First Date: advices on dating Colombian woman

On the first date with Colombian lady man can check what he is worth. It is necessary to make positive impression on the first date. And there are things to do to get woman’s attention.

Proverb says that a man falls in love with his eyes, and a woman with her ears. But woman’s ability to appreciate style and dress is extremely important, especially on the first date, so do not underestimate that.

If you go for the first date with Colombian woman, better not wear sneakers, even if you feel comfortable that way. Colombian woman would not appreciate such your style for sure. Most likely she expects for gentleman wearing classic style clothes or to see a man in casual style jeans and shirt.

If you visit Colombia, you may see many guys wearing sportswear, but it doesn’t mean women like them very much. Don’t dress up like locals do just to appear “more Colombian”. Be yourself and at the same time behave and be modest at some points, as Colombian society is more biased then Western, so follow some simple advices. The fact that even clothes is playing here huge role, might seem funny and weird for average American.

You have to be in your best attire. If you want to impress Colombian woman just from the first look, prefer the classic style. Do not exaggerate, though, as it is not necessary to wear suit jacket. Jeans are ok, but with no holes and stains. Shoes must be clean. Colombian women pay attention to this. You also must have either good manicure or at least nails cut.

Do not wear bright colors. It is better to be dressed up in something dark. It silently describes you as confident man, and women love it. Take a shower before the date and use cologne or toilet water. Do not go for a date just after plane or travel unless you know a woman you’re going for a date with very well.

Do not exaggerate with perfumes. Women like light odors more. Men’s punctuality is important to women and they like it. Don’t be late. Good thing if you come a little earlier and remember: women like to be 5 minutes late.

You have to consider every detail. Ask the woman where she would like to go. If she doubts, list your options. For example, walk in the park or some popular in the city place for walks. It is extremely important not to use public transport. Maybe a good idea to show her places with the city twilight visible. Finish your walk in a quiet café with cozy atmosphere.

Colombian women do not like too much talkative guys, but they do not like demure guys even more! Golden middle in everything is the best practice: you rule the dialogue, but not to openly.

Ask questions yourself and give answers to what she is asking. She has to see your interest in her personality. Emotional conversation during a walk is what women usually like.

Men usually talk about their achievements as it is an important part of men’s life. Do not be modest and feel free to talk about plans and goals. Colombian women rather like focused guys, but not those who go with the flow.

Attention and sensitivity are also very important qualities to a Colombian woman.

It is important to make compliments during the date. If it is evening time and it’s chilly, ask whether she is cold. In appropriate moment propose your jacket. She would mostly like it, but wouldn’t show.

Taboo topics you should omit on the first date with Colombian woman:

– your minuses and disadvantages;

– never use swear words when speaking;

– don’t talk about stuff you don’t like;

– don’t talk about illnesses;

– don’t talk bad about other people

If you want to make woman happy, come for the date alone. You might be surprised, but some men take their friends with them. Date is time for two people, otherwise it is something else.

If the date is in your home country and suddenly you met your friends, do not ask them to join your company. Inform them you are on the date and in tactful manner leave together with the woman. The other day you could invite girlfriend to meet the closest friends of yours. However, if you have met some of your friends, introduce her to the friends.

Frankly tell the Colombian woman at the end of a date how nice it was to spend time with her today. If there is the first kiss, it should be soft but persistent at the same time.

After the first date it is better to write her a text message. The next day wish her good morning. She has to be sure you remember about her. Call her during the day, the conversation should be not long but kind. If you go for the second date, take flowers to awake deeper feelings and show you are serious about her.

Mistakes on the first date with Colombian woman

If you have never had a chance dating Colombian woman and finally you are going tonight to have a date, you might be nervous because you want to be in her eyes a real man, you will try to impress her and this impression has to be good. In this case there is a chance to have another date and maybe serious relationship in the future. At the same time you understand that unsuccessful first date will be the end of possible relationship. Of course, you do not take into account that Colombian woman might be not the one you expect. Well, that would be her problems and you are right when you want to make all what depends on you. Saying in other words – you must try to do your best.

If you don’t want to look silly, you do not have to do whole bunch of things. Remember, when you are dating some woman for the first time, there are no second chance to make the first impression. It is very hard to fix mistakes made during the first date. To fix them you will have to make triple efforts. Sometimes it is impossible to fix those mistakes at all. It is true that first impression could not be made the second time.

Do not talk too much. Women do not like quiet and shy men, but they also do not like when man is talking all the time. Of course, if the man would like to make nice impression on the woman, he would do his best, but advertising yourself openly is not the best way to do it. All what you will achieve by such an attitude would be irritation of your partner.

Fighting with stress man is able to talk a lot about everything and anything at the same time. Women differ from men and you never know what this talking would lead to. Maybe your potential Colombian partner will treat you as little weird and even dangerous talker. When woman imagines man beside who is talking nonstop all the time she is eager never to meet him anymore. Be self confident, talk about interesting news and things and let her ask you questions and tell the stories. Be attentive listener and even if the topic is not interesting to you, pretend it is interesting. In the future you will tell her what you like and what you do not like and what topics you consider not interesting, but this day keep in mind you are on the first date.

Ask her questions and listen what she answers and ask some more questions. Pluses in this situation are that you don’t have to tell much about yourself, you don’t have to think what to tell her about when she is talking and what is more important, you show your interest in her. If you do not ask her questions she would feel you are not interested in her.

Never tell her about you ex-girlfriend. This topic is better to omit. Even during common life such topic may become a reason for scandal, and if you tell her such things on the first date it is rather disrespectful and she might think you still think about your ex-girlfriend. If someday she would ask you about this, you may give brief answer without details, but to speak about such things on the first date is not good. Only if she tells you about her life step by step till now and expects you to tell about yourself in the same way. Again, this should not be detailed answer. Do not tell about emotions and feelings, just some plain facts. If all your relationships were finished because you decided so, your Colombian woman does not have to know about that on the first date, because it may end with nothing good for you. Worse if she thinks you are not stable and there are no reasons to trust you and open heart for you.

Do not tell you have weak sites and drawbacks, even if you have; this is not a place and time to be sincere. Many relationships were ended having no chances to be started because of too honest stories. You have to impress woman from positive side and impress so much that she would like to go for another date with you. Then you may tease her a little and ask for the second date. Do not tell about your masculine habits like hanging out with friends and stuff.

If you earn good money, it is not the reason to show your income level yet. Colombian woman might either think it is the way you want to attract her attention or would use you as purse ready to buy her gifts and presents but nothing more. In this case there’s a chance one day she’ll meet the man she really loves and will leave you. It is better to show your income by what you wear and what you buy. But at the first date it is better not to show you have money. Woman has to like you at first for your personality, but not because of how thick your wallet is. Dress up casual and show you are interesting person and if in the future you will have serious relationship, your high level of income would be a plus only, but this is not the main you have got.

If you really liked the Colombian woman after the first date, don’t be shy to ask her for the next date. That shows her you are interested in her and you liked her.