Do Romanian women search for British men?

Unfortunately, often we have situation when women from Romania with master’s degree diploma go to the UK in search for better life and at first work as waitresses or clean the houses in hope to find better job. But to find work according to diploma is possible if you are U.K. citizen and many local men become such a ‘ticket to better world’.

Many Romanians have friends and relatives who already work or worked in the UK and tell stories of their own. New generation Romanians dream to move to London or any other city in the UK. Some Romanian women try to win the attention of British guys, who come to Bucharest or any other Romanian city. Sometimes they pay so much attention to British guys that such reaction even scares Brits.

Some Romanian women say they adore how British guys are dressed and how they talk. They say Brits have attractive accent and so on. Some share opinion in such a way they are trying to use particular man as a chance to move to the UK. Many women are sure life in British cities is better than in Romanian. Well, nothing weird. Many Romanians were in hope for visa restrictions to disappear and one day that actually has happened. Poor Romanian men. Many are left in Romania while their women went to the UK. Just kidding…

Surprising thing to British people who visit Romania is the fact that prices are very low for everything in this country. One should remember they seem cheap in comparison to his income, in comparison to British salary, but Romanians get much less than people in the UK and so they need to have lower prices. Sounds logical. But anyway, average guy from the UK is rich man in Romania and many women from this country expect him to be such.

All the things described above are understandable. More than half of population in Romania live below the average income level and many people are struggling to pay the bills. The unemployment rate in Romania is high as well, but even employed people get low salaries. There are extremely rich people in Romania and very poor people. This gap is big and more common to Latin countries, than to EU.

As you see, Romania is far from the point to be called paradise. This situation was used by many men from the UK to find wife in Romania. Now everything is even easier as about 50 thousand of Romanian women have chosen the UK as destination for labor migration. It is not hard to meet them in home country, not even bothering visiting Romania. Though, visiting Romania is also nice experience. Aslo Romanian women who work in the UK considered to be pickier, as they have chance to choose among local men who pay attention to them. They attract men because of being pretty. They know that as well, using it all the time.