Typical Hungarian woman

It might be not that easy to write about typical Hungarian woman, because when we say “typical” we automatically generalize and due to the fact every person is unique, we have to get it right in order not to offend anyone. General opinion and general facts are just facts and stereotypes and it is not good to follow it.

After reading general features, to find out what real Hungarian women are you have to communicate some of them. It is better when you chat with 4, 5, up to ten Hungarian women; it is better you communicate with Hungarian women of different age. Only then you are likely to find the verity about women of Hungary and how typical Hungarian woman looks like.

So, what are they, real Hungarian women? This topic has to be divided into subdivisions as the meaning of woman in Hungary means her character, way of behavior, appearance and many other features.

According to folklore and historic research typical Hungarian woman is very hospitable and also she is great housewife. You may see this when visiting parents or relatives of your Hungarian wife or girlfriend or if you don’t have one yet, your way out is to find one or (and) to read this article till the end 🙂

Being good housewife for Hungarian woman means to be good in cooking. When you try real Hungarian cuisine you are going to have real gastronomic blast. Every Hungarian housewife knows how to make prefect traditional and various dishes and if you are guest you will be treated with double attention and some special meals might be cooked for you.

Hungarian woman is also good caring mother.Traditionally it was made in such a way that woman in Hungary had to stay at the house, taking care of children, preparing food and doing other house duties and every day obligations and husband had to work hard to earn money to feed the family. Nowadays it is different, as being globalized EU country Hungarian traditional lifestyle has changed recently. Young Hungarian girls choose to be more independent, go to studies to build career and often go to study or work abroad. Many Hungarians go to the USA. Still, even being more emancipated and independent than their mothers, Hungarian girls are good candidates for wives as they are great mothers and housewives. Pretty, hot and passionate sexy housewives, I would like to add. Ok, speaking about beauty…

Typical Hungarian woman is very pretty. You cannot say there is some type of appearance that could be recognized as typical Hungarian. Being in Hungary you will see very many beautiful girls of all types: tall, short, thin, slim, a little plump, blonds, dark, red… this list is endless. The concentration of pretty girls near you is just enormous and if you don’t have immunity to this (Hungarian men have, because they were born here and take it for granted) you are going to suffer 😉 one more serious issue, by the way, when you chose dating Hungarian girl and still every day you see many other pretties of different body and beauty types just passing near you on the street. Hungarian women have inherited natural beauty but along with it they know how to express, emphasize it with proper cosmetics. They also dress up very stylish and you would never see Hungarian woman visiting the market dressed in pajama and slippers; they take great care for appearance even being at home. I guess, this is the issue not only about Hungarian girls, but about Eastern European girls in general. The “issue” western men adore. Hungarian women are intelligent and erudite. Many of them are going to study the University after school and in general the percentage of people in Hungary who graduated Higher Educational Establishments is very high. Remember: Hungarian girls are not only book smart, but also street smart.

Typical Hungarian woman looks typically Eastern Europe-ish. Pretty face, slim figure, well dressed and looking just gorgeous. If you have a dream to date with pretty hot girl, you no doubt imagined Hungarian girl no matter how exactly you have imagined her as there are girls of different appearance types in Hungary. When you think of how typical Hungarian girl looks like, there is no answer or even stereotype like about Bulgarian girls who are implied to have dark skin and hair or Scandinavian women who are imagined to be tall, blond haired and blue-eyed.

Among many pluses which Hungarian women have there are features you may consider minuses. Typical Hungarian woman knows well what she wants and that could be not good for male representatives of different countries. Hungary girls want to make their life easier and prepare good basis for this which is usually built on relations with strong man. This is very natural as every woman has instinct to bare and protect her progeny. In this case “strong man” means wealthy man and he is usually searched by Hungarian girl in foreign countries. Hungarian girls are pretty but they often have complicated character and this concern especially young generation. Girls are picky and this is understandable as it is not going about Hungarian young girls only. According to features of character young Hungarian girls often don’t know what their life goal could be in a few months. Young generation of girls differs greatly from their mothers and is already completely different in the way they act of their grannies.

Typical Hungarian girl’s features are:

  • Prettiness
  • Intelligence
  • Readiness to be good mother and wife
  • Readiness to be good housewife (more about old generation)
  • Being great at cooking no matter on occupation
  • Being nice, hospitable, open to the world
  • Having ability to use man for her own purpose (more about young generation)

Remember, particular features of particular Hungarian girl depend on the family she was rose up in, on the place she grew up and company she was in; many depends of her own point of view on many topics. So, don’t judge all by general issues. This may be average description which could inspire you for deeper exploration of Hungarian woman’s world’ both: internal and external; and remember – your Hungarian woman will always be unique and special with features intrinsic only to her.

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