Are interracial marriages possible in Ukraine?

What is the attitude to interracial marriages in Ukraine? Does Afro-American or Asian has a chance to marry Ukrainian woman?

Those are vivid questions men in Japan or in the USA and other countries often ask. We made up a research and give you opinions on the above issues.

Marriages of Ukrainian women with representatives of other races and cultures are not only possible, but have long been a fait accompli. Ukrainian women marry Japanese, African-Americans, Arabs and other men. Therefore, such marriages are possible and Ukrainian society perceives them as a normal phenomenon.

Such marriages are not a mass phenomenon in Ukraine

However, it should be noted that we can’t say interracial marriages in Ukraine are a mass phenomenon. Most likely, interrational marriages in Ukraine are not widespread. Their share out of all marriages in Ukraine is very small.

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Attitudes towards such marriages

In general, the attitude to such marriages in Ukraine is from neutral to approving, but it depends on the specific family and even the settlement.

The size of the settlement matters

Attitude in big cities

In large Ukrainian cities, people are accustomed to seeing or communicating with representatives of different countries and nationalities on a daily basis. Therefore, they respond normally to the fact that foreigners assimilate into Ukrainian society. In particular, if a Ukrainian woman meets an African-American or an Asian and is going to marry him or is already married, in large Ukrainian cities, almost everyone will not care.

Attitude in small towns and villages

In small towns or villages, people live in their small community and are wary of all strangers. However, this vigilance is rapidly changing to hospitality. Foreigners in such small settlements of Ukraine are perceived as interesting people with whom locals are eager to communicate, ask about various facts of life in another country. Most of the local population are very curious about foreigners. After all, in many small Ukrainian villages, people saw African-Americans or Asians only on TV or on the Internet.

The attitude of the bride’s parents

This is the most sensitive aspect. You will never guess here. It is necessary to take a step in advance and get acquainted with the parents of the future wife before marriage. It is worth going and meeting her parents.

The attitude of a particular family can be different, because it depends on the level of culture in the family. It makes a difference if your fiancée’s parents are intelligent teachers and if they work in agriculture or do hard physical work.

Much also depends on the groom. Parents will be happy if he is a good open person. If their daughter feels good around him, if she lives a full life, they usually will not mind.


Of course, there may be exceptions. And they will be. There are many people with their problems, flaws and their point of view. You should not pay attention to the negative attitude of some people.

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Ukrainians are very tolerant and welcoming nation. There are very few cases of negative attitudes towards interracial marriages in Ukraine. Even information about them can not be found. On the contrary, Ukrainians are known for their kindness and hospitality towards other nationalities. Therefore, if you think about marrying a Ukrainian woman – go to the goal, as it is a widespread fact that many foreigners have already married Ukrainian women.

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Attutude of Ukrainians towards interracial marriages could be divided into two main categories:

1) Attitude of avegare Ukrainians;

2) Attitude of parents and friends of future bride.

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