Polish Women – Do They Eagerly Leave Poland In Search Of Foreign Fiance?

If to answer in short – no, they don’t. Polish women don’t really care about finding fiancé whether it is abroad or it is in Poland. Polish women know they are intelligent, pretty and smart enough to build their own career. They have their goals and they are going to achieve these goals every day. There is some small amount of girls, whose goal is successful marriage, but this is very small amount and we can not take it into consideration if we are talking about Poland as about nation in general. Average Polish girl does not have a purpose of early marriage, unless she has met a guy she is dating for long time and they are planning it together. But there is nothing like that in Poland that girls feels she is old maid and she has to get married immediately until she got 25 otherwise she would be considered too old and no one would like to marry her. This is not true.

Polish girl is looking for her place in this life. She tries to satisfy her needs in knowledge, in traveling, in seeing new places and getting new information. Only later she starts thinking about family. There is other type of the girls in Poland – they are dating a guy, start living together in quite short period of time and than in a year or two, if everything is ok in their relationships, they are getting married. But we can not say girl does it on purpose. She just sees it as necessary and needed step – that’s it.

As for foreign fiancé for Polish woman… Polish women have plans and they are going abroad usually to earn some money for dream they have. Some want to buy an apartment or build their own house; some want to open or develop their own business in Poland and need to have seed capital for this. But as you know, life is very changeable, especially if you stay in one place for long time. Usually earning solid sum of money for buying real estate in Poland, or gathering seed capital takes long period of time working abroad – usually starting from one year and more. It is natural that during this time Polish woman is not in complete isolation. She works and has time off, she travels, visits different places, gets covered in local social life and get new friends. It is natural that within some time she finds boyfriend and often this boyfriend is local guy from Germany or from The United Kingdom. This is normal and there is nothing to do with special wish of Polish women to marry foreigner. This is just natural process and according to the fact that millions of Polish women went for work abroad great percentage of them decide to stay there for permanent living, usually because of the marriage with citizen of country they work in.

In marriage with foreigner Polish woman sees a person she feels good and secured with. We all know that financial stability and being sure in the next day is very important thing and it is normal that Polish women by marriage with foreigner also think about stable future of their children and about their own stability, BUT material constituent was never dominant reason for descent Polish woman when she got married with foreigner. Yes, it was important, but not the main.

So, asking question whether Polish women leave their country for search of foreign fiancé is INCORRECT, IMMORAL and has very little to do with the truth. What Polish women have common with other Slavs? Probably only their beauty. The rest is complete abyss. If to talk about Slavic women who often are looking for foreign fiancé – these are often BelarusianMoldovan women… but this is completely different story.