Some brief points of Latvian family strives and customs

While in many other countries there was a decline in fertility, in Latvia there is no such problem and it is not expected in the nearest future. Large families still retain their positions in this Baltic country. However, family budget for a big family must be enough for each member to have decent living conditions for further development and learning.

Not only for parents it is important to arrange their progeny a decent life. It is also in the interests of the state and therefore the government in Latvia itself primarily creates all the conditions for obtaining a good education and provides assistance to people who are not always able to resolve the issues themselves with the training and the creation of an adequate level of living.

Usually families in Latvia are starting a life together with the fact that firstly a couple creates a material base, and then plan their family so as not to create unnecessary problems at the very beginning.
The man in the family has an authority, but rights of wife and husband are equal. Although a woman is more to create a cosiness in the house and… convenience for life. Such state of things does not oppress women absolutely, because many find a special pleasure to direct glossy cleanliness in the house.

In addition, even if since the early morning woman in Latvia has to deal with many chores, she always has time to take care of herself at first and always remains beautiful. How she does it is simply her secret.

Love and respect

You cannot see a woman in Latvia, who would not know how and what to do with her spare time. In case if wife combines work and house chores and earns much more revenue for the family, the man is still considered to be formal head of the family. But this ‘breadwinner role’ is very blur today and no one takes it that seriously as in the past.

Love and respect in Latvian family are important attributes and all family members are trying to keep them present. Man will always support his wife, and she, in turn, will always be on the side of her husband, no matter what happens. Everyone sees for himself the happiness in family relationship. Latvians understand family relationship in their own way.

Latvian names

Very interesting is name selection for the children in Latvia. To do this, all the relatives are gathered together and each of them shares the possible proposals. However, older relatives have more importance in proposing names which has to be selected. It turns out sometimes that parents alone cannot determine the name choice and they just have to take those names which are chosen by their parents. This may be the names of saints or ancestors and have to put up with them because this tradition has existed for a very long time.
In recent years the country has a large number of single mothers and a lot new Latvians were destined to be born in a single-parent family. Mothers in this situation have many difficulties, despite the fact that the assistance of parents is a big plus when the mother has to come to work prematurely.


Education in Latvia is on highly developed stage. It’s all available and possible for all Latvian parents to educate their offspring at state expense starting from primary school till higher education in a prestigious University.
Not everything turns out right away, but in Latvia residents themselves trying to do everything in their power to create for themselves a decent and dignified standard of living. Work for themselves, for their country and for their future are the most important thing you need to do to be able to develop further.