10 golden qualities of Ukrainian women

Foreign men like to visit Ukraine. They come here not only as tourists. Many of them dream of meeting their future beautiful wife in Ukraine. That is why you can see a lot of Americans, Canadians, Brits, Australians and men from other countries on the streets of Kyiv, Odesa or Lviv who do not mind to find potential wife in Ukraine.

For example, the British media write that Ukrainian women conquer the hearts of foreigners not only by natural beauty, but also spiritual qualities and their attitude towards family values.

On the other hand, marriages of Ukrainian women and foreigners are often characterized by a large age difference between the bride and groom. In many cases, this causes disputes and misunderstandings between spouses.

Many foreigners like to compare Ukrainian women to their compatriots. In this comparison typical Ukrainian women in most cases and by most parameters win the competition.

What’s so special about Ukrainian women? We offer you only some main and most discussed qualities of Ukrainian women that are appreciated by foreigners and, by the way, very often ignored by Ukrainian men.

1. Beauty. Years pass, but in the world of beauty has little changes. Beauty standards may be subject to change, but the fact that Ukrainian women remain the world’s standard of beauty is undeniable. Foreigners who come to Ukraine cannot contain their emotions, saying that they have never seen so many beautiful women anywhere before.

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2. Love for family. Ukrainian women like to cook tasty dishes of Ukrainian national quisine and recipes and tips have been passed to Ukrainian women from generation to generation. But not only traditional Ukrainian dishes.

Many other popular today dishes of the world quisine will be on your table in case with Ukrainian wife. The house of Ukrainian woman is always clean. Ukrainian wife maintains family life economically. They do so not because they “have to”, but because they like to do it.

3. Emotional qualities. Ukrainian women are passionate and emotional. Ukrainian women might demonstrate wide rage of different feelings, especially sympathy, tenderness and understanding.

Very often Ukrainian women show support and, if necessary, forgiveness. Traits such as resentment or jealousy are also present, but they are present in all women and men in the world.

4. Balance and wisdom. With a Ukrainian wife, the husband is guaranteed to have success in life. This is not just words, but a proven fact. Most men who marry Ukrainian women are doomed to success in their careers.

It only remains to be found out whether Ukrainian women choose such successful men or whether they themselves make them successful. Most agree that everything depends on the Ukrainian woman, as she is able to lead a man to success.

5. Mother with big ‘M’. The love that Ukrainians give to their children is admirable. Often a Ukrainian woman neglects her own desires, interests or goals, for the primary goals of her family, so often the love of a Ukrainian mother is admirable.

6. Diligence. In traditional Ukrainian culture, a woman had to do a lot of work. Since most Ukrainians lived in rural areas, such work was physically difficult and the woman had to be resilient.

After all, in addition to working in the field, she did a lot of housework, preparing food, caring for children. Apparently, this was passed on genetically to modern Ukrainian women. However, if before the spruce was chosen not so much for beauty as for “mastery”, now the diligence of Ukrainian women is a nice bonus to their unsurpassed beauty.

7. Surprises with personal talents. Ukrainian women have many talents. Some of them used to be a necessity. For example, the ability to knit provided the whole family with good quality sweaters and other home clothes. Today it is a hobby of Ukrainian women, but among home-made knitwear you can often find real handmade masterpieces.

Ukraine in general has a huge creative potential, which can be seen on various talent shows and on YouTube. You can try to list these talents, including singing, making music, painting, dancing … but it is better to follow each case of talent separately. Ukrainian women are represented in each creative sphere.

8. Has high intellignce level. If you think there is no country in Europe where most women go to university after graduation, you are wrong, because such a country exists – it’s Ukraine.

However, many Ukrainian women after graduation cannot find a job in their specialty. But this is not only happening in Ukraine. The fact that most Ukrainian women have higher education is undeniable. And as you know, a person with higher education has a different level of cultural development, is more erudite. It is interesting to talk to such a woman on various topics, she has a broader outlook.

If you look at the practical side of the high level of intelligence of Ukrainian women, they work as programmers, web designers, engineers and in many other spheres which demand highly professional qualities.

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9. Respects parents and grandparents. Ukrainians have quite strong ties with their parents and grandparents. Even after marriage and starting a family, most families maintain frequent contact with their parents.

Parents also often help their children financially. Relations with parents are based on respect for parents. Most Ukrainian women value the traditions of generations regarding the family, love and care for their parents and grandparents. They in turn help and take care of children and grandchildren.

10. Wife who values family traditions. The dreams and desires of most Ukrainian women are simple and based on traditional family life. Most women want to start a happy family.

After creation of the family – to create and maintain the home warmth and comfort with their skills and love. Ukrainian women dream of living in harmony with their husband, remaining a happy couple of traditional style.