You Liked Polish Woman But Did Not Make A Move And Lost Her

Very common among guys who have lack of experience with women is to make mistakes which could be named as “nescience of balance”. This is when you do not know whether it is too early to make some actions towards the girl you liked in order not to scare her with your assertiveness or it is already too late, because while you remained romantic dreamer and every day you was thinking how you are planting a tree in the yard near your family house and play with the kids, she might not understand your hints and hopes, because real woman is waiting for ACTION from real man, and she might already be with someone else, who might be not that romantic, but pragmatic and initiative – such a reliable guy in her eyes.

What to do if you missed a chance with Polish girl? First of all take it not as personal failure or fate, but as lack of experience which MUST help you to understand your mistakes and will prevent you to omit them in the future. But this will happen only under the condition you really want to understand and that you are trying to learn on your own mistakes. If you will not understand that, it means you step the same rake twice and in a year or two you will come to the conclusion that you still need to learn something about women and how to behave with them, because being irrepressible craven romantic you remain single, and also under the risk to meet old age alone, I’m not even saying about personal dissatisfaction and lack of self confidence.

So, what to do if the Polish girl you liked is already with someone else? I know it hearts. But it is not that about the girl you like, it is your self-esteem that was hurt! You think there is something wrong with you and stuff. You feel sorry for yourself and pity. I must convince the opposite – you are totally alright, but you did something wrong and this time you have to analyze your own situation and make right conclusions so not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Be the man and take the situation in your own hands. For sake… don’t do the bullshit they show in the movies where the guy is going to have hard drinks in the bar to forget about his ex girl. Remember: alcohol does not help, you do not solve the problem this way, you just run away from the problem and tomorrow, when you will have hangover and your nervous system will be suppressed by alcohol – all your problems would seem even worse and you will be inclined to do many mistakes, among them are: calling or writing to the girl; begging her to give you one more chance; sharp changes in behavior where you will address her swear words and other dirt. You don’t need that. If you even have one little chance you will spoil everything by such attitude.

So, what is better to do if the girl from Poland you like has found another guy because of your irresolution? This day go to the gym. Physical training is the best treatment from depressive states and sentimental mood. You need testosterone and you will get it from physical training and heavy duties. In front of muscled guys in the gym you will find you don’t really want to cry about your ex baby, but you want to be like them and you will start training. When the end of the evening you will feel pleasant fatigue, you will feel much more confident and you will think that is she who lost such a great guy. If not, you at least would have a good sleep.

We were keeping our attention to the case where the guy has lost the girl, but under what circumstances? He was not even dating her! How can you lose something (someone) you don’t have? Yes, you lose the chance to be with Polish girl, but not your Polish girlfriend and this is what we are talking about today. Do not confuse this topic with break up of relationships, because that is very different thing. So, what to do and how to act in order not to miss the chance to be with Polish girl who could be your potential girlfriend? How to act if you liked the girl from Poland?

Once more – quick summary:

1) You lost the chance to be with the girl you liked to learn this lesson once and for all – and so that next time you take a chance if the girl you like would be near.

The girl you have lost in 98% would never be yours, but there would be others, maybe even tomorrow, and even though today you don’t even want to listen about others because she is the only one, in a week you will have different point of view.

2) Make sure the girl you liked likes you as well.

There should be noticeable some kind of interest, warmth, chemistry between you and her. It is easy to check if you can talk on different topics (all and anything); both feel good in each other’s presence; are both looking for free moment, even half a minute to talk to each other.

3) Do not afraid to act.

Actually, Polish girl is always waiting initiative from the guy. You are the one expected to ask her for the date, you are the one who would propose where to go, you are the one whom she subconsciously would like to follow. So, justify her expectations! In most cases even if Polish girl really likes you and you both feel common sympathy, she would never ask for the date (or walk; or coffee) first. You have to make the first step! Always! Because you are the man and this is the attitude Polish girl is awaiting from you. Even if your relationships started in really romantic way, the logical continuation is some action and moving to another step.

4) Tell her about your plans towards her.

It is good to keep the balance, but it is better to tell her you would like to be her boyfriend on the first date, rather than be shy and never tell this until it would be already too late. Do not be afraid to tell the girl you like her, and that in the future you would be happy to have such a girlfriend. It would not scare her as if direct speech, something like,- “I want you to be my girlfriend”; but even this is better than silent hope. Although it is not recommended to do so, once I told my Polish girlfriend (who is my wife now) that I want to start dating her just right after our first date. Of course, she got confused, shocked and even little scared, but in a few days (after accommodation to my sincere words) I noticed multiplied interest of her towards me. Women like confident and strict guys, because with them they feel secured, they like to follow someone who knows what he is doing. So, the main advice is to act. Even if you lost the girl because of she did not read your hints (usually girls give hints to guys, remember) try to talk to her and tell her everything. Even if it would not help her to become your girlfriend, inner justice inside of you will be restored and you are going to feel much better. In case with Polish girls be confident and sincere, even if it seems weird, stupid and not “how the others do”.