Good Places For Dating in Poland

Poland is big country and choosing good places for spending a date is pretty easy and at the same time could have some obstacles on the way. Let’s divide dating possibility in Poland into geographical regions – this would be wider category, and then talk about dating in particular place, city or small town.

Poland has Mountains – Tatras, Beskids, Sudets; Poland has Baltic Sea and popular resorts like Sopot, Gdansk, Gdynia, Kolobrzeg, Ustka, Swinouscie and cities near the sea like Szczecin; Poland has great Mazovian Lakes with unbelievable nature, forests and picturesque places. Such far away destinations are good choice to spend weekend together with Polish girl and it does not matter she is already your girlfriend or you got to know her just some time ago and proposed to have such interesting trip through Poland to get to know the country better.

Great destinations to spend interesting date in Poland are, of course, Krakow with its old city, Poznan, Wroclaw and the capital – Warsaw. There are different types of attractions in Poland where you and your girl could spend great time together, get new emotions and get closer together.

My personal experience with Polish girl started with common short talks and smiles – we were working both at the same restaurant. Then I asked her to go skating together when we both will have a day off, but this day was not coming for too long although we both were waiting for it. It all finished that we had a kind of small date. I rented apartment in a small town I worked in and she rented a room in the village near this town so our first meeting was in this small mountain town in Poland close to Czech border. As it is mountain town it has a lot of traditional things to offer to the tourist and I made my future Polish girlfriend few ridiculous presents. One more thing I have done when we went to the small shopping mall – knowing she is catholic I have bought her silver necklace and cross. This gesture not only impressed her, but also she will always think about me when she takes off and takes on this necklace. I did not made it on purpose, it just appeared suddenly, a sudden decision, but it made me great pleasure when I made her presents. Then we went to local mountain café and she had polish sweets called here in Poland “Gofry” (stuffed with sweets waffles) and I had a beer (not good thing to order on the first date). Then I walked her to the river and we had a small walk, and though it was very cold and the river was frozen covered with snow it was nice short walk. Then I walked her to the bus. Between this first date with my future Polish girlfriend and the second one I ordered huge bouquet of flowers –red roses delivery to the place she lives, and sweets. She was pleasantly impressed. The next our common meeting I took a cab, came to her place in the village she lived in and we went together to the bus station. This time we went to the big city about 200 thousand people which was only 10 km away. We spend all the day in the huge shopping mall, walking, talking, she was buying shoes and I laughed and helped her to choose nice one, we went to the Burger King and had Ice Cream because she does not like fast food, we also had coffee in another café and in general we spent great time together.

As you see – there are many places in Poland to spend there great date and the only thing you have to do is to turn your imagination on and find such places. Poland is big and great country, full of places for interest no matter what you and your girl are interested in. You have to find out what would suit you both and organize this date. During the date you have to be initiative man, but also take into consideration opinion of your Polish girl. Date should be interesting, fun, memorable, fascinating (if possible) and the special atmosphere of each place helps to get all this feelings – just open your heart, open yourself to the new, take date as the trip, as the journey which helps you to discover not only the girl, but also new places and get to know something interesting, this would take off possible tension and nervousness and your great date with Polish girl is going to pleasantly surprise you both.