Do Estonian women marry foreigners?

Although there is statistics that Estonian women are getting married to foreigners, we can not say it is massive phenomenon.

Estonia is a small country, but women here are often known as remote personalities, hard to reach. For exemple, there are many women in Estonia who work in model industry and average impression is just amazing. Probably average man rarely have seen so many beautiful women located in one square mile.

There are thoughts that Estonian women are dating and marrying foreign guys because local men are not attractive enough and there is a lot written about this on the Internet. Personally, I don’t think it’s true. But, if you are good looking foreigner from prosperous country you may try a chance for marriage.

Althought just nice appearance is probably not enough. Besides you have to interest woman somehow, maybe with funny jokes, maybe by some facts or maybe just by speaking English.

By the way, the level of English of Estonian women is pretty high. New generation speaks pretty good English, so you will not have any problems if you want to start a conversation.

Estonian women prefer family relationship. When Estonian woman is dating you, she is checking you by waiting for some time to make sure your intentions are serious.

Estonian women keep to the traditions and also this country was for long time in Soviet Union which also made some impact on outlook of Estonian generation, althought nowadays it is either minor or absent.

Even if there are problems that appear on generation gap and cross-cultural misunderstandings, this does not scare some Estonian women to build relationships with foreign guests. Estonian women will astonish you!

Foreign women always seem more attractive as wives than local?

The key factors why men are choosing Estonian women for wife are beauty, style and feminine attitude towards husband and family.

Some men in such a way try to show other men e.g. neighbors and close friends how cool they were to found such nice wife: pretty, intelligent, feminine, home- and family- oriented.

Instinct makes men going to another countries to look up for potential future wives there in order to make stronger progeny with new set of genes.

If to reinforce unconditioned reflex of some foreign men with desire of some Estonian women to marry foreigners, then one can observe newly created couple. This is so simple and as old as the hills.

Why exactly Estonian women are popular among foreigners?

Well, Estonian women are European type women. Many men adore this type. Women in Estonia have all those positive qualities of European woman: beauty, intelligence. Unlike many Western women, they are family oriented, they like men to be the breadwinners. So if you have chosen exactly Estonian woman, it has happened due to some reasons that led you to this choice. Maybe, you have met Estonian woman in your country or went to Estonia in business and found out that women of this country are great. For some reason you’ve married one of representatives of unique Baltic culture.

Culture of marriage in Estonia is a little different than the meaning of marriage on the West. Among other, Estonians get married because this shows they are responsible. For example, by marriage they can prove themselves and others they are able to rent a flat together, to live separately from their parents. Although many live in civil marriages before officially register the marriage.

Many representatives of Estonian new generation go abroad in search of better life and do not hurry to create families. First of all they want financial stability and independence and only then are ready to create a family. In other words, they want to be sure they are able to feed the family. Even according to those facts, in Estonia women are getting married at much earlier age than their counterparts in Western countries.

If you still thinking about marriage with Estonian woman you have great chance, as there are more women in the country than men and you might face no to small competition with local men.