Do Ukrainian women have a sense of inferiority comparing themselves to neighbors?

It all depends on the individual. But in general it is difficult to say. Many Ukrainian women go abroad to work because it is difficult to get a decent salary in Ukraine. It happens that Ukrainian nurses, teachers and engineers work in neighboring Poland as dishwashers, cleaners or assemble household appliances on a conveyor belt.

Is this seen as a feeling of inferiority? Of course not. It is an effort to live a better, dignified life. Although many may have an internal conflict because of this. You are a teacher at home and a cleaner in another country. For everyone it is a shock, but not a pure inferiority.

If we compare Ukrainian women with women from neighboring countries, the situation is different again. Again, it all depends on the individual. Most Ukrainian women from Western Ukraine are patriots of their country. They demonstrate personal dignity and have personal goals. If such a woman goes abroad, she usually has a clear purpose why she went abroad and what goals she’s trying to achieve.

We can most likely talk about inferiority by referring to women from other regions of Ukraine, except the West. Quite often they behave abroad as if they have won the lottery. A ticket to another country is perceived as an opportunity to live in a better world. But in fact it is only an opportunity to perform hard physical work for relatively little money.

Yes, compared to wages in Ukraine, wages in the Czech Republic or Poland are much higher, but still quite low compared to world rates. Those who understand this have no problems with inferiority. Those who are willing to idolize the employer for the opportunity to work even in the worst conditions doing the worst job for low wages have an obvious sense of inferiority.

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What is the feeling of inferiority? This is when you feel awkward because of your background. For example, when you are ashamed to admit that you are from Ukraine. Is this the case for Ukrainian women abroad?

It is possible that some isolated cases occur, but in general most Ukrainian women do not have a feeling of inferiority. Recent Ukrainian history has seen many cases where people have fought for their freedom and independence and are proud to be Ukrainians.

It is very important where a Ukrainian woman comes from. For example, was she born in a countryside or in a big city. Urban women often have a strong character and even when living abroad, they loudly declare their rights. Rural women from Ukraine tend to be more modest, and such behavior can be mistaken for inferiority. But this is not the case.

What can be the manifestation of inferiority complex in Ukrainian women? This is when they talk about the fact that abroad everything is better than in Ukraine – the level of culture, standard of living, life, homes, etc.

Often all the above examples are really true. However, Ukrainians often idealize one country, saying that everything is bad in Ukraine. Not everything can be bad at home and at the same time not everything can be perfect abroad. This is a complex of inferiority.

This complex can also be manifested in the undeniable glorification of other countries without giving facts. For example, phrases like “What can we, Ukrainians, do…” or “Everything is better in America…” are manifestations of inferiority.

Also, many Ukrainians often buy the latest model of smartphone for the last savings to show off to others. Although I am from Ukraine myself, I’ve never understood this. I always tried to choose between functionality and reasonable price. The brand itself took the third place for me. But that is also rather individual and depends on upbringing.

Can Ukrainians be blamed for feelings of inferiority? Of course not. Every country goes through this during its formation. The material component is very important, and if a person is working hard in his or her country and does not receive an adequate salary, he or she may feel inferior to citizens of other (more rich) countries.

In fact, Ukrainians have many things to be proud of. In Ukraine was born the man who created the planes – Serhiy Koroliov. In Ukraine was born man who invented helicopter – Ihor Sikorsky. Ukraine is creating space rockets that Elon Musk called the best after his SpaceX rockets.

Ukraine is building ships, high-precision equipment, etc. Ukraine ranks highest in the world rankings among talented programmers and startups. In addition to scientific potential, Ukraine has a huge tourist potential.

Ukraine has literary everything country could dream of – the world’s most fertile soils that can feed half the world, forests, amber, gas, many minerals, even oil. However, Ukrainians must realize that they must become masters of their land. While most will run away from problems abroad, at home it will always be worse, and the grass would be always greener on the other side.

However, it is incorrect to say that Ukrainian women have constant and comprehensive feeling of inferiority. Most women do not have such a complex. In particular, if in the past many people tended to think that they were ashamed to admit Ukrainian citizenship, now in 2020 it is far behind.

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Inferiority is a psychological problem that arises when a person compares himself / herself with other people. In the case of countries – when a person compares himself / herself as a citizen to citizens of other countries.

Today it was interesting to consider the fact whether Ukrainian women really feel inferior compared to women in neighboring countries. Compared to its Western neighbors, such as Poland, Slovakia or Hungary, some facts of inferiority may occur. Compared to Russia or Belarus, they are almost non-existent.

Ukrainians are able to adapt well to new conditions. They have demonstrated this by assimilation in other countries. If Ukrainians overcome corruption in their own country, they will quickly become fully proud of themselves and their country.

The main thesis remains that although the facts of inferiority are present in the lives of Ukrainian women, they are either isolated or their number is not a cause for concern. It can be concluded that modern Ukrainian women are doing well with self-esteem.