. That’s why you may consider visiting these neighboring countries as well.


In Peru 90% of the population are Catholics.

Interesting facts

Merry traditions

In Peru, there is a tradition when on New Year’s Eve girls walk around the city with willow twigs. If one of the men grabs the other end of the branch, he must marry the one who offered him the branch.

Men walking hand in hand

In Peru, people like to walk holding hands. Even men can do it, and that doesn’t mean anything strange in Peru.


In the United States or Europe, no one pays attention to how others dress. A man with a piercing and dyed hair and a man in a tuxedo and sneakers can stand in line at the supermarket. In Peru, something like this is almost impossible to see often.

In terms of clothing, Peru is a conservative country, but with its own ideas. Both men and women care about their clothes and appearance. Clothing is the main component of appearance.

A lot of attention is paid to every detail of clothes, accessories, etc.

What is meant by “Tranquilo”

Peruvians are never in a hurry. They do all things measured, balanced and slow. To a Westerner with the crazy pace of megacities, this may seem strange, ridiculous, or even a cause for nervousness. The fact is that many Peruvians are not punctual and like to be late.

This pace of life is present not only in Peru, but also in many Latin American countries. Tranquilo is a lifestyle based on thoughtful and measured existence. Life consists of short moments, if there is time to think and appreciate every moment, you can enjoy life here and now. Wise.

In fact, in America or Europe, most people work hard and energetically to secure their future and old age. Meanwhile, life goes on every moment, it is here and now. And no one can be sure about the future. Of course, I do not call for living one day, but Peruvians can teach us to live with calm and thoughtful attitude to life, which is called tranquillo.

Peruvians speak calmly and quietly. Raising your voice or shouting means showing great disrespect to the interlocutor. Such a quiet and calm conversation is also one of the manifestations of such a phenomenon as tranquilo.

Tactile contact

In conversation, Peruvians often touch each other. They can take your hands or shoulders. They also stand very close to each other. Maybe because they talk quietly? 🙂 Just kidding.

So don’t be surprised if they take your hand or come close to you. In Peru, this is normal. Although, for example, in a pandemic time, these Peruvian traditions must be changed.

Society is changing, but not very fast

Today, more and more women in Peru are getting different types of occupations, looking for job and work in different fields. This is especially true for young women in large cities. In the past times most of Peruvian women were usually busy with numerous house chores, while husband was the only breadwinner in the family.

For some it is definitely good. Someone was looking for the last bastion of a traditional family in Peru and was disappointed not to find it.

Some of the local women feel important working in a large corporation, creating their careers. And someone feels infinitely happy, putting the child to bed and preparing a delicious dinner for her husband. We are so different. Life goes on. Life is Beautiful.

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