Why one should rather look for Ukrainian single women in Poland?

Today, more and more Ukrainian women are moving to neighboring Poland for permanent residence. There are several main reasons why the situation looks like this today.

Why are there more chances to meet a Ukrainian woman in Poland?

Labor migration

Low wages in Ukraine, uncertainty about the future, the unstable political situation, the war in Donbass and the banal inability to provide for themselves and their families have led to the fact that since 2014, literally hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian women have left for Poland.

Initially, these were trips to seasonal work. That is, many Ukrainian women went to Poland for work for a few months and then returned home.

However, the situation has changed. Many women realized that it made no sense to go back and forth to Poland, then return to Ukraine, and then return to Poland in a few months again.

Most have found stable, well-paid jobs in the neighboring country. Many have got temporary residentship for several years and in the future are going to extend their stay until they obtain either permanent residentship or Polish citizenship.

Ukrainian women claim that Poland is a country with a stable income, a stable economic and political situation. Here they feel socially protected, and most importantly – can work, develop and live in the EU with its logical and stable rules and laws that work not only on paper but in real life.

The advantage of Poland is that from here you can travel cheaply to any part of Europe. And most importantly – here you normally earn on such trips. In Ukraine, most Ukrainian women could only dream of such trips or save money for them throughout the whole year.

Many Ukrainian women have learned Polish and hold senior positions in Polish firms, corporations and enterprises. There are a large number of Ukrainian women who have opened their business in Poland or moved their business here from Ukraine.

According to Ukrainian women, another huge advantage of Poland is the absence of corruption and fair play. Unlike in Ukraine, where in addition to official payments, you also need to participate in corruption schemes and give bribes, or have acquaintances, without whom it is impossible to get a well-paid job, build a business and so on.

Although our goal is to meet an unmarried Ukrainian woman in Poland, it should be noted that many married Ukrainian women have taken their children to Poland. They have lived here for several years and associate their future with Poland or Western Europe. Many such women live with their husbands. But there are those who have children – single mothers. Perhaps this option might be interesting for you.

Ukraine’s visa-free regime with the EU has accelerated migration

The visa-free regime on the one hand, and the deteriorating economic situation on the other, have accelerated the departure of Ukrainian women abroad. Because of the simple rules of employment for Ukrainian citizens, many of them chose Poland.

What kind of women leave Ukraine for Poland?

Most often, these are young women who want to build a career and life in the EU. These are usually women who have a specific profession and have the appropriate education.

There are many women with higher education (accountants, translators, copywriters, HR managers, teachers, programmers, IT workers, marketers, teachers, etc.).

There are many women who have a certain specialty and work in Poland (nurse, cook, confectioner, baker, salesman, etc.).

As for the age category, it is actually the whole age category. From students to women aged 60+.

That is, highly qualified Ukrainian women go to Poland. Keep in mind that they are not going to ask for help, but are going to work, develop and build their own future or provide a better life for their children.

Isn’t this the perfect candidate for a future wife? With such a woman there is every chance to build a traditional family with high family values in the future.

Of course, we will not run far ahead. Situations are different and women are also different. Your goals can also be different – dating, marriage, etc.

Many Ukrainians say that the best Ukrainian citizens have gone abroad. Those who could build the future of Ukraine. Have not left Ukraine mostly those who are already elderly or who have a family, a relatively good income or do not want to ruin the family ties, etc.

Anyways, if you want to meet a Ukrainian woman for a long-term relationship, today there are many advantages to look for such a Ukrainian woman in Poland, and not in Ukraine.

What are the advantages of Ukrainian women in Poland?

If you believe in the fact that the best representatives left Ukraine, you should get acquainted with them in Poland.

These are usually women who have a purpose in life. They are quite independent and came to work. Healthy relationships are also one of the goals of such women, so many of them do not mind meeting a decent man.

Many Ukrainian women who have lived in Poland for a long time are fluent in Polish. So if you like Poland and you would like to stay here, Ukrainian girlfriend or wife will definitely help you learning Polish. On the other hand, you might help her learning English.

By the way, many Ukrainian women in Poland speak Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English. In Ukraine, it is quite difficult to find a Ukrainian woman who speaks English well. That’s why when you come to Ukraine in search of your future wife, you will face a language barrier.

Another advantage of some Ukrainian women in Poland is their Polish roots. They represent not that large percentage, but they still are present videly in Poland. These are women from Ukraine who are of Polish origin, so they can get Polish citizenship very quickly. If you want to marry such a Ukrainian woman, then in the future you will also be able to have Polish citizenship if you wish.

Family, children and prospects for them

In many Ukrainian families living in Poland or in mixed-families (Ukrainian-Polish families, Ukrainian-American families in Poland), children speak several languages since early childhood. As a rule, these are at least English and Polish. Often it is also Russian, Ukrainian or some other language.

It will be easier for such a child to perceive a multicultural environment in the future, and knowledge of several languages might help with choosing a profession and good financial security.

Many Polish men have long been married to Ukrainian women

Ukrainian woman is beautiful, hardworking, usually less emancipated. That is why Polish men often choose Ukrainian women as partners for life.

Although there is a flip side to the coin. Some Ukrainian women do not want to work after marriage, declaring that they will take care only of home and family. The entire burden of financial support then falls on the shoulders of a Polish man.

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At the same time, Polish women work on an equal footing with men and, in addition to family and husband, value personal interests, desires and goals.

That’s why here it depends on personal preferences. Much also depends on which Ukrainian woman you meet. If we talk about appearance – Polish women and Ukrainian women are equally beautiful to me. They are Slavic and have much in common.

Do you have a better chance than Polish men?

In theory, sometimes so. If, for example, you are from the USA or Germany and met a Ukrainian woman in Poland, the prospect of further living in your country can be attractive to many Ukrainian women.

However, this may already be her intentions’ selfishness signal. Although not always. Everyone wants to live better life and in better place, so there is often nothing suspicious or unusual about mentioned fact.

However, remember that the basis should always be mutual interest, mutual respect, partnership in relationships. Nationality and citizenship are secondary. And most Ukrainian women perceive them in this way.

Why are the chances of meeting a single Ukrainian woman in Poland and building a relationship with her quite high? T2

Here everything is quite simple – living conditions and personal preferences.

Let’s start with point number 2.

Personal preferences

It doesn’t matter what your nationality is – Ukrainian, American, Tunisian or Polish. The main thing is your stability as a man. Ukrainian women value men who have the prospect of personal development and have already achieved something in life.

Living conditions

Most adequate, beautiful, smart and hard-working single Ukrainian women in Poland live in so-called working hostels.

As a rule, these are mini-hotels, where at best 3 women live in one room.

In the worst cases, these are rooms with bunk beds for 6 women in one room. One such hostel can accommodate up to 80 people. Men also live here in separate rooms.

It is morally difficult to live in such conditions. You have no personal space. In addition, you often work 12 hours a day, return home, wash, prepare food and go to bed.

Many young women simply refuse to live in such conditions and return to Ukraine after coming to such work in Poland.

Why is this happening? Why do they live in such conditions?

Such conditions are usually provided by the employer agency. One can rent a separate flat, although its monthly cost will vary in the range of 400-500 dollars, while such a place in the workers’ dorm room – $ 50 – $ 80 per month or even free.

If you take into account that earnings range from $ 800- $ 900 per month, then living in such housing is financially profitable.

Ukrainian couples in Poland usually rent separate housing because it is not so expensive when both spouses work.

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But let us back to the topic of single Ukrainian women in Poland. Unfortunately, many live in described above conditions. In such workers’ dormitories. So if you rent a separate apartment in Poland (and for you, as an American or German $ 500 or 500 EURO is an affordable monthly price for high-end apartments), then starting to date a Ukrainian woman, you can eventually offer her to move to your place one day.

Of course, this should be done gradually, without insisting and not talking about it on the first date. Just keep in mind that it’s just that your chances as a foreigner increase exponentially.

Where you can meet these women?

Let’s say you liked our logical arguments and you became interested in the search. Where one can meet single Ukrainian ladies in Poland?

Everywhere. Literary ewerywhere. There are so many Ukrainians in Poland now that everywhere on the street, in the stores, shops and markets, in restaurants, on tourist routs you can hear Ukrainian or Russian language.

Actually, this is what many Polish locals would tell you. Some locals are indifferent to that, some are not happy and some are quite angry about that fact. Although this is a topic for another discussion. Let’s back to actual places where you cand find Ukrainian singles in Poland.


As for big cities, they (Ukrainians) often choose Warsaw. As this is the capital, many hope to earn more. Since Warsaw is known as the city with the biggest wages in Poland, it makes some sense. Capital of Poland is attractive to many Ukrainians therefore you’ll definitely find chances to meet Ukrainian ladies here and play day game the same as try your skills at night.

In other big cities you will also meet many Ukrainians everywhere. On weekends, they often walk down the central squares of many Polish cities (called Rynek – in Polish), as well as in other places of interest.

Also, many on Saturday can be found in large shopping centers – (Galeria – in Polish).

The city where the largest number of Ukrainians live in Poland is Wroclaw. Ukrainians make up 10% of the population here. And this is officially. Unofficially, there may be even more of them, and most likely this is so.


In smaller towns most of Ukrainians usually work at some local factory. If there are few factories – there are more chances for you to meet such women from Ukraine.

These could be any town in Poland. Especially many such towns one’ll find in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, where Wroclaw ia the capital.

Famous tourist places

If you take any popular tourist place in Poland, for example, Zakopane, Krakow, Sopot or even climb Mount Sniezka (near Wroclaw) there you will 100% sure meet many beautiful Ukrainian women.

The problem is that most of them come for such tourist walks with their husband or boyfriend.

But there is always a chance to meet a group of several Ukrainian women who have come to spend time in the mountains or over the sea.

You should always look at their reaction when you first meet and start conversation. There will be those of the team who will not want to communicate with you. There will be those who would not mind drinking beer and having conversation with you. There will be those where someone does not mind talking to you, and other friends will be against. Everything should be assessed in light of the situation.