How to find good Romanian wife?

One usual sunny day you made yourself a cup of aromatic ginger tea, you had a day off and nothing could prevent you from just being happy. With every sip of ginger tea you felt more and more energetic and what is more, even excited, I would say. That feeling of happiness, excitement and satisfaction caused your immediate reaction and in a while you were already sitting at the monitor and searching World Wide Web for something spicy; maybe this wasn’t a usual day as I said before, at the very beginning? Maybe it still was not a usual day? Some weird day as I started my search and bumped into some advertisement with message something like “find Romanian wife for you“.

I got stuck for a while, thinking what I really know about Romania. Well… not much and I guess not only American educational system is not perfect, but as well as I was dreaming about weekend in the mountains during my course of geography at school. Let us back to Romania and its women. As I didn’t know anything about the country of Romania I started my search to fill the gaps in my memory about this country. I would say there were a lot of such gaps or better to say one great huge gap regarding my knowledge about Romania. To my surprise, Romanian was a member of European Union and this fact helped me to focus on things like tours to Romania and safety in Eastern European countries. Since country was in the EU I had nothing to worry about traveling there, as I thought at first, but to say the truth, in every country there are places you had better to omit visiting and there are stereotypes about Eastern European gangsters, but in reality it means nothing more than just imagination and stereotype; people are different, good or bad, hospitable or not and it does not depend much on the country, but rather depends on local region of the country. So, after I have got some general info about Romania and flights to this country from the USA are rather cheap for average American, I decided to go visit Romania some day, but I had to find some harder stimulus to go there and I have found it. Romanian women. That was the stimulus that attracted me much.

When I started to search on the internet about Romanian women, I was surprised and delighted by their beauty. Romanian women are different and almost all of them are very hot; that what I found on the Internet and those pictures were speaking of themselves. Probably, that was the first admiration that settled down in my brain on the way to my marriage with Romanian woman; but till the time of marriage there was a long way to it and some most interesting parts of it I am going to acquaint you with just so you have some tips, general information or things to do if you decided to find your love in Romania. After looking at Romanian girls on the pictures I was full of their beauty in my mind and by some effort I clicked on the first image I liked and that link provided me further to some web page with article about Romanian culture and national traditions. Of course, that was interesting, but not exactly what I was looking for; I was more interested in the information about relations with Romanian women, how good they are as girlfriends, do they like foreigners in general and Americans in particular, how multicultural they are and what are main differences between Romanian and American women, except for the beauty, of course, as I have found Romanian women much more attractive. I was also curious about examples of American guy and Romanian girl relations; about multicultural Romanian-American families and so on. All those questions were so interesting and there were so many of those questions that it has become a kind of pleasant obsession for me. I have started to look up for more information about Romanian women when I had free time at home and even when I had some time during work. That was a time when I was dreaming about Romanian woman already and imagined how my perfect Romanian girlfriend could look. We know many examples when dreams come true as they become material if we keep moving from just a dreaming to action. That was exactly I have done – I started to act. First of all, I tried to find some Romanian girls in the USA, but it was not very good idea, as I think now. There were many girls in facebook from Romanian, they were communicating with me not bad English, but I never managed to ask at least one of them to real date, because they were either saying they are busy or they were too far. There were no places to find many Romanian girls at once in the USA like festivals of Romanian culture of staff like that or at least I didn’t know where to find them what could also be my mistake, but I decided to act in a different way and how do you think, what have I done? What should the man do to find the biggest concentration of Romanian girls in the world? Right! The man has to go to Romania! That was exactly what I have done, I visited this nice country. I have bought a plane ticket to Bucharest via Munich.

What I could say about Romania in a few words? This country surprised me a lot in a pleasant way. I have opened a new world for myself; I have seen Romania not a gloomy state from vampire movies. It is very nice, modern and open to people European country with rich culture and hospitable people. What else surprised me about Romania were prices. It seemed so cheap to me with my average American salary. I would say average salary in Romania is about $700, and this is considered a good salary, because there are people who get much less. Poverty of some people is one more fact why Romanian girls and guys migrate abroad for work and poverty is one more fact why Westerner has good chances to find a wife in Romania, as they like to use such a man to move abroad and many men from West can’t stand still when they see the beauty of some Romanian girls, even knowing they are using him. But in my case it was not like that and I will tell you why. First of all, I am kind of picky, when it is going about girls. I am from good educated family, I got a degree in my home country, I earn a lot and I am popular among girls in my home town and my home country, so I am not an old pervert who is unable to find normal woman near. But I decided to look for a girlfriend in Romanian because I was mesmerized with their beauty when I have seen them for the first time. When I went to Romania, I didn’t try to pick up the first pretty girl I have seen, because I could find many of such type backing home and that was not my plan at all. Also, I was not waving with my wallet yelling I am American, let’s go with me, baby. First of all I rented apartment in Bucharest. I started to observe the city every day, by going to the stores, buying some products at the supermarkets, looking at Romanian girls and evaluating them. When I had inspiration, I was learning Romanian, not very hard, but some general words and phrases. After 3 weeks in Romania I got my adaptation and decided it is time to widen horizons. I have found in Google some places where I could go to spend my time, but with the knowledge of English, but that was not a bar or café, it was an Art School. I went to the Art School to communicate with girls as well. I have met some pretties there and even managed to go for a date with her, but she seemed weird to me and the beginning of our possible relations ended with nothing. In a month I have left my place of work as it became not interesting to me anymore. I was not thinking about coming back home, but I have decided to draw some plan of staying in Romania. I decided to travel Romania a lot, but this thought was not going to become a reality at those times and there is why: I found a job. I became a teacher of English, native speaker in Romanian private school. That was a place where I have found her – my bright diamond, my Romanian wife, my first and last Romanian girlfriend and my sweet pie. Our relationships started when we glanced at each other during classes for a few times and I noticed she is interested in me. I waited for some time, but she was more initiative and came to me with a proposal I provide personal lessons for her. I agreed and asked if she would like to have some coffee with me and she agreed. It was nice, pure and romantic first Romanian date. I walked her home and was happy like a child. After my 3 month course ended and I have had new students already, I still had private lessons for my Andrea. In a year our relations were in a proposal phase. We have visited America for a few times, than came back to Romania; we traveled Europe and had our wedding ceremony in Las Vegas and in Bucharest in traditional Romanian style. We like to change place of living every 3-4 month and live in the USA, then Romania, we still travel a lot. We plan to have a child and then I guess we are going to settle in the U.S. I am happy to have such pretty, intelligent, street smart and book smart Romanian wife, who is perfect cook, great housewife and is going to be the best mother ever for our children.

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