Features of typical Estonian man

As most of articles are devoted to women, their types, characters, relations and tips – men seemed to be deprived of attention.

The same with women, who would like find some information on Estonian men. But there is information mostly about women. Seems unfair, doesn’t it? We add one more article about men of different countries. So, today our guide is for women to know Estonian men better.

There is popular stereotype that Estonian men are slow. It has nothing to deal with the real picture. They could have funny accent and pronounce some words in a weird little slow manner, but not always and only some words. And that does not mean they are slow.

Better to say, Estonian men are rather balanced, moderate and peaceful. Yes, they do not like to be in hurry, but prefer to plan their life in advance. They do it in such a way they do not seem boring or being “too much correct” in everything.

Estonian men seem to be reliable and women feel safe with such a man near. No matter what all feministic movements and emancipated lifestyles dictate, there is still huge majority of women in Western Europe and in the USA who dream to be a princess under protection of strong and reliable man’s shoulder.

Such attitude is normal and natural according to formed in the process of evolution for thousands of years way of social behavior, which helped to survive and give strong progeny.

Estonian man is a good candidate for woman, who is looking for safety and life under protection of strong reliable husband.

What pros have Estonian men to offer women?

Many Western women themselves made men to behave equally and now complain for “the lack of real men”. Estonian men still have those features of gallant gentleman which is very rare to see among Western men at our times.

Estonian men let woman go first, open the door in front of woman or give a seat for a woman in a public transport. In Estonia it is considered to be respectful and the demonstration of cultural values. Although some women from Western Europe might take it as the offence based on considering them to be weaker.

What can one here to say? – Cultural differences! But still, knowing such peculiarity of Estonian culture, many Austrian, American, German women adore such man’s attitude towards them.

As they say, at the beginning such man’s behavior might be little weird, but later you get used and love it. Being a girlfriend or wife of Estonian man, woman could really feel herself a princess, as Estonian men often are trying to give their woman all the best, to make her feel comfortable, happy, enjoyable and needed. Sounds like they are the best men in the world? Perhaps, it could be so.

What is the portrait of average Estonian man?

Men from Estonia are hard working. They try to keep their family life at the proper level and find all possible ways to do this.

Many men from Estonia are working in other countries of European Union. Many of them work in the United Kingdom. They show themselves as good skilled workers, professionals in their field.

Average Estonian man is strong, has nice muscles and is usually tall. He has grey or blue eyes and light color of hair, pale color of skin. Although all those features are not necessary for all Estonian men to have. There are many individuals with brown eyes and dark hair as well.

In terms of appearance, it is a little hard to describe typical man of this Baltic country. Maybe that is even good, because if you are dreaming of dating or marrying with Estonian man, you have many options how your possible future partner could look like 😉