The Best Ukrainian Quotes about Love

People so much talk about the love that sometimes it’s hard to choose the most meaningful words. There is a selection of the best Ukrainian quotes about love that will not leave you indifferent. If you are involved in Ukrainian brides online dating, you can use some of these quotes to impress a girl and create an appropriate mood. They capture the depth and passion of the feelings, including not only joy or passion but also sadness or anger. Anyway, people in love have both weekdays and holidays.

1. “Love is, first of all, responsibility, and then pleasure and joy” by V. Sukhomlynsky.

2. “It’s very hard to live in the world and not love anybody” by T. Shevchenko.

3. “Love does not depend on our will, it comes without our merits and disappears without our fault” by I. Franko.

4. “Love comes from love. When I want to be loved, I love first” by G. Skovoroda.

5. “While the world is full of lovers, there is nothing to worry about” by O. Gonchar.

6. “I have been loving you for many years, and I fall in love with you every day again” by L. Kostenko.

7. “I’m not sorry for loving you, but our roads have different directions” by L. Ukrainka.

8. Rose is like love: it can hurt if you don’t know how to take it right” by L. Kostenko.

9. “In the morning, and in the afternoon, and in the evening, I thought of you and remembered everything in order. If I live up to a little bit old age, I will write a poem in prose (about our love). It will be a wonderful work, smelling of the sea, steppe, field poppy, spring rain, tender and sad to tearful joy” by M. Kulish.

10. “… what could be more pleasant, sweet and life-giving than love? People who are devoid of love seem to be devoid of the sun and even dead, and I’m not surprised at all that God himself is called love” by G. Skovoroda.

11. “What is love? This is a fairy tale, inspired by life and life, inspired by a fairy tale” by O. Turyansky.

12. “Nobody has loved so much. Such love comes only after thousands of years” by V. Sosyura.

13. “A narcissist cannot be capable of true love” by V. Sukhomlynsky.

14. “Love is worthy of your pain and your separation, it is worthy of disgust and torment, evil barking, madness, and mercy. It is worthy even of life. Not to mention death” by S. Zhadan.

15. “Passion is an inspiration of the body, and love is the inspiration of the soul” by L. Kostenko.

16. “Love is a wide sea with its own ebb and flow, its cavities and pitfalls, its waves and its equal and clean surface” by O. Kobylyanska.

17. “It’s not enough to see. It’s not enough to understand. You should love. There is no mystery in talent. There is the eternal enigma of love” by H. Tyutyunnyk.

18. “Love is not about the short-wave gust of passion that can cloud your judgment for a moment. No, it’s something else. It is the source of a winged dream, deep respect and unselfish devotion” by Y. Grimaylo.

19. “Love can be a great poem that people will re-read in memories, without pain and sorrow” by L. Ukrainka.

20. “If you have never had the desire to embrace the whole earth, to pat a street dog, to take a culled leaf from the ground and kiss it, then you have not loved yet” by H. Tiutiunnyk.

21. “If all the stars and all the suns from all the skies in the world were gathered from the sky, my love would burn brighter than all the suns for thousands of centuries” by V. Sosyura.

22. “Love is noble only when it is shy” by V. Sukhomlynsky.

23. “The soul or more precisely, the heart, has always been a symbol of the Ukrainian love, and the body, in contrast to the cultures of some other peoples, has never been an idol of worshipping. Therefore, our efforts to find some Ukrainian Venus in sculptural forms or among numerous paintings will be in vain” by M. Tomenko.