What kind of men Colombian women don’t like

Colombian women will surely not be with the man, who is selfish, greedy and doesn’t know how (or doesn’t want) to behave properly. On the contrary, they appreciate the sense of humor, intelligence, honesty and good manners. These results were found out after the poll in which participated 200 women.

It was found that the most essential for most of the respondents is a man’s age according to which 90% of women will not date with a guy if the age gap between them is bigger than 1o years. Surprisingly 17% of women asked they are not against of dating man who is not single.

Men’s appearance is also very important factor as 80% of women would not date with not handsome man, 65% will not date to the one, who is not as tall as she is or higher. About 58% of women wouldn’t give a chance a man with some extra kilograms. More than half Colombian women wouldn’t like having relationship with the man who has no sense of taste.

Most of respondents would leave the man if they know he has children from previous marriage. About half of women are not willing to have relationship with man who has no previous experience in relationship, and on the contrary 40% would not date those men, who were in previous relationships with many women.

Men who bring up . themselves after divorce could be rejected by 27% of women. In the potential partner selection, half of surveyed women would to do everything to get the attention and relationship with the guy they liked.

The survey involved 497 women. They completed questionnaires. The age of 40% of respondents was from 21 to 25, the other 20% were of 26 to 30 years-old, and the rest 30% of potential participants were under 21 but over 18. About 70% live in Bogota or large cities, 14% live in the villages.