Estonian Woman: Typical Characteristics

Estonian women are of Baltic type, but they have special peculiar traits which only Estonian women have. We usually start with appearance as it is what men are interested the most. At least when man meets the woman for the first time.

Pretty face with open features is what makes Estonian women memorable, especially when combining these features with deeply blue eyes, as predominantly, most of Estonian women have blue eyes.

Next important feature you probably want to know is figure. And here it is getting more interesting, because Estonian women could be divided into two categories – those who keep to healthy way of life and do fitness activities and sports and those who have taken the worst of Western civilization like fast-food and sated laziness.

Now you might assume that women of the first type predominantly have slim figure while women of the second type rather have problems with weight. But no, the thing is in Estonian genome and very often you may see pretty Estonian woman with gorgeous figure eating burgers almost every day. In Estonia you may also notice many women running every morning. Whether woman is slim depends mostly on genes. In most cases this is the main part of success in trying to have nice figure. Although sport, food and way of life also impact the figure much. As the fact, there are many women with slim figure in Estonia and this percentage is huge, comparing, for example, to the same of Western Europe.

Hair. What men like about Estonian women is that many of them have long strait hair, which is of light Scandinavian tone. Along with blue eyes and pretty face, long hair makes Estonian women look so feminine.

If we are talking about traits of Estonian women it would be good to talk about character. Most Estonian women know exactly what they want from life. They have strong character which leads them to the aim. And the aim for many is pretty simple – full life within happy family.

Estonian women speak fluent English, according to the fact that many are going abroad for studies or labor migration. English is taught at schools and on different language courses, because this is basic language to get success in civilized society. They know it well in Estonia.

MOST of Estonian women are looking for serious relationship and reliable partner. In case with foreigners, they like guys who show natural interest in Estonian culture and the country in general. Many foreigners coming to Estonia are trying to compete with own inner complexes and prove themselves they are ‘the men’ by converting their money into attention.

You can’t make stereotypes about whole nation judging just from few stories on the Internet. For more or less clear picture you have to visit Estonia and live there for period of time not less than a year, but even then it would be only your personal experience.

On the Internet one can get some general imagination about appearance, way of behavior and traits of Estonian women character, but it would be only some general information which has tones of exceptions. It’s good to keep in mind every woman is individual person and as many women there are in Estonia as many books and articles we can write about each of them. Every woman is versatile and individual at the same time, with her own style, look, views for life and traits of character. The best way to explore Estonian woman traits of character is to personally meet or start dating one of them.

Estonian woman relies on “real man” and this understanding is different for people with multicultural origin.

To be “real man” for Estonian woman does not only mean demonstrating your physical strenght. It also means to be ready to repair and fix some stuff in the house or when it is going about the car. She may not expect it from you by understanding you are foreigner and it is different in your country. What you will not omit is her asks to help her cleaning, replacing furniture or cutting bushes in the garden.

Estonian women are not slow or emotionless, as many judge on stereotypes about Estonia. Their day usually starts with gym or morning run, then shower and coffee. In some cases morning could exclude those physical exercises and be started with coffee only. Some have tea instead of coffee. And many have just glass of wheatgrass.

Then she is going to be active and busy during working day, talking a lot on cell phone, answering business calls as well as sometimes talking about nothing with her friends. She might also pretend doing some work, but till the end of the day all the tasks she had to do would be done.

In the evening she would ask you about your day, maybe giving some advices; she would propose to watch a movie or to go somewhere outside together.

Many men call the most attractive features of Estonian women natural magnetism, gentleness and appeasement. Dating women from Estonia, be ready to know that usually they are closely related with her mother and family.

It’s not like in the US that children live separately, usually in another city or state, visiting family and relatives for Christmas only. In Estonia family relations are much stronger according to the traditions and you will surely meet her mom and dad. If woman comes from small town you will have unique experience to observe rural Estonian culture.

You will love this country since first time you visit it. You will love its people and surely would like to fall in love with Estonian woman. Estonia attracts many foreign visitors who are adored by both: natural and inner beauty of local women, who are very kind and gentle and attract men as honey attracts bee.

Of course, you have to look attractive, be dressed up nicely, because she would not even pay attention to you if you are wearing dirty, not neat clothes with holes.

You have to interest her and the best way is to use some jokes. If you made her laugh, then one third is already made by you on the way her to become your girlfriend.

Estonian women do not talk too much unlike many other women, who like gossips and stuff. They express their opinion or wish with few specific words without extra “water pouring”.

Be initiative. When you are both at home, ask her to cook something traditionally Estonian and call to help her. Estonians keep traditions and this concerns cuisine as well, so she would be happy to cook something for you and such mutual cooking would make you closer. But don’t relax, because she might ask you to wash the dishes after 😉

If you are already in relationship for long time and know her parents, they probably have small house in the countryside where they have rest in all seasons. They might invite you to spend common time there. During summer and spring they are growing vegetables there – for fun and because they consider them natural food, without chemistry, unlike these in the supermarkets. Actually, you may open many new for you in the Estonian countryside. House in countryside may become place where you’d love to spend time with the family.

Among numerous Estonian women you’ll find not only blonds, but black-, brown- and red-haired women. It is impossible to distinguish particular Estonian woman among others, as there are no such distinguishable Estonian appearance features. Estonian women are European looking and there is nothing more to add. They combine features of Scandinavians, Slavs, Germas etc., so they could have really different appearance.

Features that describe particular woman are not only about appearance. Temperament and style are also important features of women’s character. Gentle and passionate at the same type – such kind they are.

There is stereotype that Estonians are slow and do not like to be in hurry. Although there are many doubts considering this theory. It is more wise to call Estonian women balanced. Yes, they do not like to be in hurry, they plan a lot to be made in advance, they do not really like spontaneous things which can suddenly overbalance them, but they are not slow for sure.

Estonian woman can be quite decisive and is able to make decisions in hurry, although she does not like it.

Estonian women could be divided into two age categories and thus different description applies.

Old ladies who lived in former Soviet Union still can speak descent Russian and have more traditional outlook for life, where husband is at work and woman, except for work, takes care about the house e.g. cleaning, doing laundry, ironing etc. She also has more responsibilities in terms of upbringing children.

The other type is modern Estonian woman. Unlike her granny or mother, she shares more pro-Western values and has pro-west mind and way of thinking. Usually this type is a business lady. She prefers to have house keeper. In other cases she stands for sharing house chores with husband. Upbringing children is also the matter of both spouses.

Times are changing and the portrait of typical Estonian woman changes as well. It is much different than it was 20 years ago and will be changed in the future. This is normal flow of things. But the fact that this image attracts the sights of men from all over the world only makes it more interesting.