Typical Dating Situation With Average Polish Woman

Dating is usually a long process which has many in common no matter what nation guy and girl belong to. There are pleasant, neutral and unpleasant situations when dating Polish girl and in every case you should leave the situation maximum positively and with your own dignity. We are going to discuss non pleasant situations which have rather negative influence on both – guy and the girl, unless some of them or both do not have real feelings because in such case it would have no influence or understandable indifference. If the situation was bad you should find the best possible way out.

You have to understand that Polish girls are very proud of being Polish and many of them demonstrate slight hints to be a little superior than others. If the girl offended you because of your nationality there are two way outs:

  • To leave the girl without explanations, because such a disrespect means she would demonstrate it in the future and you will not be able to change it; even if the girl said something like that when she was furious – it still means she thinks so in reality, but under normal circumstances she does not let it go out
  • To tell the girl such behavior is inappropriate and wait until she understands her fault and apologize. If she does not – forget about her

There are situations when you are arguing about something with your Polish girlfriend. On some forum some man gave advice that man should never quarrel with girl as he would always lose. It is truth, actually, but how to read this? What does it mean? It means that as real man you have to show your strength and power of your character, yes, you don’t have to quarrel, you just have to say loud your position once, usually giving your objective reasons in short as possible way and do not come back to this conversation. It is in the case you feel and know that you are right. If you don’t know you whether you are right or not you better do not start such conversation.

Be brave enough to recognize your mistake and make an apology, BUT only if you are sure you were not right and this was your fault. Try that such apologies and mistakes of yours were as rare as possible. If they happen too often – do not apologize often as it would show you as weak person.

If the girl does not listen to you when you are giving your objective reasons, even if you are talking calm voice, but give your arguments and she does not want to listen to you or even worse – hangs up the phone and when you call back she hangs up again saying that she is going to bed – you have to teach her once and for all. If she hangs up you do not have to call back, or call once and if she hangs up again there is the time for teaching her. It will help you to understand her real attitude to you and avoid mistakes in the future – maybe this girl is not a girl for you. Remember that girl might have done this all on emotions, but you will see what is going on next.

You have to wait and under any pretext write her or call her the next day and until she will do this first. If for weeks you don’t write and call her and she does not call and write you – it means there are no feelings in this relationships and this is good they are finished already until they did not make more pain to some of this pair or both. But be confident and calm, if there are feelings she will write you first. You have to wait and to be strong, you have to win, unless it will be a catastrophe, but not relationships. If you were right she has to understand her fault, she has to feel how bad she feels without you and contact you. Even if it is hard, if you want to write her first – do not do it. If you do that she will see how weak you are and will do everything she wants with you in the future and what is the worst – you will lose dignity in her eyes and girls like to be only with self respecting guys who have own goals and achieve them.

What is she will never call or write you? Come on! You were right in your decision, you tried to tell her about it and to talk, but it was her attitude which made you ignore her because you respect yourself and have your own dignity. If she will realize she was not right and feel sorry for what she has done she will message or call you. If not – this is not your girl, because it could be worse in the future and this is good you found out this earlier than later.