Approximately 24 disadvantages of Ukrainian women one should definitely know about!

If you are looking on the Internet for something like “features of Ukrainian woman” or “typical Ukrainian woman” it is important to understand that there is a huge difference between Ukrainian woman 45+ and Ukrainian woman 20+ – it’s like if they are from different planets. There is also a huge difference between a Ukrainian woman from a village and a Ukrainian woman from a big city, although this difference is not so great between a young Ukrainian girl 20+ from a village and a Ukrainian girl 20+ from a large city; instead, the difference will be enormous between a woman from Ukraine who is 45 years old and lives in the village and a Ukrainian woman who is 45 years old living in the city. Even a profession or what a Ukrainian woman does for life in a village will affect her appearance, cultural level, decency, horizons of consciousness and family life.

Ukrainian woman 40 +

1. Watch too many TV shows, escape from reality in this way.

2. Live on autopilot, leaded by the main principle of work-home-work.

3. Not much time is spent on self-study, studying oneself.

Unfortunately, even these wise Ukrainian women who are intelligent and would like to discover more… simply can’t find time for discovering such things as yoga, meditation, self-helping techniques and many other things which make life more complete and grasp just because they don’t have enough time. Average descent Ukrainian woman works a lot to get enough money to survive (including buying food, paying the bills, buying necessary everyday things). To be more correct – average Ukrainian family works most of the daytime to survive. For example, I will describe how average day of Ukrainian teacher of English looks like. She has to be at work at 9 am and till 2 pm she is at work. After 2 pm she has 1 hour break when she comes back home and from 3 pm till 7 pm she has co-repetition (works as a tutor) where she teaches children English. Saturday which is officially day off she also works as a tutor. In total she would earn $600 – $650 per month and most of money she would spend for paying bills and buying food and other home stuff, working in total about 250 hours per month.

4. Often they are too critical to themselves.

Men like confident women as life partners and non-confident they like to use. Many Ukrainian women are unsure about their appearance although they are pretty and gorgeous, they are unsure about their skills although they could do their job the best. Such non-confidence has influence at personal life as well an this influence is rather negative.

5. Very much depend on the opinion of others.

This is a whole disaster among Ukrainian women of all ages. Older depend on opinion of neighbors, friends, relatives etc. Younger are concerned what others will say about their pics on Insta and so on. This is total Ukrainian paranoid fear of the opinion of others. I am not sure why this appeared: maybe during Soviet Era when your neighbor could call “special police” and “inform” them about neighbor who could have life consuming consequences. Opinion of others really did matter and maybe it was passed from generation to generation. It is just own assumption.

6. Very much attention is paid to the opinion of others – people they know and strangers.

Ukrainian woman cares how she would look like when she is going to the grocery store. She would rarely go there without make up. When she is in public place she is too much concerned whether she looks not worse than other girls. When it is going about her girl friends she is the same concerned whether she has not worse dress than her friends, whether she looks “the same or better”.

7. Often much attention is paid to work, home affairs.

Married Ukrainian woman often forgets that to remain woman means to remain sexy, to remain interesting and little undiscovered for husband. When woman (wife) loses this charm on her own initiative and thinks that now her “job” is to prepare food and iron clothes man quickly loses his interest in his wife and here is where start quarrels and when man starts looking for other women.

8. They are too disrespectful to themselves and their real desires.

Very often average Ukrainian woman lives not the life she would like to, but she thinks it is normal practice. Critical thinking is often doomed by average daily routine which does not let her even think about what are her real desires, what she would like to do for a life. Maybe she works as a sales person but always dreamed to draw, but when she once tried and everyone was pleasantly shocked by her talent her husband said “it is not real thing to do to earn for life, it is not work but waste of time” and she stopped doing it. Till the end of her life she remains unhappy because she almost never does anything what she would like to, escaping from daily routine watching TV shows on Sunday when husband keeps telling she is watching some crap he can’t stand.

9. They like to talk with hints that men often do not understand.

Woman from Western Europe would say she wants paint brushes and gouache set for Christmas and it would be ok. In Ukraine such open demonstration of wishes is considered little immoral and non romantic and it is preferred to make surprise with making non-expectable present. Although often due to economical situation set of presents is often similar and for men it is often perfumes and shaving set and for women it is often curtains, set of plates or body care cream. But still, Ukrainian women prefer to speak with hints, even if they will get some present they would not need. More of that, if Ukrainian woman speaks with hints she hopes her man would understand her hints and if man would not understand her correctly and would not give her present she wants she would be offended and might demonstrate her offence openly of hide it and it would result in her behavior (usually with silence). Often men in Ukraine understand hints, but pretend they don’t and do not make wished present.

10. Instead of saying clearly what they want (although it is not quite romantic), they give opaque hints, which even “experienced” Ukrainian men sometimes are hard to guess, not to mention foreign boyfriends.

Such hints and misunderstanding based on it often leads to conflict situation.

11. Trying to please her husband in eating, cooking dishes, which he often may not need or does not care about.

It mostly applies to union of Ukrainian woman with foreigner. Foreign guy who used to eat semi-finished products does not really care whether his girlfriend spends 4 hours on the kitchen or 20 minutes. Even if she tried to do her best sincerely spending her spare time to impress her boyfriend or husband with her culinary tricks he might not pay attention to this or what is worse – be nervous by such attitude of his Ukrainian girlfriend or wife who spends more time on the kitchen rather than with her boyfriend or husband (him).

12. Often, she does not pay attention to the real wishes of a husband, but deals with domestic affairs.

Man would like to watch movie together holding her in arms. Man would like to have a walk with her. Man would like to kiss her and to be close… but in all three cases she does not have time because she has to cook pie and then to do laundry and then to swipe the furniture. Often Ukrainian women forget that after marriage they have to remain romantic and little mysterious, keep interest of their husband but instead they focus on house work and perceive man as “already conquered” and as the one “who has no chance to escape”. Such attitude is very wrong and often leads to break up.

13. Focused on family, not on partnership, which often annoys her husband.

It is ok when woman takes care about the family, but the needed balance between family life and personal life with husband should be kept. Ukrainian woman often forgets about it and forgets about husband sacrificing herself completely to the family assuming that husband would take it for granted and understand, but he does not and that is where quarrels start.

14. Often does not care of own health, eats bad food, consumes lots of sugar.

After marriage Ukrainian woman stops thinking about her appearance focusing on family life. To get rid of stress she often substitutes unpleasant feelings with sweets, food and stuff. This makes her body look far from ideal body which she used to have at the period of when they just started dating with husband. Husband got used to see his wife pretty and in good shape and he gets irritated by the fact his woman looks not that hot as before.

15. They have too much work aimed at surviving in harsh Ukrainian realities, so they have no time for themselves, for spiritual and moderate physical development.

It is not a drawback of Ukrainian woman, but a drawback of living in Ukraine and probably drawback of being Ukrainian. Ukrainian woman has to work for many hours per day and if this work is physical she has no time and energy for the gym, bicycle or running, the same as she has no time for yoga or meditation. She is spinning as the squirrel every day and too bad most of Ukrainian women do not have time for personal development which could give them inner satisfaction which could result in future more wise children (future generations) upbringing.

16. Must work too much to make money for the family.

Both Ukrainian man and his wife have to work much to give descent life for all family members. This results in fatigue, the deterioration of relationships between husband and wife, quarrels. Psychological tension which arises more and more also results in bad health, diseases and worsening or quality of life of both spouses and the whole family.

17. Is not a partner, and often shows her support for a man which actually does not appeal to all men.

Often, a Western man is looking for an equal partner for relationships, and in Ukraine finds an obedient woman, which appears to be not part of his dream of personal relationships. Ukrainian woman often can not give the Western men the kind of relationship he wants because she was brought up and raised in a culture where the man is in the center of the family, and the woman obeys him.

18. Senior women from Ukrainian villages and towns are often well-off.

They are very afraid to leave their zone of comfort. Such leaving the comfort causes them so much stress they used never experience before. This results in their sometimes hilarious behavior in public places, not knowing how to behave in appropriate places, how to use elevator, for example, etc. Very often such naïve women became victims of fraudsters.

19. Little attention is paid to psychological health.

Not only because they do not have time for a psychologist and do not have enough money to pay for their services, but also because they consider it a pseudo-science that has nothing to do with reality. This is how everything new is taken as unknown and dangerous. The same with psychology, self-help techniques and meditation. All these things seem weird, funny and not working bullshit for average Ukrainian woman unless she has some real problem and something of the above listed things helped to solve the problem.

20. A Ukrainian woman often goes to extremes: a woman from the village is often full of psychological complexes, and if she moves for permanent life to a big city, she begins to behave as if all the women living in villages are the lowest grade, and she already has got a certain high social status.

Women from cities often compete with each other for more material wealth, for the external expression of material wealth. For example, often a Ukrainian who receives $300 salary per month may buy a dress and make a manicure at the beauty salon for the whole of this money to demonstrate that she is rich, although in fact she will live on the loan all the month before the next salary, as well getting groceries grown on the farm of her grandparents from the village. And the most surprising thing here is that she does it not for her own pleasure, but to boast in front of others, so that others will envy.

21. Low level of personal culture, especially among many Ukrainian women from the village.

Older women are often engaged only in farming, agriculture, they live having outside toilet and washing themselves in a bowl and this is not that much question of money to build washroom inside the house, but question of habit – people lived like that many years before and they would choose to do the same. The majority of Ukrainian families in villages live just like that. There are richer families, or those who work or used to work abroad. These type village Ukrainian families have the houses already built with the European model and which have necessary conditions applied for modern civilization needs. An average village Ukrainian woman working in agriculture is usually not very devoted, especially at the time of her youth. The same applies to men. However, it depends on the family, upbringing. A well-dressed, fun guy from the city driving own car instantly and without difficulties has high chances to tempt a Ukrainian girl from the village, at least most of them, and if he knows good manners and speaks fluent language – then without any problems he will find girlfriend or lover among Ukrainian village girls.

22. Too materially oriented.

Often, if it comes to women from the village, then for them the main thing is to have money. The spiritual level remains undeveloped. They have never heard of meditation, self-development, do not believe in love (or do not take such things as something serious, but rather as something imaginary ridiculous). Formally, they can even go to the church, but “on autopilot” because they “all do this” without a religious subtext, that is, it is often not a try to get closer to God, not a soul-opening, but a formality to be fulfilled because “all the elderly women in the village do so” and if not to go “what people in the village would say”. A woman from the city is also pursuing wealth and if not herself, then at least her daughter she would try to get married to someone rich, wealthy. Often, this rich person may not have absolutely nothing to do with the spiritual, be frankly dumb, with a low level of culture, and with the behavior of a home tyrant, but most importantly – being rich, having money. And then comes suffering of the woman, tormented fate, broken families and children who grew up in an incomplete family.

23. Social status is too important in life.

It influences the choice of partner for herself and the choice of a partner for children, without any understanding that the basis of human happiness is primarily harmonious spiritual development that brings balance and full happiness and prosperity in everything – in material, spiritual, personal, in relationships with people and with nature. Often in Ukraine thing goes like this: mother wants a daughter to marry a wealthy neighboring boy whose parents have a small network of grocery stores, and their son was “arranged” for work in some kind of state institution so that he, using his connections and privilege friends, could provide himself with a living of high income, material wealth, and in that case he could help them with business support if needed and showed kind of protection. At the same time, in order “to arrange” him for this state work, it was necessary to pay huge bribes at the university, and then – “to arrange him” for work. In general, it is a question of the amounts for which one more network of such grocery stores could be built. And such kind of son-in-law wants a poor neighbor’s woman for her daughter – rich, but tired of life, with constant problems, nervous, stroller, irresponsible, for whom the parents have bought everything – education, work, profession. He despises others, considers himself better because he has expensive car, a profession prestigious in his opinion, a lot of money and he feels power and impunity. Example with grocery stores is just an example, but I guess you understood the flow of things.

24. Race over social status is the most important thing.

Unfortunately, for most Ukrainian women this is the case. Many Ukrainian women meet foreigners or marry foreigners to show that they have reached the theoretical high level of material well-being. But this is just to create such an image. Quite often this may not be the case at all. A man from abroad is not always a good option for a Ukrainian woman in terms of financial well-being, but even if a Ukrainian woman marries a poor Turk and they live together for half a year in Ukraine with her parents in the village, she will surely on everyday basis post in photos of the Turkish sunny shore, where they were together for a maximum of a week, and more than 200 photos she made in various swimsuits, different clothes, to put one photo per day during whole year for envy of friends.

Ukrainian girl 20+

Ukrainian youth is a completely different category. Therefore, it should be considered separately. It is because of the great difference in behavior, attitude towards life and moral qualities of a Ukrainian young girl and Ukrainian woman 40+, it should be considered separately, otherwise it is possible to read about “family-oriented Ukrainian woman who will cook and wish to have many children and worships her husband obediently by fulfilling his wishes and getting pleasure of this fact because she was taught such behavior by her mother“, and in reality come across a young model-looking Ukrainian girl who only wants to spend boyfriend’s money on her own needs and personal pleasure, who needs only your credit card, a lot of financial support, attention and sponsorship, who loves to have fun with friends, describes the family as something outdated and archaic, eats only in expensive Kiev restaurants where lunch costs at least three times more than in the United States, hates children and thinks about not having them in general, and even then, will try to make you conform to her image – make you wear branded things, attend social events, and stuff. That is why it’s important to know not only the drawbacks of Ukrainian girls, but also what kinds of Ukrainian girls exist, how different they are? We talked about the elderly Ukrainian women in above paragraphs, now it’s our turn to tell a little about young Ukrainian women. Here we will distinguish between the two main types that are most commonly encountered. Of course, this is a collective image, but it has a 100% coincidence with some women of modern Ukrainian reality.

Type # 1. Limited.

Unfortunately, the most popular nowadays type in modern Ukraine. Quite often, a young Ukrainian girl lives only on the principle of “get trashed”, “partying”, “have fun”. She is still too young to understand that she lives by someone else’s script, someone else’s ideas programmed by society, advertising, someone else’s influence. Most young Ukrainian women are interested in the social status – fashionable clothes, stylish look, cool cars, the presence of a significant amount of money that will allow you to visit clubs, go to resorts and travel, buy clothes in trendy boutiques, use new flagship phones, post in photos of your “magnificent life” on the Instagram. With such a girl there is practically nothing to talk about, she evaluates people for clothes, primitive boasting, and the size of a wallet. She scornfully looks at those who live poorly, on those who, in her opinion, have not achieved what she has achieved. Although all her “achievements” are often due to “sucking appropriate” … member.

Type # 2. Descent.

Very rare type, but if you find such a girl in Ukraine – do not hesitate to marry her and I am serious. It is a girl who, due to some unknown reasons, did not succumb to the devastating impact of the surrounding rotten society. As a rule, this is a girl who grew up in an intelligent family of teachers, doctors, sometimes – employees of the budget sphere. It is usually girls from not very poor, but not from wealthy Ukrainian families either, where parents and grandparents were guided in life by the principles of justice, moral education and from the childhood instilled it to children and grandchildren. The strongest reflexes are formed in childhood, as we know. True, in the strict Ukrainian reality, such girls managed to combine the basic human moral qualities and the ability not to hurt themselves, the ability to protect themselves and manifest the character. These Ukrainian girls 20+ are smart enough to have an education and get the diploma and professional experience as translator, IT, programmer, financier, journalist, accountant, creative producer and others – most importantly, they learned fruitfully and taught what they like. Such girls are interesting interlocutors, erudite, it is good to have fun with them. Their trust is hard to conquer, because they are also good psychologists at the same time, but if you win the chance to enter into their personal space, you will have a reliable friend. Such a Ukrainian girl chooses a partner NOT on the principle of material wealth, because external attributes for her are NOT important, but the most important for her is balanced inner world of the man. I do not say this should be poor guy in ragged clothes who plants a tree every day caring about nature and preaches the ideas of world love. The best candidate for a boyfriend for such a Ukrainian woman is a young, interesting boy with a perspective vision of a personal life who is doing something, or is planning to take up and step by step moves towards his plans and goals, is not afraid of difficulties. For example, it might be a guy who works as an accountant in a small firm, but is developing a T-shirt print project on the Internet in parallel with his main money-making activity at the same time. He may have something to go on, he can even go abroad for half a year to earn start-up capital for his business idea, but he should be interesting, with his own vision of life and have interesting guy’s style of behavior – and here it does not matter whether he is from Ukraine or from abroad, he should be interesting and perspective type of a man in sense of having own goals.

We do NOT say that all Ukrainian women could be covered by this small general description, because it is simply unrealistic to do this, as well as it is not a good thing to generalize anything, especially people and nations. Please, do not be offended for this description, because it has a purely subjective evaluation based on personal experience. Ukrainian women, as well as any other girls on the Planet, have hundreds of thousands, millions features and each one is special, and each one has its own advantages besides disadvantages. Today we decided to focus on the disadvantages of most, because many write about the benefits, the pros and give such a certain “pink glasses” view for Ukrainian women. We believe that it will be fair to learn about the real disadvantages of some Ukrainian women which you can meet in real life during a joint residence with a Ukrainian woman, common life, relationship etc. We believe that the balance must be preserved in everything, because the Universe is probably arranged that way; therefore, even in the true description of Ukrainian women there should be a balance and a spoon of tar in honey barley.

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6 Responses

  1. Gregory Eagle says:

    I was always finding only good information on Ukrainian girls. Sometimes this was openly vivid advertisement or something written in style where you should visit particular website. But the information I’ve read here today is completely different from what I have heard about Ukrainian women. Really, I have never realized before that in Ukrainian culture there is such a great versatile variety of women types like village Ukrainian woman, big city Ukrainian woman, young Ukrainian woman and young village Ukrainian woman 🙂 Thank you guys for opening my eyes that it is not that flat as most of us would like to see. You showed me and other people reality, real situation without painting it either white or black, just truth about Ukrainian women as it is. Why I believe it is truth? Because it is written by someone who either lived in Ukraine or has experience with Ukrainian women or both – because I also have had experience with living in Ukraine and much what is said here correlates with what I’ve experienced or seen in ukraine but I never realized. Actually, this article calls us to find drawbacks of Ukrainian women, but once more it somehow makes us understand beauty of Ukrainan women as it is written in truethfully warm style if there is such a style. I guess this is good piece of writing which really helps to understand Ukrainian women better.

  2. Natalia says:

    As Ukrainian woman at first I was angry when I just read the topic of the article. But after I read the article itself I must admit many of things written here are truth. Although some of them are unpleasant, they appear to be truth. Must say more of Ukrainan firls should realize their drawbacks and do not argue, but work on them. The only thing I would like you to ask is not making any stereotypes and generalizations. But all written here does not seem do intent that so thank you for such an approach

  3. Tommy says:

    Ukrainian women are awesome even though some of them might have some minor drawbacks just as every woman on Earth. I have been to Ukraine and must say people of the country are very hospitable and kind and women are gorgeous – very beautiful, intelligent, warm and just awesome

  4. Harry True... says:

    Must say it was long piece of writing and I could not realize there is such big difference between Ukrainian village people and people from the city. Actually yes, when walking down streets of Lviv, Kiev or Odessa it seems you are in Prague, maybe Paris or elsewhere in Western Europe but it is worth to take marshrutka bus to the nearest village which could be approximately 15 km away from the city and you will be shocked how the reality is changing dramatically – no roads, mud, poverty. There is even some feeling of wilderness and abandoned places where you feel some kind of freedom mixed with despair. So yes, I truly believe the author who has mentioned such dramatical difference between Ukrainian rural inhabitants and city folks


    I have just finished writing my true real life based article about Ukrainian girl I know. There are no personal hints, but there is global truthful understanding of YOUNG Ukrainian girls. As according to the info given above in the article she (the girl I know and wrote about) would feat named here Type #1 – or ‘Limited’ category. If you are interested you can read more detailed picture of young Ukrainian girl I personally know

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