Romantic approach to Romanian women

Nothing weird is in the fact that many men like Romanian women as they are considered as one of the most pretty in Europe. Since Romania has become a member of EU it became easy for those girls to travel around the world (more often work than travel) and so you can meet them anywhere and at the same time it became easier to foreign men to visit Romania in search of love. If you are one of those men you have to know some rules, norms and advices that would help you to impress, conquer and start relations with pretty Romanian woman. Here I mean real relations, but not those trips called sex tourism. So, today we are looking for special way how to conquer the heart of Romanian beauty. Our advices are universal and knowing them does not mean they would fit to all Romanian women, but in general they might help.

The fact that you are foreigner would give you many pluses in Romania and definitely will help to find the girl. Romanian girls pay attention to foreigners more than to local men and the reasons are very simple: money and perspectives for life in better developed countries. Must say again that do not be to arrogant as there are girls who would not pay attention to you, but in general your chances are high. Your actions should be different if you are trying to start relations with Romanian girl in another country. To win her attention you will have to make a lot efforts. So, maybe it is easier to go and find a woman in Romania than to compete with your compatriots who might be more rich/nice or more experienced?

What about popular stereotypes as hot and easy going women are everywhere in Romania? Stereotype is generalizing and you have to come out of this word, which means that every particular woman is individual and has own peculiarities. Many Romanian women are intelligent and would never go with you just because you are foreigner. Romanian women are smart and if you would try to use her she would guess what are your plans or if she agrees than she is just such a kind of girl and you don’t have to go to Romania, but can find such girl in your country.

Most of Romanian women are religious (not fanatics, but believe in God), family oriented and dream to have good husband, kids and have happy prosperous life. The fact that you are foreigner might be used by you to get acquainted to the girl at first as Romanians are curious about other cultures and like to communicate to their representatives.

At the first date you could ask Romanian girl about the country and traditions, ask her to tell you more about Romania and what are the most interesting topics according to her. Show you are interested in her culture, but at the same time show you are interested in her, ask her questions, but not too personal, as it is the first date only. At the same time share your experience, compare your culture to Romanian, but do not say your culture is better. In any case, make her talk more than you.

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In Romania you have to behave more in Romanian style. It includes the style of wear, your behavior and manners, as in Romanian society it means a lot and women pay attention to that. Of course, if this is normal woman with whom you would like to have long term relations, but not the one who is looking for rich foreigner (as in this case she would not care, even if you are dressed as stinky bum). Be coool and feel comfortable, Romanian women like confident men. Learn some words in Romanian, that would help you to impress Romanian woman. Do not wear trendy brands as you have to look like normal, not too rich man. If she see such expensive clothing on you, she may be shy about her appearance and you definitely do not need that to happen. In case of what to wear you have to follow gold middle as too rich or too careless clothing may be the reason of last date. Romanians are much more concerned with the opinion of other people, unlike citizens of western Europe, for example. Although, some girls might like if you are wearing fashionable luxuries all brand new as you may become a subject of her pride among her friends.

Demonstrating your interest is your idea number one if you want that Romanian girl pay attention on you. This interest may be in everything concerning culture, clothes, way of communication, history. Of course, do not exaggerate or you might be considered as stupid. Pay attention to the girl, to some minor at first sight things. Such combination of your care and interest in culture would play for your good.

You probably have heard the expression women love with their ears. This means that making compliments and saying how pretty she is would do wonders with Romanian girl. Romanian women dress up very nice and definitely have the sense of style and also they use makeup very often. If you pay attention to that details and make the compliment in the right moment, she would definitely appreciate that and you get HUGE bonus! Together with compliments you can make her sweet small presents like teddy bear or chocolate. Do not make expensive presents as it is not high time for that yet, but small present would be very good thing that make warm impression about you. Romanian women like to get flowers very much. It is good tradition all over Eastern Europe. If you buy Romanian woman flowers just for no reason, she would be very impressed and happy, believe me. Use delivery agency and add sweet letter as that would be even more romantic. You can’t make first impression twice, so all those small presents, flowers, chocolate and nice impressions would do great favor for the future relations.

Such actions would show her you are serious about future relations, but are not just some of those numerous foreigners who visit Romania, waving their wallets in hope to find quick love, what could not be called love actually. Remember again about the rule of golden middle and do not make too much gifts, flowers, surprises. Everything has to be spontaneous, unique and pleasant. In other case it would become routine to her and so not impressive.

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