7 men types Colombian women prefer

Women are the same everywhere. They like to look after themselves, to dress up and sometimes make man going crazy and there is no difference is it Colombian woman, Australian woman or Vietnamese woman. Every woman prefers men of special type she likes subconsciously. So what are those most common men types Colombian or some other women prefer?

1. Having this man near, woman may walk through fire and water. He is a wall she can hide beside in a need. This man type prefers romantic and even weak and feminine female. His natural need is to protect his woman.


2. Man who doesn’t need anything. Lazy type who spends free time at home, and main things to do are eating and sleeping. He is eager to find practical woman for cooking and washing clothes. She is also not demanding, would bring up children and find the out of the problems.

3. This is Narcissus type of man. He loves himself more than others; he believes that there is no one better than he is. He is sure he looks best of all and bad for him that in most cases he does not have those qualities. Such a man would choose not very intelligent woman who’s only got ‘pretty cover’.

4. Perfect psychologist, clever, the one who always keeps his eyes open. He prefers an intelligent, successful, self-confident woman. Such pairs make unity of independent people and are getting along very well. They know very good that love is eternal and extremely hard to find, they live with no burdening each other’s life and complete absence of jealousy.

5. He loves women’s attention, and loses the interest to ex-partners quickly. This type is naturally able to win the heart of almost any woman and this is by the fact he could be not handsome or rich. He has no need in permanent girlfriend or wife, but sometimes he can choose some woman, usually called “gray mouse”, to be a housewife who would close her eyes to his attitude.

6. Man who belongs to one woman. The type most women dream of. He does not look for passion and usually would choose modest woman for wife, who’s going to be good mother for their children. They would honestly work together for family income and together will solve their problems; without crazy passion, but their family life is happy and good example of family life.

7. He combines different qualities hard to describe at once. Usually he is brave, intelligent, graceful, nice, handsome, physically strong. He prefers beauty and good manners, but is able to survive in different circumstances. Often is popular among women. His minus is he likes the process, but gets bored after he achieved his aim.

It is worth to remember there are no pure types. They could be mixed. ANy man could combine features of different types. Also this list could be adited and new types might be added.

Women choose the best option to create family and bring up children and often it does not depend what man type they are willing to choose. As for men, they choose the second half even more carefully than women do. Often Colombian women appear in sight of foreign men. Golden qualities of Colombian woman could not be underestimated all over the world; they are popular among men abroad.

As for man, he chooses woman of the suitable character. Unfortunately, very often we love those who do not love us.