Belarusian and Russian woman: main differences

When admiring Slavic women, their stunning beauty often captures our attention and we may overlook the diversity within the Slavic population. However, there are distinct differences between certain subgroups. These differences may not always be obvious but can be quite significant. In this article, we will specifically examine the distinctions between Belarusian and Russian women, based on our own research, observations and well-known facts. It is important to note that our findings are subjective and do not claim to represent absolute truth.

It’s not all about appearances

When we think of Belarusian women, we tend to focus only on their attractive appearance. Admit it, you’re not interested in anything else. The same applies to Russian women. Nevertheless, the main differences lie in the nature of women, in their character.

Let’s examine the differences between Russian and Belarusian women to see if that is true. Many people say Belarus means “White Russia” and assume Belarusians are the same as Russians.

Viewing Belarus as a “big village”

Some Belarus women, but not all, consider their country too small. Some say “it’s like one big village” where everyone knows everyone else. Belarus women often consider moving to another country and living abroad.

Belarusian women rank Russia first on their list of attractiveness, as a country to move to. Affinity is also facilitated by the fact that Belarusians and Russians speak the same language – Russian. They are interested in living in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Belarusians rarely speak the Belarusian language.


To be fair, it is worth mentioning that Belarusians from the Western regions of the country, especially those, who are of Polish origin, typically migrate for permanent living to Western Europe or develop Belarusian culture and traditions on their homeland in their towns and villages. In cities like Grodno or Brest as well as their surroundings, this is more prevalent.

A good deal of Russian women have a strong sense of patriotism and love for their country. Many of them visit Europe or other countries of the world as tourists, but they prefer to live in Russia.

Russian women are much less likely to want permanent residency in a foreign country than Belarusian women.

Complexes of inferiority

Belarusian women often consider Russia “big brother” while showing ignorance to their own traditions, language and culture.

Unlike Belarusian, Russian women love their country hysterically, and they often argue with their opponents using fists to prove that Russia is the best in the world. Not all Russian women are like that. Many don’t really care about their country. Some would like to move abroad.

There are also Belarusian women who have their own successful businesses. Most Belarusians do not think about “big brothers” or moving abroad. They just live day-to-day routines. They try to provide for their families. In general, these women are from Minsk or other big Belarusian cities; they have no inferiority complex and love to travel, live a rich life, and love themselves in the country where they were born. It is rare to find such a completely happy Belarusian woman.

Belarusian women are Slavs. Russian women are mix of Slavs and Mongol-Tatars

Although appearance of Belarusian and Russian women might seem the same, there are differences. Belarusian women are often tall blondes, or have light hair with blue or grey eyes. Russian women have versatile range of hair color and color of eyes, and if look more precisely – they often have bulging cheekbones and narrower incision of the eyes. These are often hard to identify features, but sometimes it is very vivid.

In traditional Russian culture woman always “belonged” to his husband. He ruled everything at home economy and his word was a law. Russian woman in traditional culture was obeyed to her husband.

Lands of modern Belarus used to be a part of former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Rules here were different and woman had much more freedom. Belarusian family had much more democracy in the past, comparing to Russian families in the past, where the laws of the golden horde were the key norms of family behavior. It gave its influence for future generations. However, Soviet Union and two wars have eliminated most of what was traditional in ancient Belarusian family.

Russian women respect their husbands more

In Russia, a man and a woman both work for the benefit of their family. But, as a rule, man usually earns more or much more. The man is considered to be the head of Russian family. It is also often the case that a man has his own business and his income provides the whole family. In Russia, in general, there are more opportunities for business development than in Belarus, albeit with some local specificity. That is why average Russian woman has respect for her husband, for her man, unless he is addicted to alcohol, of course, which often happens to be the truth, unfortunately.

In Belarus, women are used to being independent. During the war, when most of the men did not return home, died, there was nothing left for Belarusian women to take on their own response masculine functions and responsibilities. The generation of men who grew up in those years was often referred to as “momma’s boys“. Such a man in grown up age is often lazy and uninitiated. What kind of woman will respect such a man? Here we can find reasons where disrespect comes from. Of course, at the same time many Belarusian women are happy in marriage with Belarusian men and love their husbands, so you cannot cover the situation one-sidedly.

Modern Russian women are more emancipated, Belarusian recognize the husband’s superiority

Compared to ancient times, in modern Belarusian and Russian families everything has changed to the contrary. Modern Russian women have more personal independence and often are called the most emancipated Eastern European women.

Belarusian women still often recognize the power of the husband. And if the husband is uninitiated and indecisive, then he compensates for his insecurity and his own defects by aggression against his own wife. Unfortunately, such situation happens in modern Belarusian families. But in general, Belarusian women still remain to be obedient and many perform domestic housewife role.