Hungarian Family Traditions And Peculiarities of Marriage in Hungary

Hungary is very cozy and friendly country. Its cultural, historical and national traditions Hungarians cherish with special warmth. In Hungary customs and traditions of the past are deeply mixed with the realities of modern.

Family traditions, as well as marriage traditions were deeply respected and honored by Hungarians for centuries. The same picture we can observe nowadays.

Moreover, those people who prefer single life in Hungary sometimes could be even judged with bewilderment and incomprehension, and in many families unmarried woman in late 20’s is considered almost a family grief. Of course, today’s 20+ people do not try to get married as soon as possible, but generally do not realize their future without creating a strong family and having children.

Quite a long time remnants of patriarchal family maintained in Hungary. The man considered to be uncontested head of the family and disobeying his will was unthinkable. That is why the rights of women were quite prejudiced.

For example, in some cases, the wife could not even sit down at the same table with her husband. In present-day Hungary, including at the legislative level, gender equality is enshrined. In most cases couples do not experience any problems, respecting and supporting each other.

Although, it should be noted that in some families, a woman, of course, voluntarily on her own will, transfers the rules to her husband, fully devoting herself to the household and child-rearing.

Decent and always honest relationships between Hungarians before marriage should be noted. Hungarians have the aspects of good parenting. In addition, 18+ people always have great reverence and respect for the older generation. When it goes about children, Hungarians use only gentle approach.

As for the old Hungarian tradition that marriage was possible only in a strictly defined social circle or within some of the local groups, the custom is not forgotten probably only in small settlements.

The church‘s marriage in Hungary is almost unbroken tradition, which is currently still relevant.

What Hungarians certainly will not understand is a quiet wedding. They are very fond of noisy celebrations, love to dance, never forget their colorful national costumes.

Probably, in every Hungarian family one can find national costumes. For example, a beautiful and interesting courtship ritual is still often applied in modern Hungary. Even speech that matchmaker should say is well prepared in advance and there is a quotation, including the Bible, and poetry, remembered and used fragments of works of the older generations.

After courtship goes engagement. Earlier engagement in Hungary meant that families of bride and groom finally agreed on financial aspects of the forthcoming marriage. And now a few prudent Hungarians prefer to discuss money issues before the wedding and drawing up the marriage contract is common as well.

Traditional is still the “farewell” custom where future spouses say good bye to their single life. Of course, friends of the bride and groom are involved. Hungarian interesting ritual is vestments of bride in a wedding dress. A bad omen considered if the bride wears a dress herself, so she does almost nothing but wait until her friends help her to dress up.

Wedding ceremony itself is fun and noisy, and seems like Hungarians can dance endlessly. In general, couples are dancing like crazy before the wedding, during the celebration, and after in any fitting case.

Traditional is so-called ‘money dance’ of the bride where anyone who wants to dance with the barefoot bride is obliged to throw hard cash in her shoes.

Hungarians have the custom of blessing the couple by parents. When wife is going to enter the new house for the first time, she is carried into the house by husband and newly weds are showered with grain which means the ‘shower of wealth’.

Wedding feast in Hungary is always impressing with its abundance and variety of dishes. It is familiar to anyone who is truly gourmet that Hungary is famous for its fantastic food and drinks.

Newly created families are usually quick to give birth to children. Hungarian women protect the life of their families. Most of them are very good housewives, while modern Hungarian women often manage to combine being stunning hostesses, loving and caring mothers, carefully monitor the cleanliness of the house, and besides, find time to work and even to build a career.

Husbands also cherish family, protect and respect their wives, doing all that they in no way feel needless. Thus, in the house of a Hungarian family there’s always a comfort and warmth, heard ringing laughter of children, and on weekends and holidays, you can see a wonderful family dinner scene, followed by high jinks, loud music and dancing.

Until recently, divorces in Hungary were hard to find. Hungarians has made every effort in order to save the marriage. They understand how important is this aspect of their lives and for the most it is even fundamental.

Betrayal in Hungary is extremely rare thing. Somehow it does not come into their heads to bet the family fortune. Betrayal is not acceptable and is considered a major cause for divorce.

However, sadly, but in recent years, the situation in this area has changed somewhat. The number of divorces is growing steadily. Although the divorce procedure is quite complicated, today divorce in Hungary is only possible through the courts.

Sociologists argue that the divorces are initiated by women. Men, on the contrary try to prevent such statistics and give a chance for the family to finding happiness and harmony. It’s great to remember and re-start to read the most important and the main Hungarian tradition: the creation, preservation and strengthening of families.