14 Places Where in Minsk to Meet a Girlfriend

According to statistics, most Belarusians get acquainted at work. These are hardly good news for foreigners. There are some doubts that the foreigner will come to Belarus for work. But there are good news – the second most popular place where Belarusians meet each other is the Internet. BUT! These are mainly social networks, NOT special applications. BUT! The network is just the beginning of dating, and then, as a rule, later on they invite a person for a walk.



But we are more interested in where you can go for this “walk” in Minsk and where you meet in Minsk.


Alexandrovskiy or Sendayskiy parks, Gorky Park or Chelyuskintsev Park. Many beautiful women can be found in these places. You only need to be able to find an approach. The atmosphere, laden with a veil of romance and unity with nature is the best mix for a romantic mood, which will help to arrange for acquaintance.

Thematic events

At such events it is easy to meet a person with similar hobbies. There are a lot of such thematic events in Minsk. They all have a different focus and it is easy to find like-minded people here. Examples of such events are a master class, concert, game, club and others.

Outdoors (on the streets)

If you are an open person with a good appearance and charisma, you have every chance. Just feel free to get to know each other. Do not despair if you are refused. It’s all about confidence and sincerity. If you believe that it’s going to happen, then it will be so.


Foreign language courses in Minsk

There will not be an anxious first meeting, as on a usual first date. The first acquaintance will take place anyways, but in an atmosphere of study and comprehension of knowledge. Then you will have common topics. Classes in the same group and conversations on neutral topics in between classes can bring even closer together. Common activities in surprising way bring people together.

Coffee house

If you are in a good mood, went into a cozy coffee shop for a cup of your favorite mocha, it is very easy to get acquainted with a woman in this mood. If you like to read, take a book with you. What if there will also be a woman who is sitting with a book as well? It might be a great opportunity to start a conversation based on common interests.

City Day

It is popular to meet in Minsk at public events. The general atmosphere of celebration and delight helps well in getting to know each other. Many women, as a rule, are positive, predisposed to meeting, and look especially beautiful. The city day continues until late at night, under the sounds of a concert and in anticipation for the fireworks, so you can spend a lot of time together. On City Day, women usually hang out in small companies of friends. Nice to meet them together with a friend of yours. Just go next to the company of women you liked and start conversation. If they are interested, you can continue the conversation. If they react “coldly”, sharply or with a mockery, it is better to look for another company.

Night clubs

It is piece of cake to meet some new people in Minsk nightclubs. Sometimes people who met once at the club even get married later. But still, such places are not very suitable for serious dating. It is rightly believed that meeting at a club is frivolous. It’s better then to choose an acquaintance in cafes or bars.


Common friends

A great option is to first make good friends in Minsk. Belarusians, as a rule, are always open for communication, especially with foreigners. Belarus is a bit conservative country, where much of the post-communist past remains. Therefore, acquaintance with a foreigner is always “outlandish.” And already in a company of common friends you can get acquainted with the women you liked.


You can approach a beautiful woman and ask for help in choosing some product. If you are a foreigner, it will look natural. But you need to take into account that she may already have a boyfriend. Although, everything is in your hands. The main thing is to start acquaintance, and there you can already improvise.


There are many fitness clubs in Minsk. An option for those who are in good shape or who are not shy of their body and have no complexes. In fitness clubs and gyms there are many beautiful women you can meet. You can even find a woman fitness trainer and get to know her.

Yoga club

A very good chance to get acquainted not only with a beautiful, but also with a spiritually developed woman. Very often, yoga is not attended as just physical training, but as a method for self-improvement of the soul and body. This option is only suitable if it resonates with you. If you prefer low vibrations, yoga is most likely not for you.

Jogging on the Svisloch embankment

However, it can also be a jog in Victory Park on Victory Avenue or in any other place. We recommend Loshitsky Park, where the places and landscapes are simply mesmerizing and set person in a romantic mood themselves. Running is just a pretext for dating – a joint activity, something that unites you first. Then the initiative is fully yours. Belarusian women love initiative men (not misunderstand with arrogance). Of course, to get acquainted while jogging, you must have good physical stamina. After all, if a woman offers a joint run of 3 kilometers in length, and you run out of breath after 300 meters, then this can be at least ridiculous. Although, this is also a good option for making an impression and get to know each other better. The main thing is creativity.

Walk with the dog

Not suitable for everyone. Especially if you are a foreigner. It is unlikely that you will be carrying a dog with you across the ocean. But a dog is a good excuse to start a conversation. In general, there should be a common point of contact, a common theme that will help start a conversation. But there are many nuances. A) You may not have a dog. B) Your dogs may not make friends. Then joint walks with your favorite pets will be impossible. C) You do not speak Russian. She does not speak English. Even with a shared interest, you cannot start a conversation.

Own creative

It all depends on your imagination. Improvise, be open and do not get hung up on your desire. Just visit places with lots of beautiful women and acquaintance will happen by itself.

Minsk is wonderful because there are no problems to get to know each other. There may be a problem of “Which woman to fall in love with”. After all, if you met 20 beautiful women in one day, the choice can be very difficult and full of doubts. But is it a problem?