Percentage of Colombian women who want to marry foreigners increased

The wish to marry foreigners becomes more common among Colombian girls. They visit Colombian marriage agencies in hope to find groom from abroad. There are no precise statistics how many Colombian women each year leave their homes. Growing interest in overseas fiancé is proved by the number of agencies that specialize on organizing meetings with potential foreign fiancés for Colombian brides.

Colombian girls associate foreigner with prince from fairy tale on the white horse. Colombian woman often thinks that abroad she would appear in different reality, where everything is just great. Girls are tend to get married because of money, love, some want not to work. Reasons are different and genuine pure love happens hardly ever.

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Impossibility to find good enough man in Colombia, a desire to live in more civilized country, the financial crisis – these are only some reasons why many Colombian girls are ready to leave Colombia.

In Colombian marriage agency we were told the type of Colombian woman that the most needed by foreigners is 25-35 years old. Few years before younger potential brides were preferred. In the last few years this trend has been changed. Candidates are looking for woman who has already decided what she is looking for in her life.

If mostly young girls are eager to leave Colombia for overseas country, potential fiancés, who visit Colombia in search of brides are already well over 45. Those are mostly Americans.

There are days in Wedding Palace of Bogota when it is almost impossible to hear Spanish language. All because people speak English, German and Italian, – those are foreign fiancés. Since the year beginning Colombian women have already married to representatives of at least 50 countries.

It seems that Colombian women care about their appearance more than others, especially when they go out; almost always with makeup. Foreigners like the fact Colombian woman are taking that care of themselves.

Though, according to the statistics given by human rights activists, more than 50 percent of international marriages are end with breaks and Colombian women have to go home. Very often women are just thrown into the street.

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Foreign men usually marry Colombian girl to bore him a child. And usually after three years period, husband informs that relations are over and tells his Colombian wife go back to Colombia.

It is not true that all Colombian women want to marry a foreigner. Many Colombian women think foreigners are cowards not used to real life. Many Colombian girls find it is interesting to spend good time and have fun with foreigners, but do not want marriage with foreigner.

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